DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — With little more than two weeks until Iowans caucus, The Des Moines Register is endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

The Register posted its editorial online Saturday evening and would print it in Sunday’s editions. The pick-up was a boost for Romney who hasn’t visited the state often but impressed the paper’s editors with his “sobriety, wisdom and judgment.”

The largest newspaper backed Sen. John McCain’s nomination in 2008.

The endorsement noted the newspaper passed Romney over last time, but now says “has matured as a candidate.”

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Comments (8)
  1. Kevin says:

    Who cares….another GOP blow hard…..plastic……made up wanna be……he is no conserv……….he is a POS…as they all are…..this is the best the GOP can do?

  2. Poor Willard!! says:

    He can’t help it. He was designed by East German scientists to be the perfect android politician.

  3. lamestreampaper says:

    hopefully,anyone with brains is tossin’ their De Moine Resister in the trash and let that paper go belly-up…what a bunch o’ establishment creeps…ish

  4. Dont Tread on Me says:

    …and by making this news, so does WCCO.

    1. Ines Beag says:

      7 media giants own 90% of papers and media, fn morons, ask Murdock.

  5. Tom says:

    Romney shows good judgement and wisdom really? Well it is coming from the newspaper from Iowa after all!

  6. Floater says:

    I think Romney is the best the GOP can do. So what if he belongs to a cult.

    1. Fletch Windleweather says:

      And so what if his campaigns in both ’08 and ’12 elections have been funded by the same failure companies that caused the financial crisis. Oh well, he must have something up his sleeve.

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