LAKE MILLE LACS (WCCO) — A number of anglers needed to be rescued on Lake Mille Lacs after a large chunk of ice broke off, leaving them stranded and surrounded by water.

According to Aitkin County Sheriff’s Dispatch, a large chunk of ice broke off near the north end of the lake Wednesday night.

Rescue personnel from Mille Lacs, Crow Wing and Aitkin Counties used boats and hovercraft, with the assistance of a State Patrol helicopter, to bring people back to the mainland.

It is believed everyone has been taken off of the broken chunk of ice, but authorities are still checking the area.

No injuries were reported.

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  1. Sven Gali says:

    Are lakes in ANY PART of the state safe with this warm weather we have been having? Are people so dense?? \/\/TF???

    I hope those a5shats are made to reimburse the agencies for the SAR operation – this in my opinion was pure stupidity on the anglers part.

    1. skar says:

      yes many lakes have very fishable ice. Are you so dense that you cant realize weather patterns change dramatically as you travel north through Minnesota, and out of your comfy city? Been fishing in Ely for more than 3 weeks. Ice is easily over 1ft thick already with trucks and permanent shelters all over. Mille Lacs has close to 1ft of ice in many spots, but the winds caused a sheet over 10″ thick to break free. Highly unusual, most likely a freak accident.

      1. sad but true says:

        Hey DMF…..Dumb MF, I lost a good friend of mine 9 years ago this Holiday weekend on Farm Island lake near Aitkin. When divers went into the lake to retrieve his body, they drilled through 14″ of ice. Where my friends vehicle went through the ice, it was only 2″ of ice, less than 20′ from where the Aitkin County DNR drilled. ( Bob Mlynar ) the responding officer from the DNR said. ” You can never trust ice depth of a lake, where you dril;l in one spot, may be signifficantly changed in a short distance “

        1. hmm says:

          What point are you trying to get across here? It is common knowledge that ice is never completely safe, but are you trying to say that you should never fish it? There is no problem with fishing the 8″+ on Mille Lacs, drill as you go, and stay in the bays. DMF.

  2. Steve L. says:

    The MODIS Satelite picture from 12-20-11 shows how dangerous Mille lacs may be yet. Large cracks everywhere.I fished the North end Tuesday. Had 9 inches of ice, an on shore wind, and stayed 2 blocks from shore because there was open water another block out. Fish but don’t be careless!

  3. anti bachmann says:

    idiots they should of left them

    1. dpm1228 says:

      Hmm……..You call people idiots, but you don’t even know how to stucture a sentance!

  4. dumb mistakes..costly says:

    I hope they are getting billed for part of the tab here. I fish but am not so dumb as to venture out on most lakes. All one need to do is read, check the ice quality and thickness and know what can be done – or not
    Lucky they alive ….

  5. Roto Rooter says:

    Leaving them out there would have further cleansed the gene pool….

    1. Melanie says:

      That is a horrible thing to say when there were children involved.

  6. YoMaMJ says:

    Every year we hear of idiots getting trapped or falling through lakes. I agree with dumb mistakes..costly — BILL THEM!!!

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      The incremental costs of this operation are probably ZERO. The people are already on duty, the equipment is already there. This incident is beneficial to SAR forces as it allows them to DRILL in a low risk situation (no one is in the water freezing or is seriously hurt), find out at the beginning of the season how everyone works together, measure response times and develop improvement plans.

      If we didn’t have incidents like this every so often we would have to stage them just to stay in practice.

  7. travis says:

    for the record, our wonderful dnr and local law enforcement managed to rescue 1 out of the 17 people stranded last night. Phil,the owner of Myr Mar Marina rescued the other 16 with his own boat. It was the poorest rescue attempt by our local law enforcement I’ve ever seen until he showed up.

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