Zebra Mussels Spread In Lake Minnetonka

DEEPHAVEN, Minn. (AP) — Researchers have found the invasive zebra mussels are spreading in a popular recreational lake in eastern Minnesota.

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District collected data from June through September and found the zebra mussels have become more prominent on the east side of Lake Minnetonka and are spreading to the west.

Zebra mussels litter beaches, damage boats and clog intake pipes. The watershed district began a three-year study after the pesky mussels were first detected in Wayzata Bay in 2010. The study will give scientists insight into the extent of the infestation and better manage the species in the future.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the zebra mussels have spread throughout the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River from Brainerd downstream and are now in other rivers and inland lakes.

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  • Go Away

    I hate zebras and mussels, but put them together and I really hate them.

    Let all the Anti-Capitalist, Minnetonka hating comments begin. Liberals unite!!

    Line up here…

  • morgan

    Harvest those bizzo’s and feed them to the homeless. Hell, I would eat them.

  • xxx

    The good news about Zebra Mussells is that they act as filters and really clean up the water quality.
    Sure they plug up water intakes, sure they plug up boat engines.
    But the water becomes sparkling clear in their wake.

    • Jason

      Yeah and they also displace all other aquatic species that are natural to the area which leaves behind clear water and no plants and fish, which then in turn leads to no birds or waterfowl in the area.

      For Susan below, zebra mussels are not natural to this area, they were transported via commercial shipping and then by the recreational boaters and fishermen who were to lazy to clean off their rigs after using them in infested waters.

      If half of you people who make your comments on here would take even a minute to think before you post then maybe we could come up with some viable solutions to the problem.

  • Susan

    You can’t stop nature. The DNR needs to have it’s budget slashed dramatically if they think spending resources on this makes sense.

    • Revert

      Have you ever been around these? They are smelly and sharp. It is very easy to cut your foot and hard open around them. I live in MN for a few good reasons, lake activities is one of them. If this keeps up no one will be able to use the lakes at all.

    • realist04

      And I suppose, Susan, you think the Silver Carp in the Mississippi River is OK too?

      • Susan

        I think it’s really sad when a lion eats a baby gazelle but that’s nature. Grow up.

        Maybe the DNR could spend it’s time doing something useful like stopping the spread of dandelions.

  • Kim Fraylick

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