MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sen. Amy Klobuchar revealed details for a new transportation interchange in downtown Minneapolis Thursday morning, as well as a way to help pay for it.

Klobuchar, with city and county officials, announced $10 million in federal support for the construction of an interchange near Target Field for light rail, commuter rail and bus service.

People on trains, buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians would all converge at the new facility, scheduled to be finished by the time the Central Corridor line is completed in 2014.

“You can’t have a thriving business sector without the infrastructure to support it,” said Klobuchar. “And when you see this area right here and look at work done you literally can see the future. It’s been projected by the year 2030 those 40,000 commuter who are going to rely on this interchange. I think it has been much more popular than people imagined.”

The interchange will also include a two-level parking ramp and a new light rail platform.

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  1. Not so fast says:

    Has this been approved by King Zygi?

  2. mr obvious says:

    Actually, how much will tax payers will be forking out for these improvements?

    1. Plenty says:

      And it’s all coming out of your pocket, you tightwad.

      1. GN says:

        Actually a lot will come out of everyones pocket. This project will involve federal funds and therefore unions will have total control over the wage and benefit scales. It is called the Davis-Bacon Act. The project under the Act will cost taxpayers about 4 times more than what it would cost had it been not federally funded.

      2. Kevin says:

        My God your a moron!

        1. GN says:

          Please use correct spelling when attacking others.

  3. waste122 says:

    Keep spending, keep wasting…
    Don’t worry, our kids will pay for it.
    The good news is all of us will use it. No one will have enough money after taxes to afford a car.

    1. Amazing says:

      It’s flabbergasting how little some of you rubes seem to know about macroeconomics and government spending.

      Then again it is pretty cute in a naive sort of way.

      1. Don't Tread on Me says:

        Please do provide an explanation to go along with your insult.

        1. Todd W. Olson says:

          Gotta love them Teabaggers. Do you actually have the Gadsen Flag tatooed on your rump? Are you prepared to redress this matter with 2nd Amendment Remedies?

          1. Don't Tread on Me says:

            I’m not a member of the Tea Party nor am I much a fan. The Gadsen flag has been around for a few hundred years. The Tea Party has been around for, what, 3 or 4? Most of them don’t even know the difference between the 2nd and 10th amendments. Most of them don’t even understand the symbolism of the Gadsen Flag.
            Nonetheless, I don’t see any possible way to relate matters of taxation with gun ownership, at least under this article.
            But its nice to see that you can’t provide any substance to this discussion either.

            Still waiting for an explanation…

            1. Todd W. Olson says:

              Sure, it’s simple. Teabaggers say that they’ll address taxation with “2nd Amendment” remedies if they can’t get their way at the ballot box, claiming that the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to violence in the event that they find the law to be tyrannical. You’re the one who trotted out the Gadsen Flag motto, which is intimately connected with the Tea Party.. I’m sorry if I pegged you wrong. Had you said “Workers of the World Unite”, I would have assumed you were a Communist…

              1. Don't Tread on Me says:

                Whoa whoa whoa. In which line of the 2nd amendment does the right to bear arms imply that it should be used for violent measures when you don’t agree with a piece of legislation that doesn’t threaten your life? This article is about pork spending, not crime or war.You are reaching for straws here.

                You did peg me wrong. If you don’t like my pseudonym then that’s fine, Todd Olsen. But you’re still providing no substance to what was an intellectual query.

                1. Todd W. Olson says:

                  I’m not reaching for straws. Tea Party candiidates like Sharon Angle have made the so-called “2nd Amendment remedy” a campaign issue. I don’t agree with that interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, but plenty of others do.
                  You say you’re not one of them. I apologized for my mistake. And I’ve explained myself. And you misspelled my name. Are we even?

        2. Macroeconomics says:

          @Don’t Tread on Me . Sorry. Figured you knew how to use the Google:


          The paragraph on Keynes should help you get started.

          1. Don't Tread on Me says:

            Wikipedia. Is that where you learned about macroeconomics? Was Keynes the only contributor to those theories? I’m not interested in a history or breakdown on Keynesian theories of economics. I actually understand it quite well. I’m interested in how people defend using tax dollars on projects that we cant prove to be effective enough to be worth the costs.I fully support using government as a tool for building infrastructure. The use of Tax Increment Financing has been an amazing tool for building up communities. But with TIF the benefits are clear and the projects pay themselves off fully in a reasonable period of time. The concern is about how this project is incapable of doing so, financially. Only a third of future revenues from the project will cover it’s expenses. That’s reckless spending.

            1. Dude says:

              Allow us to quench our thirst for knowledge at the fountain of your brilliance.

  4. RIII says:

    Looks like a newer building will have to be demolished? What is the cost to remove the perfectly good building and relocate the jobs/people from the site? Not sure why we are wasting taxpayers’ money on this stupidity, as the taxes go up more businesses leave Minnesota and the downtown. When less then 31% of the operating cost for this stupidity is paid for thru the fairs collected from riders it just does not make sense.

  5. kevin c says:

    What a Joke and waist of my tax Dollars. Theres 3 million home owners in state give each home owner in state a million dollars instead of waisting it, let Minnesotans pay off there home loans and buy things they need to live, Best way to spend tax Dollars

    1. What's the little chick say? says:

      Oh yeah. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Don’t spend any of MY money on public works and infrastructure improvements.

    2. Don't Tread on Me says:

      That’s some fudgy math… How do you give 3 million homes a million dollars each from a pot of $10 million?

      Anyways, giving it back in a stimulus-type method is no less of a taxation than spending it on the infrastructure.

  6. Cassandra Morrison says:

    We NEED this!! Neil Diamond is COMING!!!

  7. get 'er done Amy says:

    One of the most important jobs of a state’s congressional delegation is to funnel federal money back to their state. That is in fact, the very definition of politics: the competition for the scarce resources controlled by government. Good going Amy, now dive back into the monkey pile and claw out some more chunks of that pork for the folks back home. We’re counting on you.

  8. Kevin says:

    Federal Support…..is …..YOUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!!! What a bucnh of morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Amy Dearest is telling you…that she has a way to pay for this….AND ITS YOUR FREAKIN TAX DOLLARS!!!!!! You freakin brain dead sheeple…..Good God….

  9. Bill says:

    Amy is buying union votes.

    Term limits is the answer to all political problems.

    1. Mark says:

      Term limits are small potatoes to the way congress is bought. Get the money from corporations, unions and shady organizations out of elections and we would have a totally different way that congress conducts itself.

  10. keel says:

    First item on the agenda…build a downtown prison. The city jail is inadequate. That will help the area a great deal…assuming it’s filled.

  11. Mark says:

    Its amazing how some people can be so against public infrastructure. Out of all the things that our tax dollars go towards, some of you attack a transportation project in the densest job center in the entire region. Seriously? Get a hold of yourselves. We are coasting by on the infrastructure largely built and paid for 50-60 years ago. Now we can’t spend 10 million on a transportation project without half of you yelling for the few dollars it will cost you in taxation. The baby boomers and gen Xers have largely become the most selfish generations ever in this country. When this country falls, it won’t be from taxes, but from petty selfish and self centered infighting amongst us. You know what made this country great? It was that we sacrificed our immediate needs for the grander health of the collective future. We worked hard, paid our taxes, and built schools, roads, and the power grid. Companies that did well gave their employees bonuses which they used to send their kids to college or save for a rainy day in case someone got sick. Now few of us get bonuses (different topic), but if we did, I bet most of you would just buy a bigger pick-up truck, a tool shed, a four-wheeler, a boat, a vacation home, or a new smart phone. Then complain about traffic, the cost of college, taxes, stadiums, politics, welfare, the ‘sorry’ state of your schools, and how ‘goberment ruins’ things.

    1. Connect the Dots says:

      Its easy to make that argument when you ignore the fact that this generation you speak so proudly of is also largely responsible for $15 trillion of national debt. There is good reason to be frugal. You’re also very incorrect on saying that extra income will just be wasted on toys. One of the main reasons the economy can’t start growing again is because any extra cash people get, be it from a job or the govt, goes straight to savings or paying off personal debt, so people can have some means of affording “to send their kids to college or save for a rainy day in case someone got sick.”

    2. RIII says:

      Comrade Mark, it was not until the 1970’s that the state took over the mass transit in the metro region, before that it was privately owned. Now the mass transit runs at more than a 69% loss that is made up of taxpayers’ dollars that do not use it. The problem IS the government, they have taxed companies and people to support spending on failed projects that should be left in the private sector and built when demand calls for it. Predicting it may be needed in 30 years and building it now is stupidity, we could all be flying around on Apple Iwings by then. Like the folly of ethanol, billions of our tax dollars wasted and it has accomplished little more then to drive the cost of food up and line the pockets of a few connected people. As far as taxes we had no sales tax until about 1965, property taxes were about $150 a year on a modest home there was no need for the nanny state.

  12. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    $10 Million? Shoot off FIVE FEWER cruise missiles and we’ve got the cost covered.

    Try to build infrastructure in this town and 100 people crawl onto the Web to complain how much it will costs, even it will benefit us for decades. Spend money on something that just blows up and everyone goes “Aww Cool!”. How much could we have saved if we just left 35W in the river?

    1. RIII says:

      We have 100+ year old water mains bursting in the city. Our 100+ year old storm sewer system is non-functional and shuts down 35W in a heavy rain. There are potholes that eat small cars for breakfast and the powers that be want to build a worthless train station that will be obsolete by the time it gets any use and a stadium for 8 games a year. I think the Romans went thru this also…..

  13. b says:

    how about our goverment fixes what we have before spending more money we dont have just because you get a grant does not mean it covers all of it let spends more of the people money clueless goverment officials we elect thats all they do is do the opposite of whats right

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