How Mothers Interact With Toddlers Affects Their Weight

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Researchers believe they’ve found a link between how mothers interact with their toddlers and the toddler’s weight later in life.

If a mother doesn’t comfort her toddler during emotional times, the child is more likely to become obese by age 15, researchers say.

A study suggests that the area of the brain that controls emotions and stress could influence appetite and energy balance.

Mothers need to develop positive relationships with their babies so they learn healthy responses to stress, researchers say.

  • Sven

    What junk science.

  • Michele

    Not really, Sven. It’s very important to pick up a small child when it cries. There are SO many reasons that it’s necessary, but in this case I can see when a child doesn’t get its needs fulfilled by physical response, he or she will find it in food.

    When a small child cries, it cries for a reason: it cries for comfort, it cries for food, it cries because it’s tired or sick. What is important, is that it needs to know that its needs are going to be fulfilled by its parents. That’s teaching trust. It gives the child the confidence it needs to go on and learn what it needs to learn in this world.

    I see a lot of moms (and dads) walking through the stores I work in, letting their small (and I emphasize small) children cry in the cart. Kids aren’t meant to fit into our schedules; for a very small time, we need to fit into theirs.

    • em0886

      While I agree with your statement and I too find it extremely important to comfort them when they r clearly in need of it but you kept referring to the little ones as “it” just kind of funny to me I guess.

  • Lisa

    I like how all the blame falls to the mother. Dads out there, don’t worry about ignoring your crying toddlers. It’s mom’s fault if they end up with type 2 diabetes in their mid-forties…

  • Barbara Harrison

    Not much has changed…researchers continue to blame the mother. Great job, guys

  • High Tea

    Hello, how’s it going? I hope you do well. I needed to say that I like this article.

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