MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A pedestrian who was hit while on a freeway ramp in Minneapolis has died.

The accident happened on the 3rd Street North ramp to northbound Interstate 94 on Christmas night around 10:15.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, a vehicle was traveling north in the right lane when the driver saw a pedestrian. The driver attempted to swerve but struck the passenger.

The pedestrian has been identified as 26-year-old Adam Davis of Farmington. The state patrol reports that he was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where he later died.

Comments (13)
  1. Shanene says:

    Amy is at it again…

  2. RFF says:

    Stupid is stupid does. What the heck was he doing walking on a ramp?? Drunk, drugs??

  3. On the road again ... just can't wait to ... says:

    Amy’s going for the record huh
    Think she’s at about 11 if the one off of Water and Superior is still unresolved.
    Does Joe buy her a new suv everytime now? Do her kids support her with Mikes of theirs when the liquer stores are closed? So many questions …. and only one killer Amy. What comes next ?? …..sigh

  4. JH says:

    Nothing stupid about someone getting killed RFF. Could be they were walking from a disabled car. Ever think about that??

    1. Matt says:

      now of days it is safer to stay in your car until help comes, ever think of that?

  5. tom says:

    Very well written…where is the editor ” The driver attempted to swerve but struck the passenger”.

    Struck the passenger huh…

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Yeah, he must have REALLY swerved…

      1. Rob says:

        im[aired drivers REALLY swerve….here I think it was a veer
        Here’s the drivers father

  6. mary says:

    Seriously? How can you people be so ignorant? Are the toxicology results back yet on “Amy’s” victim? I’d like to hear about them. How about a little sympathy for this victim – and his family – , as well as the driver? Show some respect. decency and humanity.

    1. @mary says:

      I have sympathy for the parties to this one at this time.
      I have absolutely NO sympathy for Senser. Fleeing the scene is enough for an automatic 10 years in my book.
      Mary – you big Joe’s little sister, right?

  7. Commensense says:

    My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends in this very tragic accident and to the driver who I’m sure is doing the “what if” sometimes there are no logical answers for a very illogical situation.

  8. 2 ears says:

    Theer were no alcohol or drugs found in the VICTIM. Walking is not a crime.

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