CRESTON, Iowa (AP) — Republican Michele Bachmann did the Texas two-swipe Wednesday in her push to gain ground before next week’s presidential caucuses in Iowa.

The Minnesota congresswoman, trailing in the race for her party’s presidential nomination, went after Texas Gov. Rick Perry for “27 years as a political insider” and said Texas Rep. Ron Paul would be “dangerous as president” because of his hands-off views on national security, especially toward nuclear weapons-seeking Iran.

The aggressive tone underscores Bachmann’s role as a chaser in the final week of campaigning. She has bet heavily on Iowa, where she was born.

Bachmann came hardest at Perry, who this week began a television ad lumping Bachmann with other Washington figures seeking the GOP nomination in his attempt to come off as the outsider in the race.

“Just because he’s held office outside of Washington, D.C., does not mean he is not a political insider. It’s what you do in your office that matters,” she said outside a small-town cafe. “There aren’t very many politicians who have spent more time paying off political donors than Gov. Rick Perry has.”

Perry has served Texas as a part-time legislator, agriculture commissioner, lieutenant governor and governor.

Bachmann also said Perry has engaged in “crony capitalism” by helping donors with Texas government contracts or giving them political appointments. And she called Perry a double-dipper for collecting his gubernatorial salary and state pension at the same time.

As for Paul, who is among the candidates leading in Iowa, Bachmann criticized him as misguided about foreign threats to U.S. interests.

“Ron Paul would be a dangerous president. He would have us ignore all of the warning signs of another brutal dictator who wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. I won’t. He would wait until one of our cities is wiped off of the map until he reacted. I won’t wait.”

On Wednesday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told CNN that he would find it personally difficult to vote for Paul if the Texas congressman were to become the party’s choice to go up against President Barack Obama next fall. Bachmann refused to go that far, dodging two direct questions about her willingness to back Paul later on. “He won’t win the nomination,” she said.

At stop after stop, Bachmann is casting herself as America’s “Iron Lady,” the nickname assigned to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Bachmann sits on the House Intelligence Committee, which she said gives her a firm grip on world affairs.

Bachmann is nearing the end of a two-week campaign sprint through Iowa’s 99 counties. She expects to hit the final three on Thursday.

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Comments (21)
  1. Snooze says:


  2. Connect the Dots says:

    I wonder how many of her votes will transfer to Paul when she drops out after Iowa.

    1. orrest says:

      I really don’t think the Evangelicals would go for a Libertarian. Once again blinder on the eyes of a Ron Paul supporter

      1. Connect the Dots says:

        Ron Paul supporters are blind? Even when Bachmann and Paul go head-to-head and Bachmann gets the facts wrong on virtually every point while Paul was accurate as usual. The comment was more in reference to the tea party that follow her than evangelicals. Nothing blind about that observation, unless you consider how blind the Tea Party has become.

        1. orrest says:

          Censor is out. In short tea part claims not to be republican. The support within the party would be evangelicals. Paul may get whatever facts correct, there is plenty of dispute of the sanity of his plans, of which his followers blindly back. Answer how inflation is good for the common person. As a supporter you should be able to figure which policy of Mr Paul’s is inflationary

  3. Enough is Enough says:

    Only five more days, only five more days, and she crawls back under her rock.

    1. Goofy and Dumbo says:

      Drop out ? LMAO
      This flake will stay in until it ends and then say the count was wrong ….. leading up to Book #2……. ” How My Party Committed An Act of Treason ” — what? of sure ,,,just look it up in the Constitution/ Not there ? Oh that’s right. It is in the Bible. No ? ,,,,, you have the wrong version. Keep looking. Meanwhile I think that all the Iraqi forces are now located in Canada. That’s right, Canada. We nee a walll ……. 😉
      Michele, I have to ‘fess up. I no longer can stand the sight of you and I voted for you.

  4. Tou says:

    Interesting choice of wording for the title of this article

    1. Pity her actually says:

      because she steals everyones ideas and thoughts? lol
      seriously – this lady truly needs some long term mental healthcare. I imagine her (taxpayer funded I might add) health coverage will take mighty good care of her when the time comes . 😉

  5. Possible? no, say no says:

    I used to wonder what possibly could make this woman think she had a chance of winning even Iowa. I get it’s her home state and such but she was close enough to here that they had to see and read her comments and see her as the headcase she is one would think. I guess we will know next week if she can even finish in the top 5. I cannot imagine it happening but then again we elected Obama and GWB twice. That was crazy so there is a thread of hope even for a Bachmann I guess. Say it ain’t so Joe ………

  6. "Arrogant Lady" says:

    “Iron Lady”? She can’t muster up enough iron to get a simple bridge built!

  7. supporter says:

    Marcus for First Lady – Go Michele.

    1. Patrick says:

      What’s so funny about a g@y man who won’t admit who he really is? It’s extra tragic in this case because he actively tries to ‘fix’ others to make himself feel better.

      1. supporter says:

        Patrick, He would look fabulous frolicking through those gardens.

        The point is that Michele said her husband is NOT to be discussed. So, as a red blooded American, I’m rebelling.

        Now, we need to plan his Inaguration dresses. One strap, or two…

  8. Cindy says:

    Thanks God for Michele Bachmann and people like her who can save this country from the lazy evil takers….

    1. helpermonkey says:

      Its well known that God doesn’t read the comments. Between Tebow’s touchdowns, preventing GLBTs from marrying and keeping the Christ in Christmas…I don’t know where he’d find the time.

    2. Ahhh Cindy says:

      So do you really believe there’s this big bag of money out there that’s going to the “Wrong People”? And that if only someone like Bachmann would re-direct it to you, your life would all of a sudden get better?

      Boo, hoo, hoo! You want your life to get better? Try to not feel so sorry for yourself for a change, eh?

  9. Little Tin God says:

    The lady with a platinum spine and a wood block for a brain will soon be gone. Then we’ll see if she changes her mind about not running for her seat in the House next year.

  10. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Bachmann is an idiot.

    1. idtapit says:

      …..true, but….

  11. j speedbag 64 says:

    like a joint her campaign is ”roached” lol…lmao….

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