MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say they arrested a man who allegedly tried to rape a 16-year-old girl on a Metro Transit bus.

According to Minneapolis Police, a man identified as Dominique Darrough was arrested Sunday near the light rail station at East 46th Street. Metro Transit Police responded to the area on the report of a “criminal sexual conduct involving inappropriate language” with a woman. Darrough was located and apprehended trying to board a nearby bus.

In an previous incident on Friday, a 16-year-old told police that Darrough followed her off a bus in south Minneapolis, tackled her in an alley and exposed himself before abandoning the area.

Darrough now faces charges of two counts of felony attempted sexual conduct in connection to Friday’s incident. He was also charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor, in connection to Sunday’s incident.

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  1. Brian says:

    With stories like this who would want to live in Minneapolis! Ridiculous crime, High property taxes and a city more concerned with bike paths than fixing or even policing their streets.

    1. Matt says:

      don’t forget about getting a vikings home that they don’t want

    2. cheap living in the burbs says:

      Don’t forget the lousy job of plowing the streets.

    3. So says:

      do you even know how much welfare is paying these days?

    4. So says:

      Hey there Brian. You seem like quite the expert. Tell us, how bad is the crime?

      Or don’t you really know?

      1. So basically says:

        So reading a newspaper now and then is all you have to go on? Man, you guys really don’t have a clue do you.

      2. Schenectady says:

        Huh? Since when do you righties put any stock at all in anything the lame-stream media tells you?

    5. According to the DHS says:

      For general assistance, the maximum benefit for a single adult is $203 per month and for a couple is $260 per month.

      A year if you were a single parent with one child you could get all of $437 a month. If you had two kids, the benefit when up to a whopping $532 a month.

      Now ain’t that living high of the hog!!

      1. Add it up!!!!!! says:

        Not bad for doing NOTHING!. And don’t forget about free housing, health care, food, education, etc, etc. etc. etc……duh.

        You were just referring to cash. Take in account of the aforementioned benefits and they are getting more a month than what I make.

        Now that IS living high off the hog.

        1. So says:

          So you think $532 a month cash when you have two kids is not bad? Dude, if you think that, you’re really a chump.

          How much do you think all that other stuff is worth? Bet you don’t have a clue.
          Typical. Another dope shooting his mouth off and not having any idea what you’re talking about.

          1. Schenectady says:

            Ha, ha!! So this guy really DOES think this kind of money a month when you have two kids is good!!

            Holy buckets, Batman!! Poor guy really doesn’t have a clue.

            He sounds awful bitter too. Maybe some anger management would be helpful. Then again, maybe not.

            1. spineless libs says:

              Holy buckets Batman? You sound like a real winner! Don’t worry about the welfare mamas. They are doing fine with your money.

              1. Sigh says:

                Why are so many like this spineless libs commenter so clueless? You come across like a bunch of desperate people who think there’s this big bag of money out there being doled out to the Wrong People.

                What a miserable cramped little life you must lead, always afraid someone else is putting one over on you.

                1. spineless libs says:

                  And another spineless lib with a pitifull comment. You poor thing, going through life clueless.

        2. em0886 says:

          Actually you would get your benefits cut off if you were doing nothing; welfare isn’t ran the way it used to be. I was on all assistance when I had my son while going to school…I chose to take care of him rather than putting him in daycare…taxpayers would have helped with that then as well…point is I used it to get on my feet, I am not working full-time and going to school full-time, going to graduate in March and will be off of it altogether…its intentions are for people to use as a bridge to a better life. They require household report forms and information being validated with your school and employere…if you are not working or not in school you are required to spend 30-40 hours per week searching for a job…maybe you should search for the other half of your brain.

          1. RaeRae says:

            This is the welfare I like! Welfare is intended as a hand-up, not a hand-out. The problem with welfare is not the program itself but the selected individuals who choose to abuse the system.

        3. Michelle says:

          I had lost my job that took very good care of me my husband and our four children soon after loosing my job he lost his. We had no choice but to sign up for public assistance. I want you to know that the money is not free we do have to work very hard for it. Also rent didn’t go down we still have to pay market rent which is much higher then what we received each month. Plus it is a well known fact that only 1% of the taxes you pay go to this program which includes social security as well. At that time I would have given anything to be working for minimum wage because what I had received amounted to well under minimum wage and still had to come up with $850 in rent.

      2. Another one to ponder. says:

        Oh ya, and it’s a statistical fact that wefare recipients are moving here from other states because of its generous benefits. FACT!

        1. Schenectady says:

          It’s a FACT, I tell you!! A FACT!! And not just any old fact, it’s a STATISTICAL FACT. I have nothing at all to back it up with, but it’s still a FACT!!!

          Why? ‘Cause I said so. So there!!

  2. two bagger says:

    Probably the only way he could get a date. Seriously ugly. So ugly he could push his face in dough and make gorilla cookies.

  3. gorilla cookies, really? says:

    @ two bagger

    He loks like an NFL player

  4. who took my Brookdale? says:

    Isn’t he a regular guest on those daytime broadcast tv shows with bouncers, involving people with bad dental work, dermatological issues, inbreeding and paternity determinations?

    1. No says:

      He doesn’t live in Saint Cloud, and I don’t think he’s German

      1. Gunther says:

        Hey! That hurts.

  5. Kevin says:

    Really? He looks so innocent…….I am shocked…..

  6. Ha, Ha says:

    Jeepers Wally; that’s not even funny for an ofay cracker.

  7. Lisa says:

    Lightrail security is a joke. I have yet to ride without seeing hoodlums walking up and down aisles, harrassing people. People are much safer walking or finding their own transportation via bike or car than riding anything Metro Transit.

    1. Research says:

      Uhhmm. I recently had to ride it from dt to MOA everyday for a few months and never been or seen anyone harassed. Saw some teenagers steal a bike once but it was a nice bike and dude shouldn’t have left it unattended.

      1. DSer says:

        You worked at the mall, wow you’re quite a success story research, also you rod eit during mall hours rearend!

        1. JuneBug says:

          I rode it from the stop after MOA to DT every day for 2 years and only once saw harassment – aimed at myself (small female) – and problem was solved by me moving away and sitting by a larger man (stranger to me) — and my hours might have begun at rush hour but as a CPA, I wasn’t riding it back until late at night. The worst I saw was a guy pass out drunk and cause a delay when they had to call an ambulance.

  8. test says:

    just testing the wcco censors.

  9. Larry F. says:

    I commented there, and I’ll make the same comment here: Please shoot this guy in the balls and then in the face.

  10. Jason says:

    500 cash a month is more than I get after I pay my rent/food/health care. Costs money to raise a family.

    1. Jason says:

      One thing I forgot to mention, I earned my money. Wefare people are not entiltiled to it.

  11. Jason says:

    Anyone else not able to comment on the pervert in Fridley?

    1. hey Jason says:

      Yo Jason — you wack it left or right handed? Your momma wanted me to ask so she can get you new gloves. latex kind

  12. baggy pants don't make me dance says:

    His street/stage name is Cheetah, and he’s appeared in some Tarzan movies before retiring to Florida.

  13. Pity the posters actually says:

    Lets get this straight – posters above are prolly from at most 2 dudes. Likely acne scarred 98# men-boys. They sit behind a kb all day long looking at porn ’cause having a lady around —won’t happen. Women, even a crack head, take a looksy and run. Ugly
    Now they do read a lot – the big fringe benefit they get from work as nobody wants to look at them to see what they do. So they play pocket pleasure and get paid. Gotta give ’em credit though – they pimp the system too. They just call it a better way to do so

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