WOODBURY, Minn. (WCCO) – You would think a cat couldn’t survive for three months while surrounded by freeway traffic.

Well think again, and one Twin Cities cat did. His name is “Adam.” The 5-year-old male cat was spotted back in September by an Animal Humane Society worker in Woodbury.

He was living in a triangle of land between two freeways and an exit ramp. Starting Saturday, he may be up for adoption.

Jenney Miller with the Animal Humane Society said both the Minnesota State Patrol and Woodbury Police have tried to capture the cat early in the morning when there was no traffic, but had no luck.

“We had a live trap maybe a week before Christmas and I came in the day after Christmas to find our trap sitting in our receiving lobby,” Miller said.

It turns out the cat was sitting in the impound area of the Humane Society in his cage.

“I was so scared he was going to be wild and we wouldn’t be able to handle him, but I went in and he was and he was friendly and purring,” Miller said. “He let me pet him and snuggled in, and he was neutered so he had been somebody’s cat.”

Miller said the Animal Humane Society had gotten several calls about the cat and people were having a hard time understanding why shelter officials couldn’t just go out there and pick him up.

“It was really kind of frustrating not being able to help him and knowing he was out there the entire time,” she said. “He had a little bit of frost bite, some sore feet and a pretty heavy dandruff problem because of the lack of proper nutrition. He’s had all of his exams already, he is feline leukemia negative. Other than that, he was in pretty good condition.”

Adam is named after the Woodbury community service officer who able to save him. If Adam’s owner comes forward with photos or medical records to prove ownership, the cat will be going home.

Otherwise, Adam will be available for the normal $50 dollar adoption fee at the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury.

Comments (9)
  1. Just a thought says:

    Could a dog have done that?

    1. doubtful says:

      Most likely not – road kill by the end of day 1. Or starved to death if not – even with all the trash people toss out the car there is only so much edible. lol

  2. JS says:

    Let’s hope his former owners don’t find him.

    1. Things can happen but you likely right says:

      Likely with ya on this but I suppose it also possible the cat was stolen (cute bugger) or may have hitched a ride somehow to this place. They sometimes do that – car/truck starts up and they stuck in a cab. backseat, etc.
      Guess I only thinking this in a positive manner as I’d be mighty pizzed off if they dumped it.
      We have a couple cats that are pets and a dozen or more than come to eat in the winter….don’t think they are ferals as they look pretty healthy but skinny. A cat is amazing in the manner they can adapt to survive….but this one in story has pet all over it.

  3. Ace says:

    It’s nice to see my donations doing some good. Support your local Humane Society

    1. Jenney M says:

      He was just adopted by a wonderful couple, just thought you would like to know, thank you for supporting AHS! 🙂

  4. Jenney M says:

    Hi all! He was just adopted by a wonderful couple, just thought you would like to know, thank you for supporting AHS!

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