Mpls. Police Search For Suspects Of Double Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police are looking for a gunmen who shot two people.

A man and woman were shot inside an apartment building at 2621 2nd Ave. S.

Police are looking for several suspects that were involved in the shooting.

Both victims were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center — the woman is expected to be OK. The man is currently in critical condition.

  • Hmmmm

    Oh my golly … in this wonderful neighborhood? How could this be happening?
    I need to get out my CC gift certificate and start to perform lol

  • Al

    Till Rybeck cleans up Minneapolis I will never go to any sporting or anything else in Minneapolis. A huge hole for taxpayer money to be wasted.

    • CJ


      I still go wherever I please for work and recreation. I carry a my gun with pride whenever I leave home and last I checked, bullets have yet to be politically corrected.

      • CJ

        I do live in NW Minnesota, a predominantly white area. We all have jobs and talk to each other in the stores and whatnot. But sometimes I grow bored of the “good” life and feel the need to stray into Trey’von infested ‘hoods for some excitement. MN has no restriction on how many weapons I can carry at any given time so I still feel pretty secure.

        • Walt

          Was that you in the minivan in front of my house last night buying drugs from Trey’von? Get off of my block. And stay off my lawn.

      • Frank

        Gribble…you effete, pseudo-intellectual snob. I completely and utterly eschew obfuscation and your pontifications are some of the most obtuse I have seen in a long while. One can only conclude that you are a liberal, pinko, commie lackey who lusts after the conservative lifestyle and hopes to vicariously absorb our mojo.

        • Raoul Duke

          Gribble’s use of “rapacious” is a dead give-away, and I wonder about you, Frank. Conservatives should be plain-spoken and simple.

          • Frank

            Raoul…I disagree that conservatives should be plain-spoken and simple. We’re very complex and should never be ashamed of our intellectual firepower. It’s what sets us apart from liberals and the rest of the animal kingdom. Dale Gribble is a charlatan who mocks and lampoons the conservative way of life. He must be outed for being the pablum-puking liberal that he is.

            • Jonathan Swift

              It cuts a little too close to home, doesn’t it, Frank. But, by all means, shoot the messenger.

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  • rottdogge

    A shooting in Minneapolis? Why is this news? This is so commonplace that the space should be used for a public service announcement reminding everyone to stay out of that gangsta-ridden cesspool.

  • RIII

    Things will quiet down when the EBT cards are re-loaded Tuesday until then hide your malt liquor.

  • Frank

    You’ll shoot your eye out

  • Kevin

    Aint diversity grand? Without it….our news would be so boring!

  • Why not?

    No description of the suspect or is it the usual?

  • KegHead

    Catching up with St. Louis.

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