2 Rescued From Car Through Ice In Eagan

Fish Lake

(credit: Eagan Police)

EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) —Two people were rescued from a vehicle that went through the ice on Fish Lake Monday morning.

According to officers, the vehicle was submerged in two and a half feet of water.

Both police and fire crews responded to the scene to help the two adults in the vehicle escape. Neither sustained any injuries.

Eagan authorities said the incident serves as a good reminder that lakes in the city are still not safe for driving.

  • Common Sense

    Come on people…stop making stupid decisions. It’s been in the news several times that ice on any lake around here is not necessarily safe for anything. One night of near-single-digit temps does not make up for 2 months of above-normal and above freezing temps.

  • fools

    why bother? idiots will next just kill themselves on the roads and maybe you with them
    I have better uses for my tax $$$
    Toss ’em back in

  • Rubin

    Same story, different year! Some people will never wake up!!

  • Sandy

    Well deserved for lack of good judement! Sadly you put others are risk for your poor decisions.

  • Mike

    I want to know if they caught any fish?

    • Unsure

      they ain’t opened the door yet to drain the live well. lol

  • Go ahead - it's safe! heh.

    Don’t worry – they’ll get spanked quite well with all the fines they’re about to receive. Only thing I could have wished for is the vehicle going all the way to the bottom, then ya get the crane and pollution fines too…

    • Stein

      What type of fines are you speaking of? As long as this person has insurance, this person will pay a deductible to get towed out and get the car replaced. That’s it! Urban myth those fines you speak of. UNLESS….you leave the car in the lake. And that is very…very…very…rare.

      • go ahead

        insurances don’t cover vehicles when one purposely ventures onto the ice. these guys will be paying out of pocket. known a few people who fell in and they all had to pay

  • BKKBadboy

    I was planning on ice-fishing on Lake Darwin in Theory,Mn. I’m concened about the
    safety of my family. We are a family of 9 and will be driving a Escalade.
    What do you think???

    • Easy

      No problem…ya can even trailer a single axle mobile home out there. That steam rising that you see ahead — its just some guys trying to scare you away from the hotspot they on.
      Keep us posted on how ya did eh

  • Paul

    Submerged in 2 1/2 feet of water?

    • yep

      they got their tootsies wet and it cost us about $3100

  • Billy

    It really makes you wonder how dumb one can be..

  • rex

    Probably from the same gene pool as the 39 yr old who took his 5 year old kid on the lake and went through. Ya think?

    • anti bachmann

      they should of just left them dumb f**ks there

  • Kevin

    Cleanse the gene pool……………

    • @kevin....

      Shut up Kevin…

  • Brett

    Yep, cleanse the gene pool, and here’s the kicker. Their auto insurance won’t even COVER SUCH A STUPID ACT, so the vehicle is TOAST, the insurance company will probably raise their rates anyway, and I’m LMAO all the way until tommorrow.
    If it was my kid who totalled my vehicle, he/she would be in a WORLD of HURT.

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