BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — Changes are coming to Mall of America. Officials announced Wednesday afternoon that Bloomingdale’s will be closing.

A store spokesperson confirmed the store is closing in mid-March. All 127 employees at Bloomingdale’s were informed Wednesday. Officials say they will work to relocate those employees to Macy’s around the Twin Cities and the rest will receive severance packages.

A mall representative wouldn’t say how long Bloomingdale’s was looking to leave the Mall of America, but a Bloomingdale’s representative said the store wasn’t performing to the company’s expectations.

The Minnesota Bloomingdale’s is one of four in the country that announced they would be closing.

At a 3 p.m. press conference, Mall of America officials said four new retailers will be moving into the soon-to-be vacant space. They wouldn’t elaborate on what those retailers would be but said they’re described as “international fashion forward.”

Three of the four stores are new to the market.

The Mall of America said the Bloomingdale’s corner will undergo a $30 million to $50 million renovation. That renovation will begin sometime in mid-February.

As part of the renovation, the first floor will be transformed into a 90,000-sqaure-foot store, plus “luxury” retailers and a new “upscale” restaurant. The renovation will use sub-level space as part of the new retail area.

The second floor will feature three new stores and the third level will house a new discount store.

The anchor store was one of the original tenants of the mall when it first opened in 1992.

Comments (23)
  1. Chris Jackson says:

    MOA just wasn’t Bloomingdale’s venue class anymore.

  2. Tom says:

    It will be interesting to see what changes are coming to the MOA! To bad about Bloomingdales. But a change was needed!

  3. Ann says:

    How about putting in a store that people can afford to shop at – like Kohls or Target!

  4. tan pup says:

    Not surprised; wet into the store and I think there were 10 items in each dept . . . I liked Bloomies – too bad – just another example of bad management and not knowing their demographics . . . I bet the CEO is getting a bonus while the employee are getting their pink slips – yep the 99% get the shaft again.

    1. wcco says:

      the whole 99% thing is starting to get old. its not the CEO’s fault that the rest of america is filled with idiots.

      1. TheTruth says:

        Well spoken Mister out-of-touch 1%

  5. shoegirl says:

    Good. Their shoe department had terrible customer service.

  6. ralph says:

    Stupidity reigns supreme. Nowhere did it say there would be a club oping yet you found a way to make a bigoted, classless statement. Your mother must be proud of you. Not only can’t you read a story, you spew garbage

    1. just sayin says:

      Sticks and stones Raphy go pick your boogers and eat them!

  7. Mike says:

    I bet Sears will be next…I am kinda surprised that any of the anchor stores are still there after 20 years.

    1. t-boe says:

      Apparently you’re not aware of MOA’s success despite the econony…

  8. maryk says:

    I vote Jo Fresh!! they’ve just come to NY so what better place then MOA for a midwest location?

  9. duh... says:

    Are you serious?! That’s right up there with what “just sayin” said above…

  10. Matt Gassler says:

    didnt make enough blooming money ! lol

  11. The Mall of America is a great mall, so there says:

    The mall is rampant with development, from new restaurants to big box stores like Best Buy to a complete redesign of the amusement park, etc. Nevermind that there’s a 500+ room luxury hotel being constructed with skyway access to the mall. From push cart vendors in the isles to the food court to the new bars up on 4th floor, the mall has seen a great deal of success. Have you seen the lines of cars on the interstate to shop at the mall on the weekends? It’s pretty clear this is a bloomingdales issue, not a mall issue. I don’t think this will turn into Brookdale Mall any time soon.

    1. The Mall of America is a great mall, so there says:

      And… if you see the videos on YouTube, you can clearly see the black women who started throwing chairs and some of the crowd who just wanted to be part of something big. That’s not a mall issue, that’s a society issue. It’s not gangs, it’s not drug violence, it’s not terrorism, it’s general stupidity from lower class thugs and no amount of luxury or opulence has anything to do with it. If you look in the videos, the police responding almost immediately to the fights that broke out. Customers around the mall, including myself at the time, were left unaware of any threat because there simply wasn’t a threat looming. It was simply this, already taken care of. Policing the people who need to be policed and understanding your own responsibilities when it comes to protecting yourself should be sufficient for everyone to go shopping and have a great time doing it. If you want to live your life in fear and in shame of others, feel free, but know that in that case, the terrorists have won. Otherwise, hike your skirt up Sally and quit biting your pillows. Take a breath of air and enjoy life. K? Bloomingdales or the Mall have nothing to do with it.

      1. jody says:

        If they want to make big changes at the Mall of America, they should have armed security guards at every entrance, everyone who enters must go though a metal detector, and if you are automatically not allowed in if your pants aren’t fully pulled up.

        That will solve the problem.

        1. tan pup says:

          BOO! Oh did I scare you – Armed security – that is just a stupid comment. So who is going to pay for that security – YOU? Doubtful. I believe in security, but the last incident was not the norm. You must live underground enclosed with barbed wire with an electric doorknob. Good greif – stop being so afraid of the boggy man! I like the Mall – i get a far amount of exercise trying to look for something I might want. Great people watching! As far as the pants not being pulled up -it’s great to watch when they actually fall down, the kid will look around in hope that no one saw it! Never laughed so hard in my life! Good food too. Tried a new restaruant and it was great! (Crave) Parking isn’t a problem – go to the overflow lots and get out and walk across the street. Fastest parking anywhere!

  12. Dee says:

    Can’t believe what MOA says they are trying to get more buinesses and customers. Yes lots of traffic parking is the worst but I work there and from what I hear from stores alot of the traffic has been returns.

  13. Kevin says:

    Maybe the apes throwing chairs at everyone has something to do with it.

  14. Paul K. says:

    Just now reading this article and seeing so many racists replying on here. What is wrong with MN? this is just plain appalling…

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