ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A St. Paul man is in the hospital after being shot while driving, police said.

The victim, who was alone in his car, is expected to survive his injuries.

St. Paul Police found the shooting victim in a car in a wooded area. The car had gone off Southbound Interstate 35E at St. Clair Avenue at about 3 a.m. Thursday.

Police are still investigating, but they say the victim was likely targeted.

Comments (18)
  1. Charlies says:

    There are camera all around 35E. If polices want to find the suspect, it is very easy.

    1. @ Charlie says:

      You are brilliant, and clearly very edjumacated.

    2. Just Sayin says:

      Not so easy if the cameras were pointed at something else…

    3. Realist says:

      Yes, because the angles are so tight, and the lighting at 3am is bright, that they police should have no problem pulling the license plate from a 1-inch blob on a computer screen.

      Ever hear of the CSI-effect?

      I can see the headlines now: “State Patrol looking for a vehicle that is smaller than a schoolbus, but larger than a bicycle. The vehicle color could be black, dark gray, light gray, dark silver, light silver, blue, green, purple, or any other color lighter than white.”

  2. Kevin says:

    Targeted = gang shooting…..on and on……and on….and on…

  3. Uncle Rico says:

    There’s bad apples in every bunch. Every work place, every family, every school, it’s the way it is. To take it to the extreme and be paranoid about ALL police officers is a bit naive, Jonah. You seem young and easily impressionable, start thinking for yourself.

  4. jodfrom says:

    I say the race was a 10K and the shooter was an eight legged panty dropper…what do I win?

  5. @Joanie says:

    So Jonah wants no police, cool we’ll see how that works, the people that hate police are the lifetime losers who say these cops are always hassling me, Im in my 30’s live in the metro I havnt talked to a cop in 6 years, yet i drink n drive sometimes, mess around more than most, but im not a lifetime loser like u Jonah so I dont hate police.

    1. jonah says:

      Actually not a lifetime loser, marine veteran, good job, own my own home clean criminal record. Never said didn’t want police. I think state police departments need competition. As it stands now the state has control of protection services, essentially a monoply. Police get away with assaults, theft, extortion even murder and have no conequences because 1. there is no civilian oversight into the police they investigate eachother when they commit crimes and are almost always cleared of wrong doing, even the CIA and the military has civilian oversight. Police policing police is ridiculous and stupid. 2. They have a monoply on protection services so they can treat the people anyway they want because know one will step in and fire them or take their place. Perfect example, a town called Foley recently fired their police department because of rampant misconduct by their officers (common theme), in turn they hired a private protection agency to handle their policing duties in town Its working much better and the misconduct has gone away, want to know why? Because this protection agency knows that if they get out of control and think they are above the law they to will lose their jobs! This is not the only town that has done this its becoming a common trend in America because the hardworking citizens such as myself are tired seeing the abuse. So sorry Joanie, nice try.

      1. @Jonah says:

        Wow can you be more clueless? Foley opted not to pay the higher cost of their own dept. or county protection due to price, not 1 place was misconduct named a reason. Nowthen Minn. also has opted not to pick-up county protection and may go with no patrol at all, listen Vettie I know you want to play black ops here in the real world and be hired as a security specialist but no1’s interested, the towns that arn’t renewing contracts are doing it for monetary reasons not corruption, wake up1

        1. jonah says:

          Actually you’re wrong it was for misconduct. Belive me i wouldn’t have to employ “black ops” to doa cops job. You need to do your research and wake up. Private protection agencies have been hired. I know whaty you’re talking about about county protection also Also nice try i’m dealing with to many people who are not well read on the issue.

      2. Wow Jonah-ugetoutmuch says:

        Wow Jonah, these towns in Minnesota are not firing their depts, they’re not renewing contracts due to lack of funds, the only reason they’re considering private security is because of cost, and every 1 of these cities if you can read are scared of doing private security due to the lack of power they’ll have, in the end they’ll have to call real cops anyway, or face lawsuits.

        1. jonah says:

          Wow, another idiot who doesn’t read. I never said any of these towns were from MN. Not renewing a contract is the same as being fired genius! As to your supposed lawsuits, if there was any, the security company would have to pay it not the tax payer, when such is the case when a civil suit is filed against a Dept. or officer the tax payer foots the bill for their misconduct. How about police policing police? I suppose you think thats worked well and should keep going on?

          1. HiJonah says:

            In a previous statement you said Foley fired their dept. over misconduct, yet now you say you never said any in Minnesota, Foley and Nowthen are the 2 towns in Minnesota leaning towards private security, do a little research neither wants to do it, but it is a cost cutting move, these security patrols will have no arresting rights or detainment rights they will be useless.

  6. Guy says:

    Safer … like the crime-free (and police free) paradise of SOMALIA??

    1. jonah says:

      Guy read my reply to joanie above. -Jonah

  7. Riddlin says:

    Maybe John Allen Muhammad made it out of prison and is back to his old ways. Either way how did this change into the cops shot him? Really?

    1. itsgottahurt says:

      What???, you DMF, we all know it was a gur from the north side that was lost or just returning from the south side of Chi-town.

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