Man Threatens Officer With Raptor-Like Attack

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 27-year-old man was arrested after making threats to attack a police officer “like a raptor.”

According to police, Luke Austin Wolfswinkel, of Prior Lake, was seen crossing an intersection against the “no walk” sign around 11:45 p.m. Dec. 27, near County Road 5 and 143rd St. in Burnsville, stumbling and having a hard time walking.

When police approached him to ask if he was OK, the man began slurring his words and smelled strongly of alcohol, yet denied drinking anything.

He told police he was walking home but then turned back because he left his cell phone at a friend’s house. Wolfswinkel then apparently changed his story and said he was going back to a friend’s house to get a pack of cigarettes.

Officers say Wolfswinkel became increasingly uncooperative and his behavior became more unpredictable.

Police stated in their report they believed Wolfswinkel was under the influence of a narcotic.

Officers attempted to give him a preliminary breath test but he refused and began swearing at police. Officials determined to take Wolfswinkel to detox.

Two officers attempted to take Wolfswinkel into custody but he immediately started to tense his muscles and resist arrest. A third officer responded to the scene to help put Wolfswinkel in the back of the squad car.

Police say Wolfswinkel began making threats to the officers and started to “speak in tongues” and make noises “like a monkey.”

Wolfswinkel allegedly threatened to kill one of the officers and his family, upon being released. He also told them he was going to get his friends together and “get him,” adding it would be like being attacked by a raptor, according to police.

When Wolfswinkel was placed in the back of the squad car, police say he began slamming his head on the plexiglass cage of the squad car, growling, grunting and clenching his jaw.

Because of his erratic behavior, the officers decided to transport Wolfswinkel to the Dakota County Jail. They say upon arrival, Wolfswinkel began smashing his head against the concrete wall and started swearing at the jail staff.

Wolfswinkel was charged with one count of making terroristic threats.

  • Whoop Whoop

    Kevin’s attempt at a New Years celebration?

    • Kevin

      Dont make me unleash my inner rapture!!!!

  • KegHead

    Mostly likely too much ice.

  • Sam I am

    LMAO!! Sorry Kevin laughing at the thought.

  • Jake

    Oh, to have an awesome name like “Wolfswinkle.”

  • J. Gotti

    I think he meant like a “rapper.”

  • Uncle Rico

    This is good. I bet the dude was just waisted out of his mind on alcohol, doubt it was anything else other than too much sauce.

  • debby

    Scratching head…hmmm.. I didn’t know raptors made monkey noises!!! I would have thought screeeeeccchhhhheeee…LOL

  • devel

    time to lock this koko in a instatution and throw away the keys……..

    • fred

      really? throw away the keys? for this? wow the guy is a drunken fool, im not sure that qualifies for permanent incarceration. what fantasy land do you live in?

  • Eesh

    …Like a raptor? So he was going to stare him down while another drunkard attacked him from the side?

  • Rubin

    Someone may have slipped him a Mickey… That’s all I’m saying.

  • Hank

    Speaking in tongues… sounds like mushrooms.

    • Hank Jr

      Hell no – that’s how Kevin talks to momma all the time. He’s just a bit messed up in the brain but we still love him….not
      Want him ?

  • X-Puffer

    Life is Good.

  • Perry Mason

    The cops have nothing on this man and they know it.

    That is why they “enhanced” their report and immediately sent it to the press.

    They decided to abuse their power and punish him in the media.

    • DAK

      Are you nuts?

      • fred

        he was a drunken fool. charging him with terroristic threats? thats ridiculous

    • middle of the road

      Hey Perry Mason, threatening an officer of the law on an in squad cam is “nothing” in your book? Walking dangerously across a street is enough to get their attention, he is just lucky a large truck did not intercept him before the police did. Would you then accuse the truck driver of being drunk, or pumping drugs into his body after the fact so they would not be prosecuted or is your misguided and misplaced vile and vitriole only reserverd for the police?

      • Perry Mason

        What threat?

        “Walking dangerously…”

        You are a gullible idiot. The cops like to f*** people over and they decided f*** him. Real tough guys. High fives all around. Society is well served.

      • Jillionaire


  • mike

    Looks like this fruitcake needs more than just anger management, he needs some serious psychological treatment to clean up his act.

    • Kevin's lil' sister

      I think he is handsome ! :)
      Shucks – my brother Kevin yodels and speaks in tongue 24×7 so this is nothing new to me.
      I think I am in love

  • It must be a slow news day

    I can’t believe I just spent five minutes reading a story about some guy being drunk and disorderly, and saying something stupid to the cops.

    • Kevin

      No brother…Wcco has to show that there is indeed “white” crime in MN. Well…..less guns, shootings, stabbings, killing young women, drugs, immigrant status, less ESL, killing babies, oh and less gangs…..but really..other than that….white crime seems the same as black crime…..

  • Good Guy

    this guy is nothing. you should try spending a weekend with my sister-in-law.

  • white man that has been arrested

    leave your gun at home would be another good idea.

  • Hoover

    HAHAHAHA – I bet his folks are SOO proud!!

  • jody

    he’s kinda cute.

    • Kevin's lil' sister

      stay away from him you lil’ tramp…he’s all mine and I called first. lol

    • Samantha Quimby

      Seriously? This kid is a moron. One of the stupidest people i know and thats saying it nicely.

  • Al

    Just wait….he’s turning his life around………

  • cash

    Wolfswinkel was charged with one count of making terroristic threats, 2 counts of impersonating an animal and 1 count of having an AWESOME name! Wolfswinkel! Me love!

  • Tina

    Terroristic threats??? REALLY??? Geez, the guy was drunk…..not a terrorist!! I think we are getting a little carried away with this “terroristic threat” thing… everything you say seems to be a terroristic threat!! Sober him up and send him home!

  • Jebus

    It’s Adam Sandler!!! What a comedian!

    • Cash

      Good Call! He DOES look like Sandler – or maybe his half brother or cousin!

  • RIII

    Maybe they should send this bird brain to the Raptor center to check for lead poisoning?

  • See BS

    Terroristic Threats laws are too vague — people are allowed to be angry. Sounds like he was minding his own business and the cops started messing with him.

    Minnesota just wants everyone in a $2000 Oprah Winfrey Group Hug program.

    I hear Hazelton charges the state $1,000 a night to treat chemical problems. I bet that’s why the bridge collapsed too.

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