Pawlenty To Campaign With Romney In New Hampshire

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty will campaign with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this weekend in New Hampshire.

Pawlenty will join his former rival for the nomination at a rally late Sunday morning in Rochester, New Hampshire. Pawlenty dropped out of the GOP presidential race in August after finishing poorly in a poll of Iowa caucus voters, and endorsed Romney a short time later.

Romney narrowly won the Iowa Caucus earlier this week and is seen as the frontrunner to be the Republican presidential nominee. The New Hampshire primary is this coming Tuesday, and Romney has been leading in polls there.

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  • Kevin

    Loser…..and Loser….= Loser

    • Blank check obama

      better then 15 trillion and counting!!!!

      • G Dog

        Maybe if George W hadn’t cut taxes for the wealthy and then went to war at a cost approaching $1 Trillion.

        BTW “Blank check” – I lost a nephew to Bush’s asinine war. What did you sacrifice?

        • blank check obama

          My left arm!!! anything else you want to know?gdog

          • Kevin

            Say blank…are you a hero???? G Diggity Dog would like that too….we both like heros…just not the morons who make us make heros……are you a hero son?

            • blank check obama

              I would put my record against you two any day!!!!!!! I would no way consider myself a hero they never came back. I served with PRIDE!! I would do it again!

    • G Dog


      Wait a sec. Kevin and me on the same page?

      We CAN all get along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krazy Health

    Reblogged this on Krazy Health and commented:
    I personally really like Romney!

  • pawpaw

    ah hah!…so he IS in bed with corporate america!

  • angus

    Timmy the Twerp probaly is thinking:
    1. I am unemployed
    2. He might win
    3. If so, I might get a job I am qualified for, such as lighthouse keeper

    Of course Romney does not realize this means his campaign is doomed


    This just assured a Romney loss (not that any assurance was needed).

  • j speedbag 64

    tpaw and mitt going down in flames together sounds pretty hilarious…….tpaw is the monster in a low budget horror flick,he keeps getting killed and he keeps comming back……lol

  • please

    Better them than obama…….. God knows he doesn’t do anything.

    • G Dog

      Because the Republicans oppose everything that he proposes. If he asked for $$ to distribute a drug that cured cancer, the GOP would oppose it and call it a job killer for oncologists

      • Kevin

        G Diggity …Obmai had the world for over 2 years…and could not lead….He could have had the world…but his own people turned on him…its all smoke and bs….See wing nut right (Bush) is no better than wing nut left (obmai)….they are both dangerous…..

  • Mark

    RINOs of a feather, flock together.

  • Murph

    I hope Romney makes him his V.P. candidate! I can’t wait until Pawlenty gets called out on his attempt to take away doctor ordered food supplements for sick children and seniors.At the time he crowed will conservative standing in the GOP! Of course we all know that a lady judge sank her size nine shoe three feet up his rump! The mn Supreme court later approved heraction,not Pawlenty’s! He’s an albatross to who ever is stupid enough to take him in.! His latest claim to fame is being named “Mr. Irrevelent” by a pundit!

  • i see the light

    t-paw lioser, f—ed up mn badly and now wants to help mitt finish what the bush wacker couldnt.with the u s. sad sad sad. wake up america, enough is enough. never give these right wings crazys power again. yea. bill clinton forever…

  • Murph

    How bad a choice is T-Paw? Timmy has Frank Vennes jr. in his closet along with Tom Petters,so does Michele Bachmann! Tim of course has the Minnesota Constitution violation and district court conviction related to it! I called it the soylent green budget adjustment Also has a penchant for hiring drunk drivers and is just another sneaky,squeeky little rat in a big rats nest we know as the GOP! Now all of those skeletons will be heaped on Romney.So make it three down Pawlenty,Bachmann and now Romney! What a fool he is Pawlenty is pure poison to his campaign the DEM’s will cream him!

  • david

    pothole pawlenty will be of little or no help. Who needs a loser on their staff.
    Is Romney that desparate for help?

  • tom

    Oh great, 2 boring politicians with no vision, the only solution to them is to cut taxes.

  • Don't Tread

    Sadly most of America would view this as a dream ticket. Why? Only God knows. Maybe because they look and act smart. Maybe because people can’t decipher rhetoric from actual solutions. Maybe because people don’t understand the real crux of our problems are beyond just making jobs and cutting spending. Either way, Romney will probably win the nomination and nothing will change. America will continue to be subsidized. Still heading down the wrong road blindly.

  • WAIL, Wild Ass Idealistic Liberal

    If Tim does as well for Mitt as he did for Minnesota, then Mr. Romney can kiss any chance of a nomination good-bye.

  • WAIL Too

    It’s a match made in heaven: two smug, nasty, know-it-all politicians who couldn’t care less for the silent (but mighty angry) majority.

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