MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota judge who demanded more security in some suburban courtrooms has been reassigned, according to Hennepin County.

Nancy Peters, with Hennepin County District Court Public Affairs, confirmed that Judge Lloyd Zimmerman was not reassigned to Family Court.

“I was told today by the chief judge that my civil caseload was being taken from me, and that he was planning to reassign me to family court,” said Zimmerman in an email. “Both are plain acts of retaliation in my judgment for asking for a safe courtroom.”

Just weeks after a shooting incident in St. Louis County courthouse, Zimmerman said he wouldn’t hear cases at the Brookdale, Southdale or Ridgedale courthouses until they get security screening.

In an email, Zimmerman told colleagues, “I’m tired of driving to Brookdale, the courtroom everyone who knows agrees is the most likely place for a shooting or violence to occur, and not know whether I will be carried out in a body bag that day.”

Screening costs money, so a 16-week study is being considered to assess needs. The consultants might recommend metal detectors at all courthouses, or even moving all domestic cases, which are the most volatile, to the Government Center downtown.

The study would cost $77,000. If it goes forward, they wouldn’t have long-term recommendations until mid-summer.

Family Court is held at the Family Justice Center and all people undergo weapons screening when entering the courthouse.

Comments (9)
  1. batman says:

    sounds like retalliation to me, the judge did nothing wrong, he only asked to be safe at his workplace, maybe he should sue, he knows the laws and rules right?

  2. batman says:

    and, why not spend the $77,000 for a study on costs of making the court houses safer, sounds like a waste of money, probably tax payers money, to me

  3. Jeffrey Bean says:

    Wait, the judge is in the wrong here. Refusing to hear another case until security is increased? He should be fired, not re-assigned. This is just liberal knee jerk reaction that will waste more tax payer money.

  4. TL the alligator says:

    BS….that judge has every right to demand that he have a safe work environment and clearly his current work environment IS NOT safe, and as a matter of fact it is the most likely place to incur another round of violence out of all the court locations…..if anybody were to get seriously injured or killed because of the inaction regarding security there would be millions and millions being payed out in lawsuits……this judge is 100% right…..the situation should be corrected tommorow if there is any competency among the idiots making curent policy.

  5. Alice says:

    Aren’t we ALL entitled to save work places?

    Why does this judge assume he is entitled to special protection?

    1. JS says:

      Your logic is interesting, and I like how you express yourself. I’m always interested in what people like yourself do for a living; if you wouldn’t mind saying so here on the interwebs. 😉 Thanks.

      1. Alice says:

        Back off creeper

  6. the judge is a girly boy says:

    This puss is a pansy a$$ed twerp.

  7. focu says:

    Being that most judges encounter criminals on a daily basis, wouldn’t they all need protection?

    What makes you so special?

    Try being a normal person living in society with no authority or power to abuse.

    Its rough being normal…………

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