MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis girl is without her wheelchair. It was apparently stolen from the family’s driveway on Sunday.

Seven-year-old Moira has mild cerebral palsy, and uses the chair when she needs to travel a city block or more.

The family says a new chair like the one that is missing would cost $3,000.

Moira Stomberg has braces on her legs, and moves just fine around the house. But her muscles and joints do not allow her to walk long distances.

“It’s a push chair, so it doesn’t have the big wheels,” said Katie Stromberg, Moira’s mom. “It has two wheels in back, two wheels in the front and it tilts in space. That’s for her posturing, to help her sit up straight.”

The chair was parked in the family’s driveway, right next to the garage, for a short time on Sunday. It is black and quite heavy.

A sign asks whoever took the chair to bring it back.

On Monday, a stranger who had heard of the Stomberg’s loss loaned the family their chair. It will help until Moira gets back the kind of chair she really needs.

“We got this for Moira, it fits her perfectly,” her dad Stephan said. “This has worked for us and I just want it back in working condition. I’m wondering if maybe someone just took it and didn’t think of the consequences.”

If you think you might know something about the missing wheelchair, the Stombergs ask that you contact the Minneapolis Police.

Comments (5)
  1. Kevin says:

    Where can I send money?

    1. jean says:

      That’s sweet Kevin ,Ditto, to that Idea…. although it would be just absolutely wonderful if special needs wheelchair could be return ASAP, as this wheelchair was custom made for this child and would take some time and money’s to re-make…..

    2. Jeremy Stomberg says:

      If you watched tonight’s report, you’ll have seen that Steve Sherwood of Residential Mortgage Group in Wayzata has donated funds for a new wheelchair. Many thanks to him and his company for being a community-oriented, generous business. If you’d like to help others who weren’t as lucky as we were to get the media attention, please consider donating to Courage Center.

      – Moira’s uncle

  2. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Find them and shoot them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. no morals says:

      Might wanna check out Renesha Motten

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