Hennepin County To No Longer Accept Visa Payments

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Visa card users will have to figure out a different way to pay for services in Hennepin County, as the county will no longer be taking their plastic.

The county announced that the move in accordance with the Department of Public Safety’s new mandate over running credit cards.

The county said Visa doesn’t allow vendors to pass convenience fees on to cardholders, whereas MasterCard and Discover do and will hence continue to be accepted.

  • consumer 101

    What would be convenient is an itemized list of prices per procedure – my mechanic can provide that level of service, and my car cannot talk. Would you buy a TV if the store told you they would just send you the bill? Hold them accountable. Without a committment to costs up front, there is no way to control the cost of health care. They can act ignorant, yet offer to heal you.

    • orrest

      Are you so smart that you can diagnose without running any testing? How can the doctor know if it is simple indigestion or you will need quadruple bypass surgery?

  • Henn. Co. is a dump

    And yet another reason I moved of of a DUMP County by the name of Hennepin. Hope you’re all enjoying that shoddy government entity – suckers…

    • kman

      Thank you for Moving its just to bad you Left before you Learned how to use your spell check

      • ^ and this is what you get to live next too also - bet his house is painted purple ^

        And there ya have it – a typical Hennepin Co. resident response. Where’s the spelling error? That would be a grammatical error, dumb dumb – and you’re still a sucker…

        • Jon Lindquist

          apparently YOU are blind as the error is CLEARLY present on the first line.

          “…moved of of a DUMP…” <– notice the error where it says "of of"? THAT is a spelling mistake

          • @ kman

            So is “it’s to bad”, should have been ‘it’s too bad’. I love when the person correcting spelling misspells words in their own correction. Nice stone casting

            • the prob is...

              typical flouridated mush head worried about spelling instead of the issue at hand…no wonder x-GMO consultant Romney gets votes…

  • fkafka

    Mother Hennepin – the wet nurse

  • I'm really fee'd off

    My motorcycle license is supposed to cost $10 per year. With all the fees the county and state add to it, I have to pay $19.50 for my license.

    Before the critics jump on this post, my complaint isn’t so much the cost of my license, it’s that our government nearly doubles my true cost with its fees. There are fees for convenience, for needing a license, for breathing county air, for the ink used on my application, and on and on and on.

    With all the fees we have to pay you’d think we could afford to build Zygi a new stadium for each of the 8 games his team plays here in a year.

    • Don'tTread

      So true. I used to work in city government, specifically permits and licenses. A $9 fee was applied to a $70 permit to have your roof redone. Granted, the permits are useful for quality purposes, that particular department was way above budget. Gov’t isn’t in the business of profit. If they can afford overhead they don’t need to charge anymore. Still, annual increases.

  • Merchant

    Actually, if you read the Visa Rules and Regulations, you are allowed to pass on a “service fee” to the consumer, not a convenience fee.

  • Wondering how to pay

    So if I use my bank card (which has the VISA logo), then I won’t be allowed to pay that way?? Usually I don’t carry cash or another credit card. Wow.

    • Research

      Same here. Most bank check cards have the visa logo. Sounds like this might be reversed real quick. Guess I’ll blow the dust off the checkbooks.

  • llp

    All ya are suckers

  • This is the norm

    I’m pretty sure this is because the government will be able to add a few more government workers to the rolls if they force us to do it the old fashioned way with checks. There are many services already where Hennepin County will only accept checks and no credit or debit cards of any kind. Try having a parking contract at one of the Hennepin County owned ramps. They bill you monthly and refust to accept any other form of modern payment. I write 12 checks a year out total and each is for parking at the Hennepin County ramp. The government waste and bureaucracy has gotten to unimaginable proportions where they would rather do something the more expensive way in order to employ more people. Just amazing

  • Bill

    Sounds like typical Hennepin County–They won’t let anyone else charge them unnecessary fees, after all, charging unnecessary fees is THEIR job…

  • Karrie

    This is absolutely ridiculous! As 90% of the debt card are Visa and the County’s own Unemployment and EBT cards are Visa card. Leave it to the government to do something this stupid. Because they can’t make more money off the people they are going to make it impossible for them. No wonder people are out in the streets.

    • voteestablishmentpaydouble

      yer national gov. runs the same way,so vote Ron Paul for a start on curbing all this waste…

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