MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two days before Gov. Mark Dayton says he wants to see final plans for a new Vikings stadium, two plans to build in Minneapolis are under fire.

The Minnesota Vikings attacked a proposal on Tuesday to build a stadium on the current Metrodome site. And folks at the Basilica of St. Mary came out against a plan to build the stadium in their own backyard.

“We wanted them to be aware of how close it was,” said Father John Bauer.

Speaking on the steps of the Basilica, Bauer released new visuals of the Linden Avenue site showing just how close the new stadium would be, about a football field away.

“People walking by our door would be just great, but 60,000 trying to park near us would not be so good,” Bauer said.

The Vikings actually prefer a plan to build the stadium in Arden Hills, but others want to re-build at the Metrodome where the land and infrastructure are in place.

So they sent a letter to Minneapolis officials saying they’d have to play three seasons at TCF Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Gophers, during the building process. Additional costs because of that would add up to $67 million.

“You know it’s actually a refinement of what we know already, that there would be additional costs to play at TCF Bank Stadium so I’m glad they’re kind of quantifying that,” said Barb Johnson with the Minneapolis City Council.

The Vikings played one game at TCF Bank Stadium last yeawr when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed. But because it has fewer seats, the Vikings said the stadium would generate $12.3 million a year less, a $37 million loss.

They also said it would cost $11 million to upgrade the stadium for NFL games and $19 million for more parking at the Metrodome site to meet the NFL’s 2,500 spot requirements.

“The Metrodome site is the preference of the city, the city council is on record as saying that. So we’ll be refining our numbers, but it’s basically the same pitch,” Johnson said.

If you add $67 million to the Metrodome project, its price tag is $962 million. That’s still almost $140 million less than the $1.1 billion plan in Arden Hills.

Read the full Vikings letter here.

Comments (65)
  1. Gee, ain't that just too bad says:

    Yeah, well, too darn bad. Due to limitations on my income and ability to absorb additional tax payments, I estimate that THE TEAM SHOULD MOVE OUT OF MINNESOTA!

    Zygi, the Vikings, and the over-exuberant supporters have pushed this over the line.

    Pay for it yourself or get your sorry team of losers out of the state!

    1. Kevin F. says:

      All their points are BS. Only trying to build a case against the Mpls sight and make legislatures happy. NO operating loss can be proved. They suck and would be lucky to sell out the Bank. NO additional parking is needed. People can use mass transit. No NFL mandated improvements are needed…the NFL can give them a waiver. Either way NO TAXPAYER MONEY for a PURPLE PALACE!!!!!

    2. RDS says:

      YEAH, i agree and have been saying that for 20 years, ever since I remember the extortion begining. I would be glad to go to the train depot and wave good bye.

  2. Gerry says:

    They would LOSE $67 million?

    Or would their profits be reduced $67 million?

    When scam artists are trying to rip you off, often they will lie.

    If Ziggy the Pinhead loses money, that’s HIS problem not the taxpayers.

  3. He has no shame at all, none says:

    In what world does Zygi believe that the people of Minnesota owe him anything at all? We don’t owe him a single thing – nothing at all.

    Yet this greedy rich man expects our legislature to have a special session to hand him taxpayer money, he wants exceptions and/or special treatment regarding taxes, and he doesn’t think our laws, particularly the one requiring a referendum, should apply to him.

    And now he thinks the people of Minnesota owe him money for his PERCEIVED reduction in income while we the people build him a new billion dollar temple.

    When will our politicians and community leaders wake up and get this mad man out of our state??? This is beyond insanity!

  4. michelle says:

    Packers SUCK !!!
    Mn VIKINGS is part of MN.
    we need a new stadium.

    1. Ferris Lind says:

      what does the packers gotta do with any of this ?? at least they know how to win and keep there fans happy

      1. sarn says:

        They probably know the difference between the words “there” and “their” as well.

      2. q says:

        Your grammar is similar to that of a third graders.

        1. Matt says:

          Speaking of grammar. You can not have a pural with an a.

          1. stp says:

            The s at the end of third graders is to show ownership, not to represent multiple third graders so technically it is not a plural.

          2. what?!? says:

            yep and we wonder why we are in trouble. Sorry matt but q’s statement is legit!

      3. rds says:

        and as far as I know, no taxpayer money for the stadium they play in

    2. DougT says:

      Exactly what part of minnesota are the “vikings”?

      At least Green Bay OWNS their team and accordingly it makes sense for the public to support them.

      The vikings? Nope its Zygis team and I am not sure why anyone would support him…..from anywhere….. It must be some sort of weird local ego thing to feel the public should contribute to this mess – but its really all about a business expecting the customers to help pay for its plant and equipment – In the outside world (you know – the great beyond that exists outside of the boarders of the utopia call minnesota) – usually this is done by a business selling products……

      Its really getting dumb and dumber……

      1. Nate says:

        Green Bay is the only franchise in the NFL that is actually owned by taxpayers. So you’re saying that only 1 of 32 teams are deserving of fan support?

        And you do know that the exit of the football team will have a long term negative effect on surrounding “businesses selling products” right?

        There is a bigger picture here than just football.

        1. James says:

          Those businesses should consider their fate when gambling on such a loose guarantee such as a rich man with an NFL team. There’s no government guarantee for an NFL football stadium, and there’s no government guarantee for an NFL nook and cranny store selling trinkets and other things. Beer and alcohol will be sold where beer and alcohol is consumed. i don’t see that changing.

        2. orrest says:

          Indeed all 32 teams are due their fan support. No team is due support from non fans. Nate, what local surrounding business will be impacted by the loss of 10 events? There is no entertainment district around the Metrodome. If someone is a fan of football they will support some team if there is not one here. People will spend entertainment money somewhere. What big picture am I missing other than people like you want everyone else to pay for a football team.

          1. sarn says:

            The big picture is how a professional sports team will almost always have a positive impact on the local area from a community standpoint and an economic standpoint in more than one way. The amount of money that would be coming out of just your pocket would likely not even be noticeable to you.

            1. orrest says:

              Prove your point. ! You can find no study that shows the investment of 600 million dollars in a stadium brings back any money to the area. The money made by players and owners that do not live in the area is taken out of the local economy. That has a negative impact on jobs. You take the money spent on a football game and do some local events, the locals spend their money here and so on. That is the “big picture” you cannot see.

    3. Northern One says:

      I agree with michelle. Get this stadium done.

    4. RDS says:

      OK write a check. taxpayers are already in over their heads.

  5. The new normal says:

    RT – The Vikings are sick and tired of Minneapolis – They are moving. We just don’t know if will be Arden Hills, Los Angles or Little Rock.

    1. I'm ill too says:

      Based on their exemplary performance, I agree that the Vikings are sick of Minneapolis.

      The feeling is quite mutual. Time for them to go.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Not really a Football fan but losing an NFL franchise hurts the local economy in the long run. Shouldn’t really be surpised that Zygi is acting like this, how do you think he made all of his money in the first place.

    1. Thank You says:

      Exactly! not only that, the fraction of a penny that comes out of someone’s paycheck or the extra two cents spent when purchasing a case of beer is nothing compared to the long term loss of losing an NFL franchise that has been around for 50 + years. I’m pretty sure I’ve wasted my tax-payers dollars on much worse than this.

  7. haters says:

    Let’s try to cry and wine about something that is really a waste of tax-payers dollars, like welfare, we’ve paid enough of our money towards that to build eighteen stadiums. At least a stadium will generate revenue, create jobs, and open new businesses.

    1. @haters says:

      I will pay dollars towards welfare any day before I would pay anything to keep these greedy, overpaid millionaires here to “entertain” the likes of you 8 days per year. You are using the same, old, overused arguement—create jobs, etc. that has been proven false time and again by all the studies that have been written and posted on this forum.

      By the way, you drink wine (if you are old enough). “Whine” is what you are doing when you are crying that these bozos should stay here.. Why don’t YOU pay for their stadium.

      1. Mike says:

        and you are using the same old overused argument about overpaid millionaires. It’s not all about entertainment, it’s about generating taxable income for the state also, which we would lose. Take economics 101. It’s all there

        1. @mike says:

          I took economics 101 (and did not stop there) over FORTY FIVE years ago and the results are still the same. No matter how you spin the facts, the numbers are not there. So therefore, it MUST be about entertainment (or your version of it). Face it, not everyone likes the vikings, their greed, their lawlessness and their egos, or all the purple-faced drunks they help create.

          If wilfie gets a handout, why shouldn’t every other privately owned business?

          If zigmunt wants a stadium, than he can pay or leave. No arguments or discussions. Simple as that.

          1. Sal-E says:

            Would you still be saying that if you owned the local business across the street from the stadium site?

            1. You Bet says:

              Yup. In your example, “my” local business would have been there prior to the stadium so it would already have been proven successful, and would not need them to stay open.
              If the local business owner opened a business anticipating the stadium would be built, the owner did not do the necessary market research or business plan and should never have opened to start with.

              Obviously, the business would grow because of them, but that is no reason that every state resident should pay so “my” local business could grow.

              Bye zigmunt,

              1. Roach says:

                There is no reason for every state resident to pay for a lot of the things that they have to pay for but that’s life. If you want to talk about problems with wasting tax-payers dollars a new stadium to keep our football team is the least of them.

                1. @Roach says:

                  You’re not listening.

                  How many of our taxpayer’s dollars go directly into the pocket of a billionaire?

                  “Our football team?” Are you partners with zigmunt now? How many of his billions is he giving you? Maybe YOU should pay for it then.

                  There are lots of us that want no part of “HIS” football team. But, to be fair, just put it on the election ballot next November…..

            2. orrest says:

              Other than parking lots and Huberts what business? Obviously you have never been down there.

      2. haters says:

        What do you mean by “the likes of me”, a football fan? If so I’m really not huge on it, aside from the playoffs I haven’t watched it in weeks. I’m pretty sure they play more than 8 times a year though.

        Excuse me on the error. That is why I’m a broker, not an English major, either way I don’t make enough for ME to pay for the entire stadium but would not miss that little penny or so less that I’ll be making if they build a stadium and keep the team because football fan or not, it has it’s advantages.

        Do you always go straight to insulting people’s intelligence when their views differ from yours?

        1. Uneducated, uninformed and regurgitating false statements says:

          I think that’s what “the likes of me” means. There are 8 home games and 2 pre-season. That’s it. If your “business” relies on that for your annual income, you won’t even notice when these losers leave the state.

          If you’re brokering white powder, then I can understand why your business might suffer a bit when they leave but, what the heck, most of us would probably prefer you move with your customers anyway.

      3. Jeremy Alyssa says:

        did you know that when other teams come to minnesota to play they have to pay a tax and vikings players do pay taxes and so does the vikings and btw if the vikings leave minnesot a will be comming to your wallet and asking for what they lost if the vikings move and again btw not if when we get a stadium we can host the ncaa championships money there the super bowl money there figure skating money there stop looking at the twenty dollars comming out of your pocket and THE VIKINGS WONT OWN THE STADIUM HELLO THATS WHY THEY ARE ASKING FOR PUBLIC MONEY I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON BUT THERE IS WAY MORE POSITVES THAN NEGATIVES HERE AND IF YOU DONT WANT A STADIUM MOVE TO SD OR ND

        1. Guy says:

          So if the Vikes don’t own the “public” stadium; why do THEY get to set the parameters and the design for the purple palace… Heck – why is even PURPLE?

          If it’s the Minnesota PUBLIC’s stadium; maybe it should be maroon like the state squad cars… (certainly APPROPRIATE for SOME of the Vikes … that way they’ll be familier with the color when they get pulled over for their DWI’s or whatever )

  8. dang says:

    I agree they should leave and they can take with them all of the income people make on parking, concessions, hotels, food, tickets, police protection, mass transit to and from games,and of course all the taxes on all of that. Lets not forget the cut of the advertising that the local affiliate station gets. and then of course all the taxes on all of the players salaries and administrative jobs, … Yup, they can go and take all that income they geneate for this state with them. Bye bye, do not let the door hit you in the fat wallet on the way out.

    1. chump change for long term success says:

      So you find a problem with people who work at concession stands, hotels, food vendors, ticket selling locations, the police department, and metro transit. Last time I checked those are all honest livings.

      1. MIke says:

        his post is called sarcasm

    2. NS says:

      You do know that taxpayers don’t pay players salaries nor do they pay the salaries of those with the administrative jobs in the NFL right? Everything else you mentioned just goes to show that an NFL franchise increases business, helps open up new businesses, and creates jobs. Parking, concessions, hotels, food, tickets, police, public transportation… those are all jobs.

      1. DougT says:

        But are they needed jobs? Why should a sports entertainment organization decide what jobs we consider important? Are there no other ways to create a good environment for better jobs? Or jobs the tax paying public feel are better?

        Hey – lets tax clothing sales! Big loophole for taxes that most other states tax. I mean if its all about squeezing more money out of the general public and spending it for them on governmentaly preferred activities….

      2. MN Worker says:

        @ NS, Where was your voice when we lost companies like American Hoist & Derrick, and Northwest Airlines? Companies that paid real wages to Minnesotans.

        1. DougT says:

          Ummm – better jobs… High tech, productive leading edge … non union….

          Buggy wip manufacturing was lost and no one cried???

        2. NS says:

          It was yelling at a television set while I was in a drunken stupor watching a bunch of non deserving athletes play football. Stupid athletes with their community relations and charitable giving initiatives, stupid Minnesota Vikings children’s fund, stupid consumer’s spending money and being customers to surrounding businesses during the game. They’re all a bunch of thugs I tell you.

          So what is the difference between “real wages” and the fake ones?

  9. MLS says:

    @DougT I’m pretty sure the people who earn or supplement their living at those jobs would consider them “needed jobs.”

  10. The new normal says:

    Only two ways to go.
    Option One – Build the stadium with tax dollars and open three or four privately owned casinos and tax those industries to repay the state..
    Opton two – Tell the Indians to work with the team owners to build and pay for what ever the Vikings want, where ever in Minnesota or option one will be used.

    1. 2 more options says:

      Option three – Wilf pay for it yourself
      Option four – Change your address to California.

      1. count me in says:

        I like those choices best.

  11. Minnesota says:

    Didn’t everybody just decide “NO STADIUM” last year? Why is it still being talked about? Also, why don’t they just round the seats up from 63,000 to 65,000 or 70,000 while they are at it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Vikings da Bomb says:

    Its only money. You all are too tight. Just pay the little dab o money and build the silly thing. It will pay for itself hundreds of times over and the Vikings will be able to win the Superbowl in a nice new stadium. With this new facility will come a winning team. It is the only missing link left for a winning team.

    1. Might be right. says:

      Well of course……..Everyone should know that to be a winner, role model, find a cure for cancer, solve the world’s problems, world peace, etc. all you need is a new building!

      1. Vikings da Bomb says:

        See, now you are catching on. Now, just cough up the money already and build the silly thing.

  13. ZIGI AND I says:

    L.O.L. you people are crying about not wanted to pay and that they should leave will guess what they are here to stay to much money to just leave so i guess me and zygi will have the last laugh.

  14. Sven says:

    Email, call or fax your representative…it’s all good:


  15. You're Out Of Here says:

    see ya, ziggy

  16. weswon says:

    I don’t think Zygi wants to move out of MN. I think he wants to be in an area “Arden Hills” for example where he can get some one else to pay for his development objectives.which include a new stadium for himself. I don’t know for sure but i get a feeling that he has been to the public money well before and he likes the way it tastes.

  17. Sho says:

    So what is wrong with rebuilding a stadium at the current Metrodome location? It’s a perfect place! Right in downtown, the light-rail is already there to provide transportation….it does not make since.

  18. Jason says:

    See, if we dont buy and build where zippy wants it will cost another $67,000,000. He is just trying to help us out after all. This whole viking stadium charade is getting stranger by the second.

  19. Jeremy Alyssa says:


    1. RIII says:


    2. G says:

      So let them build the stadium in MINOT … then all you die-hard types can go there to watch …

  20. Dave says:

    If the stadium issue fails then life will go on but if it becomes reality along with racinos and such then all naysayers take a big bite and swallow!!!!

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