AUSTIN, Minn. (WCCO) — A Minnesota mother has been charged after allegedly being drunk when she picked up her son from school.

Police arrested 40-year-old Gina Mason at Woodson Elementary School in Austin on Wednesday.

Officers received a tip that she was on her way to the school to pick up her son. The tip caller said Mason was drunk.

Police say she failed a field sobriety test, and a preliminary breath test indicated she was over the legal limit to drive.

Authorities say third-degree driving while intoxicated charges against Mason are pending.

Comments (11)
  1. What is all this stuff??? says:

    I gotta ask this – what is with all the drinking being done by people? Seems everything is a DWI-DUI-accidents and running from the cops drunk, and in the Senser case leaving the scene for unknown reasons (lol) and a death.
    People – do not drink and drive. I’ll go a step further and maybe you should bot even drink. Think about it

  2. i promise you says:

    ….I will bot drink anymore

    1. Mr Serious says:

      oh dude, so funny.

  3. thirsty says:

    I need a berr or 24……

  4. Yep says:

    Guess the 2 posts above show the fact that MN is the home of wannabe’s, drunks and inbreds. ain’t that just … hiccup-burp … cool.
    Now here’s that lil’ cousin of mine a hidin’ anyhoots ?

  5. I thin' says:

    Amy … what ya gonna dooooooooo ?
    Slaughter …. another 1 or 2

    Amy what you wanna do?
    I think I could stay with you
    For a while, maybe longer if I do

    applies to this monster too – change the name yourself

  6. bluefaery says:

    the kid was 5 and this was 2 in the afternoon … aren’t we missing the bigger picture?? she didn’t get drunk in the parking lot and therefore, drove from some where … if she was that in the bag at 2 in the afternoon just imagine the life of this poor child …

    1. Sick says:

      good ol’ MN Nice……Land of Drunks
      And we wonder why the schools got all the dam* issues they have now….unreal

      1. Difference is ? says:

        Can someone tell me what a 3rd degree DWI is??? I didn’t know they used a degree level….weird.
        One ill lady to put herself and possibly her child in that position.
        Far to common today . Way to common to hear about

        1. em0886 says:

          The degree level depends on what they blow into the machine; there’s different consequences for the stages of degress…it’s like drug possession or sale degrees.

  7. David A Hruby says:

    The great State of Minnesota Has 4 DWI degrees here is a site where you can read them>

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