Cameras Ready For Jewel The Bear To Give Birth

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A family of Minnesota bears that’s been getting a lot of attention is preparing for another big debut on the web.

Remember Lily?

She’s the black bear who gave birth to a cub named Hope in 2010. The Wildlife Research Institute in Ely said Lily’s younger sister, Jewel, is pregnant.

Researchers say she could give birth any day now. They’ve rigged up her den with web cams. This is the third year the North America Bear Center has broadcast from bear dens.

To see Jewel’s den, click here.

  • Anita Tention

    Isn’t this like animal porn?

    • Richard in Minneapolis

      If you consider the miracle of birth to be pornography I feel sorry for you.

  • Brett

    OMG. JEWEL?? For REAL??

  • Bruce Wayne

    nice, maybe this bear will get killed during hunting season too, mmmmmm good eating

  • joel

    I hope they put a red collar on it,much easier to see during hunting season and gives a nice target to aim at

  • Nancy

    Apparently some Joel and Bruce like to say things they think are provocative. Not getting enough attention in your life guys? Or maybe they aren’t able to appreciate the wonder of these creatures and the gift it is to be able to be watch them without being in danger.

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