EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) — Families in one Eagan neighborhood bought their homes to enjoy the natural beauty of Bur Oak Park.

But now, hundreds of trees are gone. They’ve been mowed down, and all that’s left are little stumps.

Officials with the City of Eagan said they think a homeowner wanted to improve the view of the neawrby lake, but this is considered an act of vandalism.

“They were part of the park and part of the enjoyment of the park fairly mature trees,” said Julie Seydell Johnson, Eagan’s director of the park and recreation department.

She said she believes the damage totals about $1,000 in damage. And that’s not all.

“The problem is when a tree is cut down it takes years for it to grow back and it’s a long time to repair the damage,” said Johnson.

Erin Leslie’s house, along with a string of others, sits behind the damage.

“It’s too bad, it is,” said Leslie. “The goal is hopefully to preserve what you have around you.”

She and her neighbors said they didn’t hear a thing.

Johnson said her department investigates these types of cases all year long. The tricky part is getting neighbors to open up or the vandal to speak up.

“It’s typical we don’t find the person whose done this,” said Johnson.

She points out any change to parks can be considered vandalism, whether it’s cutting down plants or adding what you think would look nice. Police are investigating and at this point have not named any suspects.

WCCO-TV tried talking to other neighbors, but many told us they have their suspicions who may have done this and don’t want to create a problem in the neighborhood.

Comments (28)
  1. whostrees says:

    Were the trees that were cut down actually in a park or protected area or where they on private land? I would assume the prior given the article but that seems to be a very key piece of information that was omitted. If it was there land, deal with it.

  2. jean says:

    thief for fire wood in lieu of money or personal use, possible reason’s

  3. Bud says:

    And nobody around there noticed a thing

  4. bob mcrackin says:

    those aren’t real trees or a real lake – its brush and a pond

  5. Lol says:

    So they’re basicly trying to point the finger at that 1 house. How on earth could no one see or hear anything, also what a joke to call that a lake, it’s a retention pond at best.

    1. Mad Dog says:

      Hey this is Mnnesota. Why do you think we have so many lakes? I live by what most states would consider a field. But not in Mnnesota it’s a lake (Bunker Lake). That’s why we are the land of 10,000 lakes. It doesn’t take much to be considered a lake in Minnesota.

      1. Chuck says:

        @Mad Dog… when those smaller “lakes” are included, we actually have more than 15,000 lakes. A “field” as you say probably would not get on either list.

        1. Mad Dog says:

          Well bunker lake is

  6. andy1300 says:

    Maybe someone just wanted a better view of the lake, are they looking into that ?

    1. Der says:

      Great observation, it clearly states that in the article, you’re sharp.

      1. Tony says:

        Sure, but then again, maybe somebody did it to have a better view of the lake.

        1. I'm bettin'............. says:

          …..that somebody did this……………

  7. Curt says:

    If indeed the property is part of the park, once the culprit is identified, they should made an example of. A simple fine of $1000 is insignificant if the culprit is a homeowner of the area where the homes appear to be relatively expensive. The offender should bear the cost of replanting the area affected as well as a significant fine.

    1. What a Deal says:

      $1,000 fine??? That’s a bargin!! If the vandal would (pardon the pun) have purchased the wood from Cub Foods, he would (again sorry) paid a whole lot more…

    2. A great deal!! says:

      A $1,000 dollar fine?? That’s a bargin, if the vandal purchased the same amount of wood, from Cub Foods, he would have paid a whole lot more than Eagan’s fine.

  8. No Spell Check says:

    Jamie, you forgot to use spell check….

    1. ooops says:

      “view of the neawrby lake”

  9. j speedbag 64 says:

    people bought their houses in eagan because of all the oak trees…jeezuz julie johnson you are full of you know what….you want trees,then move to bemidji……

  10. tomsmegpa says:

    –And nobody saw anything!!!!! This had to be north mpls!

  11. Rockford says:

    Value each tree at $250 and make the person pay to replant.

  12. Rocky says:

    Them little sticks will grow back in two years, also i find it hard to believe that no one saw or heard anything, it is obvious to me which house did it…..

  13. Betty LaRue says:

    If this is public property it would amaze me if it could be cleaned up and replanted by city or park employees for $1000. Certainly a fine AND community service is in order. Put the clown who did it and his blind deaf neighbors to work cleaning up, replanting and paying for the ugly mess that was made. Additionally, have a forestry department supervisor there to redesign the surrounding area, so it does not continue to appear as the visual blight it is now. It’s the perfect opportunity for some basic mandatory education in being a community citizen. Disable the clowns chain saw. Forever.

  14. Me says:

    This is the address of the only home that now has a better view of the lake. So there is most likely the guy that cut the trees down in the middle of the night. Let me guess, this guy owns the equipment to do this himself, or with buddies.

    3341 Rolling Hills Dr
    Eagan, MN 55121

  15. Me says:

    Yikes, and the woman in the video lives right next door at 3345 Rolling Hills Dr. ….awkward….

  16. don't mess with the burbs says:

    Gotta love the burbs. Want a better view of the lakes? Cut down trees in a park. Want to make orphaned fawns into cute yard ornaments? Feed them and put collars on them. Want to look at those beautiful Canadian Geese? Than feed them so they ravage the nearby shoreline. If this is illegal, then rail at the DNR and law enforcement for interfering with your income fueled and mountainous sense of self entitlement.

  17. jackactionhero says:

    The trees shown in this video clip and still shots are not oak trees. They are Siberian Elms, also referred to as a “scrub Elm.” They grow in junkyards, through chainlink fences, and are generally considered to be weeds, not trees. That should be taken into consideration. They are eyesores, like buckthorn and box elders.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      « They grow in junkyards…» So I guess you live amongst a lot of them. Speaking of eyesores, where have you been? DUI or library closed? Please be specific.

  18. Brently says:

    If your information is true I’d be more upset that 3341’s property taxes dropped nearly 50% for 2010 while 3345’s stayed about the same… What did 3341 pull to have their valuation drop over 50%.

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