Web Extra: Oct. 2011 Slideshow Showing Violations

BURNSVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Burnsville apartment complex is at risk of losing its rental license. The Country Village Apartments must meet fire code compliance this week or its tenants could be forced from their homes.

The City of Burnsville threatened to revoke the license after finding more than 100 code violations on the property. The problems stem back to 2011, after residents called the city with complaints of mold and rodent infestations.

For the last year, Heather Taylor has had her fair share of problems while living at Country Village Apartments.

“Every time I go to the bathroom I have to fill it with water,” said Taylor.

From water leaks in the ceiling to safety concerns due to the absence of locks on the windows, Taylor said her complaints are never addressed quickly.

“It’s frustrating telling these maintenance people, three or four times, you have got a leak in ceiling and they ignore you,” she said.

Burnsville’s Deputy City Manager Tom Hansen said it’s an ongoing theme at Country Village. Inspectors started looking into the problems last year discovering mold and rodent infestations.

City leaders put their foot down in December, by attaching certain deadlines to the 2012 rental license.

“I think it was clear from the council reaction that they had reached the end of their patience,” said Tom Hansen, Deputy City Manager of Burnsville.

Lindahl Properties Inc. must not only meet fire codes, but 106 of the 138 apartments must also be brought up to code.

Some work has been done, but there are already setbacks. Three of five units failed their recent inspections. All the occupied units must be inspected and approved by Jan. 31. The roughly 40 unoccupied units have a later deadline for approval.

“I think it’s fair to say it’s been a disappointment,” said Hansen.

It ultimately means 40 to 60 families may be forced out of their homes if the work isn’t complete. But Taylor sees it as a possible answer to her rental problems

“It means for me — find me a better apartment,” she said.

Several agencies are now working together to raise money to help relocate families living at Country Village. The Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency is seeking $50,000 to pay for security deposits on new apartments if the tenants are forced to leave.

WCCO reached out to Lindahl Properties several times. They did not return our calls.

Comments (6)
  1. Kevin says:

    Why in the hel* would you stay there? I dont get people…..

    1. John says:

      Lack of money, hassle, laziness, etc.

  2. it's so logical says:

    See, Kevin – if they choose to leave thebn they have to come up with their own security deposit. If they are “forced” to leave, CAP will pay the deposit.

  3. Current Resident says:

    That is not it at all. As a current resident, I had no choice but to wait until now. I was locked into a lease. There is nothing I could do about that unless I wanted to take legal action, which would mean time away from work, which means time unpaid. You have no idea how long I have been fighting to get out of these apartments. Now that my apartment is unlicensed I am free from my lease. I didn’t stay by choice, I stayed because I had no way out.

  4. Stormy says:

    For those of you out there wondering why some of us are still living here, let me shed some light on that. Did you stop to think that there are 14 million Americans out-of-work? Looking for work? Our country is in a serious depression. The job market is extremely competitive, especially for those of us in our 50’s!!!!! I am a current resident here, laid off for over 2 years now and am looking and applying for jobs everyday. The agencies offering help to the residents here is nice, but in my situation, what Landlord is going to rent to me if I don’t have a job? So help with the deposit and other expenses isn’t going to make a difference if I can’t get a job. When I get a job, I will be out of here faster than you can say “Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t Care!”

  5. Rebecca Bowers says:

    Please consider making a donation to help families move by donating to the Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency at http://www.capagency.org. We have limited housing assistance funding and need your help to raise funds for deposit assistance to help families move to a safe apartment. No donation is too small and will help. Thank you.

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