Walker Appearance Draws Hisses At MLK Event

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Protesters hissed and chanted “shame” at Gov. Scott Walker after he read a proclamation at the state’s official Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday ceremony in the Capitol rotunda.

Walker spoke briefly at the event Monday afternoon that attracted hundreds of people and featured a gospel choir from Chicago, a youth choir from Madison and a keynote speech from University of Maryland law professor Sherrilyn Ifill.

She elicited loud applause during her comments when she said that King would not have approved of laws requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls. Walker signed a photo ID law last year.

Ifill also drew applause when she said King would have stood up for worker rights.

Walker has been targeted for recall after he took on public sector union rights.

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  • fakeExperts

    Make the man into your man:
    How does MLK like people telling people what he likes, what he thinks, what he would do … I think they make him into a puppet – and that is nothing like I remember of the man. Hey – what does MLK think of social media, or the ratio diversity of a professional football team? or what ddoes he think of the new influx of Somali and/or hispanic peoples? Only he would know – only we can speculate.

    • Phid

      That’s what I was thinking – how in the world does Sherrilyn Ifill. know what MLK would have thought about presenting photo IDs to vote? Presenting a photo ID to vote seems like such an OBVIOUS and non-intrusive way of preventing voter fraud. It boggles my mind that so many liberals seem to think that people shouldn’t need to present such an ID. I had to present an ID to get cough medicine at Walmart. One would think that electing people in power would require at least that same minimum standard.

      • hunnybear18

        MLK was a republican, so I really doubt he would have believed in bowing down to unions.

        That darn Walmart just wants the poor and disadvantaged to suffer with colds. Meanies.

  • Really? What is all the fuss about?

    What are the ones that don’t think they should have to show a photo ID just mad that they can’t get the Dems in office anymore because they can’t commit voter fraud? Really what is the big deal making them present a photo ID at the polls to show that you can vote in that precinct? I don’t understand the entire fuss.

    • sarn

      You’re right, how could I have been such a bigot, I shouldn’t have listened to the views and beliefs of my forefathers that liberated this country and been humble enough to realize that non American citizens deserve American citizens’ rights as well.

  • Grynch

    They should’ve just attended the MLK ceremony in Illinois instead.

  • Barney

    Wow! Use a dead hero to advance your own agenda, without any indication that he would agree with your position. Some people will stoop to the lowest level!

    • Cameron Mckelroy

      But enough about Ronald Reagan…

  • Jeff

    No access to ID? Pure BS.

  • sarn

    If many voters have no access to ID then I suppose many other law abiding US citizens that have the right to bear arms don’t have access either, so we should just sell everybody guns without requiring ID too.

  • The One

    You are the fool along with Ifill! You are both blinded by the truth of the situation. The greed of the big labor unions…. Nice little sheep. Too bad neither of you gave Mr. King the respect he deserves!

  • Yeah...

    a hand out is so much better than a hand up. MLK would want the hand up.

  • The One

    Hisses? Really? What do you know that hisses? What does the bible say about snakes? I guess the true colors, or should I say “sounds”, of the left wing nuts are finally coming through!!!!!

    • jackactionhero

      “What does the bible say about snakes?”

      That is not relevant.

  • Jenny

    Liberals have no sense of decorum. It is like the Paul Wellstone funeral.

    They are so full of hate and bile they think their despicable behavior is acceptable.

  • StraycatStrut

    Nope…. not wing nuts…. Wisconsin Zombies from last summer. They are the Zombetic Democrats in action. Too bad……. they have fallen off the cart into the “non reality” abyss.

  • just sayin

    She elicited loud applause during her comments when she said that King would not have approved of laws requiring voters to present photo identification at the polls.

    Really? So she knows for a fact? Like, did she ask him? Because man I thought he died SEVERAL years ago? Thats crazy news… MLK lives on?

    I think he’d be rolling in his grave if he saw “his people” today.

    • Yeah...

      Should I feel discriminated against when they ask for a utility bill to prove residence? What if I live in a ditch but have a fake or really good stolen I.D. that looks like me? Can I vote?

  • NS

    Public education… run to the ground, it sucks, and no they don’t take a severance package, they take all of the taxpayers money instead and it adds up to more than $34 million in the long run.

  • Yeah...

    Motown is full of ’em

  • show a little maturity

    What an embarassing time to be a lib. Our Gov Dayton is not the brightest bulb, but i would never hiss at him during a speech. You are just sad immature children.

  • Phid

    “However, Walker got dissed by the very demographic groups his gubernatorial and political policies and issues targeted”

    Really? So how have Walker’s policies explicitly targeted blacks? Please name one – I would really like to know.

    And how in the world was an MLK proclamation, given on MLK day, “ill-timed”? You blame Walker for Wisconsin’s problems. Do you also blame the one in charge of the country – President Obama? Do you blame him at all, or does he get a free pass?

    • Bill Clintons Cigar

      Oh Phid…stop making so much sense…..we all know that Walker is black hater…..I mean the head of the Union says so…so its ture……and they got 200,000 signatures out of 5.6 million WI residents…..so those wacky .03% of residents have now cost the other 99.97% huge money for a recall election…..oh I do love America…..I wonder if he 99.97% are smart enough to see the bs involved here? Oh we are indeed…..when the union…oh I mean dems pick thier person…he or it will be stomped in WI…we are tired of this union bs…wait and see…

  • Trisha S.


    • Murph

      Being black has it’s extraneous unpleaseantries and challenges when the fascists controll Congress! Soon the GOP will be the third party.Nobody really wants to hear what they are saying. They have lost this coming election and hopefully all those yet to come!

  • Kevin

    Wow…so many reported comments so little time….I think I will just start removing comments I dont agree with…..everyone else does….let the deletes begin…censorship…Kevin style…

  • Kevin

    OMG! You are such a racist! Dont you know that only blacks, immigrants, legal latinos, the elderly oh the poor dont have ID’s (even though its the law that you have ID on you at all time)………how can the poor pay for free State ID cards? You will be taking food from their babies! How dare you make poor immigrants get an ID! They dont speak our language! Your racist pig!!!!You make me sick you Tea Party….American Flag holding…..gun Carrying…..God loving REPUBLICAN!!!!! Evil!

  • Kevin

    Glitter throwers unite! Liberals are such oh wait for it…..hssssssssssss…..hssssssssssss…hey stop that let me speak…..hsssssssssss…its my right as an Amercian……hsssssssssss…..just becuse our views are different we can…….hsssssssssssssssss…….oh and dont you think that she should have talked less about…..hsssssssssssssssssss….MLK views on the US prtoecting the Constitution by requiring an ID…..hsssssssssssssssssssss…..and maybe focus on how dissapointed MLK would be with the black community killing each other and ……hsssssssssssssssss….gangs…and the lack of parenting….hsssssssssssssssss…..hssssssss….off with his heard…..hssssssssss……hsssss…hsssss

  • Happy MLK Day!

    Republicans tend to be either rich or racist rednecks. My bet is most of you don’t have a buck to your name.

  • Lanny

    I totally agree with voter ID’s at elecftions. it is the best way to prevent voter fraud, but then those opposed to ID’s count on voter frau!!,its the demorcrats only way of gettin their man to win. watch that to happen come Nov

  • mike

    What a big joke this Walker is for speaking at a MLK ceremony. I’ll bet that MLK would barf thinking that this redneck leader is speaking in the same tone that MLK did over four decades ago on civil rights while Walker is oppressing people at the same time. What a scumbag Walker is!

  • mike

    What a big joke this Walker is!

  • Murph

    Isn’t there any photos of Walker where he doesn’t look a bit mentally challenged? I mean if he is not calling the shots..who is? Every photo I have seen,he looks dumber than a stump! Am I wrong?? I mean,is there any photo where he does not look like a lacky on his way to prison to bunk up with Bubba the bruiser? MLK event and he has Koch brothers back blast on his tie! The guy ain’t right! Pucker up Scotty,the Feds are going to make YOU the full meal deal for all the bullies in the federal pen!A thousand plus questionable campaign contributions? Save the taxpayers 9 million bucks.You ain’t worth it!Your needs will be taken care off for the next decade or two!

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