Dayton To Release Construction Project Wish-List

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton plans to unveil a list of construction projects he’ll ask the Legislature to pay for using proceeds from the sale of state bonds.

Minnesota lawmakers have traditionally passed a bonding bill in legislative sessions in even-numbered years. Dayton’s proposal, which he’ll unveil in a late-morning press conference at the Capitol, is expected to include $775 million worth of construction on campus buildings, roads and bridges and other infrastructure projects and other state priorities.

The governor has argued that the bonding bill is an effective way to foster private sector job growth by creating construction jobs in communities around Minnesota. But some Republicans have been reluctant to commit. They argue that it’s not an ideal time for the state to accrue new debts.

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  • mark

    Shakopee is the best location for our tax money, location, location,location

  • Al

    Spend Spend Spend – One of only 2 words the DFL knows how to spell. The other is of course Tax Tax Tax.

  • Jack

    Does Dayton or the DFL even read the news? We are in a bad economy, Europe is in trouble, oil prices affected by mideast turmoil, please take a break on the spend and tax.

  • Brett

    How about ENOUGH of the stupid business of paving rural trails? Please tell me, who will pay for the maintenance of these paved trails once they start falling apart? Fix the ROADS.

  • minnesota Fats

    GOP dont care about jobs!

    • Little Joe

      The taxpayer has hired enough loafers. Get a real job, not a state sponsored one.

  • Linus

    How can Dayton expect to find, and spend, another 3/4 of a billion dollars on public projects when we so desperately need to pool our money for Zygi Entertainment Center?

  • Kevin

    Dayton played with Tonka trucks for weeks to make his list….

  • sarn

    Problem = we are broke

    Dayton’s solution = spend money to create temporary state funded jobs and make the place look prettier

    The logic in all of this = none

  • Pundit

    On one end of the leash is Dayton.
    On the other end of the leash are the union bosses.

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