Deputies Find 32 Dead Snakes In Minn. Storage Unit

DILWORTH, Minn. (AP) — Clay County deputies checking on an odor have made a disgusting discovery: 32 dead snakes in a storage locker.

Sheriff Bill Bergquist says the Dilworth man renting the locker told deputies the ball pythons were already dead and he didn’t know what else to do with them. However, KFGO-AM reports it was later discovered that some of the snakes were alive when they were put in the storage unit.

One of the snakes was 8 feet long. The county attorney’s office will look into whether to file charges.

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  • xxx

    The good news is that they were all dead.
    A short trip to the dumpster takes care of the problem.

    • you know its true

      Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these MoootherFU$%& snakes in this Mooother fu@!#$% storage bin!

  • xxx

    Out of curiosity.
    Lets say that the person that had the snakes found that he could no longer care for them and was unable to sell or give them away.

    Would it have been all right to have taken a hatchet and chopped all of the heads off of the snakes before disposing of the dead creatures, or would the Law have said that he was abusing the creatures.

    It is simply a case where the person could no longer care for the snakes and had no other way to get rid of the snakes?

    If this was your problem – what would you do?

    • Kevin D

      Send them to Michele Bachmann? What the heck, she already raised a few dozen foster kids. I’m sure a few snakes wouldn’t even be noticed and would fit right in. Maybe Marcus could dress them up or something?? Remember he likes shopping for sunglasses for their dog.

    • No problem.......

      …….put collars on them and turn them loose in Forest Lake.

    • Snakes on a Plane

      Let the loose in the ladies’ dorm at U of M?

  • Murph

    Wow,the GOP must really be relieved! To think they might have lost that many of their bretheren before reading the whole story! Too bad there are elections next year,their relief could be very short lived!! In Wisc a recall election,1,115 questionable campaign contributions and three of his associates under supeonnas or jailed.Gov.Walker had little to celebrate when the new year came and went! ! million plus voters can’t be wrong.The Faux news vaudeville has lost it’s load up on oxycontin, pole dance with blackboard charm.Call Hawaii for a fire hose,Rush is going to explode, Yep,it’s going to hit the fan Spiro,dirty Dick,move over the parade continues! Hahahaha hee he he he.He’s {Walker} toast! And I thought Pawlenty was a stinker!

  • Planet of the Apes

    Cruelty charges? Absolutely! This situation is nuts (and certainly the person responsible is, too). Confining living creatures in a space they have no power to leave and without food or water is completely inhumane. If you don’t have the ability to care for creatures in your care, make a f****** phone call. One call to the Humane Society or a zoo would have gotten the ball rolling. Disgusting behavior. FAIL!

    • zeezee62

      I totally agree with the fact that some humane society SOMEWHERE could’ve given help/found fostercare or something. How CRUEL! It’s the same as if they were dogs or cats or any other living being.

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