95-Year-Old Man’s Body Found In Duluth

DULUTH (WCCO) — Duluth Police say the body of a 95-year-old man was found outside his retirement home Wednesday morning.

Officer Jim Hanson says the elderly man left the retirement home, where he and his wife lived, at 9:40 p.m. Tuesday. When his wife woke up the next morning, she noticed he was gone.

Hanson said the man lived with his wife in an area of the retirement home where staff does not routinely check on the residents.

Authorities are trying to determine his cause of death, but it is known that there were subzero temperatures that night.

  • Jeb

    Cause of death? He was 95 for Christs sake.

    • Hey Jeb

      Jeb-in todays age 95 isn’t what you think.
      95 and stuck ourside … that is a different deal. Anyone stuck outside dude, anyone may not see the next day. You don’t need to be such a pompous *rick eh …. could have been a family member of yours dude and then you’d be screaming like he!!
      just sayin’

      • alan

        nobody deserves to freeze to death. They did not respond to the door alarm. Lets hope they could do better on a fire alarm

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