PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — Prosecutors who secured negligent homicide convictions against a self-help author want him to prove he’s broke.

James Arthur Ray has asked a judge to declare him indigent.

He says he cannot afford the cost of certified copies of the court record and the transcripts he needs to appeal his conviction on three counts of negligent homicide and his 2-year prison sentence.

Ray’s attorneys say he’s $11 million in debt. They’re representing him pro bono on appeal.

Prosecutors want to know if Ray is receiving anything from self-help books and DVDs, online coaching services, and retirement and pension accounts. They’re also seeking the status of items he once listed as assets.

A Wednesday hearing on Ray’s request has been postponed.

Three people died following Ray’s 2009 sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona.

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Comments (5)
  1. Phillip says:

    You can’t get blood from a turnip.

    All prosecutors are sadistic a-holes.

    1. Tom St says:

      It looks like you got yourself into a bit of trouble at some point, eh phillip?

  2. alligator says:

    its true….just like most cops, it takes a special kind of A-hole to be a prosecutor and NO i have not been in trouble before………..granted, there are some fair minded individuals who recognize the difference between prosecution and persecution, and even a few who act according to decency and what is right and what is wrong rather than “winning”. ..but i will emphasize that its only a few and not very many…..on any given day there are many of these creatures roaming around the gov’t court houses……….and then to fill the vaccuum created by these forementioned are the private practice greedy scum who charge what they do for lip service where “work” is really just a cover word for “time”……..attorneys in general are a detestable very easy to hate group of greedy loathing people.

  3. Swamp Rat says:

    What happened to all that royalty green and money made from his work or self-help $cams(?) ? Oh, well, he is entitled to a defense his court procedures. Now if he isn’t living in a ‘poor’ house or shelter then by all means find the missing money. Too bad legitimate folks can’t get legal help when they need it.

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