MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Florida man has been arrested and charged after allegedly using a camera to take pictures of people using a men’s bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

According to Pat Hogan, spokesperson with the Metropolitan Airports Commission, a traveler alerted airport police that he had been filmed in a bathroom in the mall area of Terminal 1.

Police located an individual matching the description given by the traveler and arrested Joshua Fletcher, of Valrico, Fla.

Police found a camera on him that had a number of pictures showing men urinating in the airport restroom. A hard-covered address book with a hole in it, which he allegedly used to conceal the camera, was also discovered.

Fletcher has been charged with two gross misdemeanor counts of interference with privacy.

Comments (19)
  1. Real Talk says:

    So many different types of freaks in this world….yaozers!!

  2. where the blame really is says:

    so, I want to knwo what a man would be charged with that set the same thing up in a womans bathroom. I want this puke treated identically.

  3. JoeyJoJo_MN says:

    For a second I thought the former Senator Larry Craig was back in town.

    1. Jig's Up says:

      Dang, you beat me to it.

  4. G Dog says:

    Kevin – I told you to stay out of the airports!

    1. Kevin says:

      Sorry G Diggity Dog…I am as white as the snow….and not into taking pics of men pis*ing……I am too busy working to support welfare slugs to even take a pi*s……

  5. Rufus Larkin says:

    To wear a trenchcoat in the mens restroom no longer means one be a weirdo. Now the trenchcoat turns the tables and enhances ones chances for privacy.

  6. Murph says:

    Man, the really pees me off! I would be angry except that a Republican from Virginia [the state] actually took up Warren Buffett on his challenge. That proves to me that not everybody who you SUSPECT is a crook,really is one.Or else they are just attoning for past discrepancies gone unpunished! Because they really do fear the afterlife unlike most so called religious conservatives who only fear people like you and me and other honest people who sometimes sit on juries! One out of thousands isnot bad,hopefully Buffet can afford it.Talk about a safe bet there Warren! One taker out of how many? Hahahaha. The Republicans are on a roll here.Albeit a very,very,very,sloooooooow one!

    1. AntiTeabagger says:

      I think you need to lower the dose on your meds man, what are you even talking about, are you tripping that bad?

      1. thank you says:

        Ladies and Gentlemen, proof right here, that Anti is just another example of a liberal moron that doesn’t pay attention.

        PS why doesn’t he challenge any DFL people? Hmmm??? Where are those offers?

        1. Sonjay says:

          Wow seriously ‘Murph’ and ‘ thank you’ are you in the same room breathing from the same spraypaint bag? You can’t rely on the quantity of non-sense you put out there actually making sense after a while.

  7. james2 says:

    It’s good to know that the Larry Craig School of Wide Stance has diversity.

  8. Kevin says:

    Oh the smell of traveling diversity…aint it just grand???? Nice…

  9. Pos says:

    Monster in training. Starts with innocent pics ends with hanis crimes.

  10. Citizen says:

    The question that should be asked and answered here is how did this equipment get past airport “security”?

  11. Blah Blah says:

    Because we have a pathetic legal system, people like this will only get worse. The gene pool has been tainted with the “idiot” chromosome and it seems to be spreading rapidly throughout society.

    I believe we should all be entitled to have our own fantasies and fetishes. However – in the privacy of your own home and only with consenting people who share the same, sometimes perverse, views as you.

    What is this world coming to….

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