ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — New Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem says he doesn’t plan to file an ethics complaint against Sen. Amy Koch or other senators in connection with events leading up to Koch’s abrupt resignation as majority leader last year.

Senjem made his comments Thursday at a legislative preview session. The Rochester Republican says the scandal was unfortunate but is in the past.

Koch left the majority leader job in December and later admitted it was because she had an inappropriate relationship with a Senate employee. Her deputy leader at the time, Sen. Geoff Michel, later admitted to making inaccurate statements about when he first learned of the relationship.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk says at minimum he expects public apologies from Koch and Michel for damaging the Senate’s reputation.

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Comments (39)
  1. dogmeat says:

    she still married or did he get smart????

    1. runny nose says:

      He’s got her on all 4’s making whitecaps on that large backside.

  2. G Dog says:

    So boinking members of your staff is okay with the GOP leadership???

    Family values strikes again!!

    1. Indeed says:

      It’s okay as long as we keep it in the party …. 😉

    2. Give me liberty says:

      So getting head in the Oval Office is ok with DFL leadership? Must be since they walked out on impeachment discussion in Congress. But then again, that’s what DFL leaders do best. Just look at Wisconsin.

      1. G Dog says:

        Impeachment for lying about a BJ makes as much sense as hunting mosquitoes with a howitzer.

        In this case, Senjem is basically saying it is ethical for a married senator to commit adultery with a staff member that she supervises.

        Hey “liberty”, if she was a Democrat you’d be apoplectic.

        1. Not Citizen says:

          G Dog, it was not impeachment for a BJ, hell half the men in America would be unfit for office. It was impeachment for lieing to congress. Overall, he should have been impeached for lacking in moral character. Along with half of the senate and legislature on BOTH sides of the isle.

          1. jimmy says:

            Yet the Republican front runner for President is cheered when he refuses to talk about his lack of moral character

      2. There are Limits says:

        Slick Willy wouldn’t even do that one!

    3. Balanced Beam says:

      It’s not o.k., which is why she lost her leadership post. Her DFL predecessors were doing it openly, and nobody said a word. It’s more convenient to have no standards at all, it appears.

  3. tom says:

    I bet if she had a relationship with a woman or was a not republican she would get an ethics complaint.

  4. barrister says:

    Michel made inaccurate comments? Just a polite way of saying he lied!

  5. Murph says:

    Desperate people do desperate things.Neither of the culprits in question would be sexy for a normal person.But since the GOP wants to pretend that they are sin free.That is the reason they get such a hard take down.If they would just quit slinging lies about everyone else and calling it the gospel.Maybe people would not react the way they do!

  6. angus says:

    Obviously the Republicanswant everybody to forget it happened. If a Democrat there would be screams for an inquest, a public flogging, and then force the person to resign.

    Republicans use Halloran’s Law of Wishy-Washy Standards, depending who is the guilty party. Note the interview with Newt’s second wife and his definition of Family Values

  7. Republicanus says:

    Adultry is still a crime in Minnesota. Republicans commiting crimes in office is ok with the Republican leadership. That’s the long and short of it.

    1. Gomer's pile says:

      They commit them in airports bathrrom too
      just sayin’ lol

  8. james2 says:

    It’s not about what she did, both parties have people to talk about. It’s that on the Social Conservative side, they are like Pharisees, holding themselves up as an example while accusing others. God’s Own Party too.

    Stop the Marriage Amendment. MN doesn’t deserve neighbor against neighbor in the name of war against immoral gays, when obviously, we are ALL immoral.

  9. Deep Thinker says:

    I don’t care what any of you say, she is hot, therefore she should not get into any further trouble…hot hot hot…

    1. Deepest Thinker says:

      easy lil’ brother…spend your time and dreams on the meth head in Northfield you so excited about ….. sheesh bro, you like ’em huge and little too now? I am getting a bit worried about you

    2. Turns Me On Too says:

      When she walks by it reminds me of two bull dogs fighting in a gunny sack.

  10. I'm Not Fat, I'm Just Big Boned says:

    Clinton liked plump women, maybe she could get an internship with Slick Willy

    1. yeah, all right then says:

      There is no law against being fat. You people should be nicer when you talk about fat people. Fat people have feelings also. I meant there is more to life than being fat. Fat people contribute as much to society as skinny people do. So quit making fun of her because she is fat. Ok? No more fat jokes. Because fat people are just all right. Go fat people we love you, each & ever one of you weight challenged people.

      1. RIII says:

        It’s all fun and games until you getstiuck between 2 of them on a plane.

    2. Both right- and wrong says:

      Newt likes ’em fat and fatter and 2fers at a time. The good ol’ conservative morals being what they are he stopped at just the 2 we believe but ….. frankly who cares? I mean besides his kids, his family, their friends, and maybe the dog. The GOP voters don’t – they forgive him and shall him him high. LMFAO – what a pathetic bunch of pervies

  11. See BS says:

    Minnesota people are so uptight about sex it’s like the baby boomer freak parade took over from the Catholic Church. .

  12. TomK says:

    A public apology is warranted. Ethics charge? What’s the point? But, I do think the misleading statements by Sen Michel need to be looked at, and maybe a censure by the Senate. The personal punishment and embarassment for Sen Koch and her ‘friend should be more than enough.

  13. Citizen says:

    Here is what DPE has to say about New Gingrich’s candidacy which reflects on Ms. Koch and the GOP as well:

    “Here is a brief snippet from what is otherwise an almost unwatchable debate in South Carolina between the remaining four Presidential candidates.

    John King cuts right to the chase and directs his first question to Newt Gingrich, asking the former House speaker about his former wife’sstatement to The Washington Post and in a forthcoming ABC News interview that Gingrich had wanted “an open marriage.”

    “Would you like to take some time to respond to that?” King asks.

    “No. But I will,” says a defiant Gingrich, to a burst of applause from the crowd.
    “I think the destructive, vicious negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office, and I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that,” Gingrich says, to an extended round of cheers.

    Gingrich continues, taking his time as he responds: “Every person in here knows personal pain. Every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. To take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything that I can imagine.”

    No Mr. Gingrich, what is despicable is to cheat on your first wife, divorce her, cheat on your second wife, divorce her and then claim to be the candidate of high moral and ethical values. It is also despicable to use overt racism to win votes by pandering to the worst, rather than the best instincts of voters. Really, it is, you can look it up.

    By presenting Mr. Gingrich the opportunity to blame the press for his own ugly past, the Press is the group most responsible for Mr. Gingrich’s rise in the polls in South Carolina. Conservatives hate the press, particularly the part of the press that reports facts. Facts and Conservative ideology cannot inhabit the same space.

    Mr. Romney must be appalled, because for all of his other faults, he has led an exemplary personal life and does not appear to be even tempted to appeal to the racist aspects of extreme Republican politics. Yet that is what it takes to win in South Carolina.

    As for the extremist Republicans in South Carolina who are giving Mr. Gingrich new life in his campaign because of and not in spite of his rhetoric, well, be careful. If Mr. Gingrich’s long shot campaign results in him so becoming the nominee, something that seems almost impossible once the campaign moves away from the remnants of political attitudes of 1955, then you and your party are only getting what you deserve. Unfortunately you are inflicting on the nation something it does not deserve. ”

    Take note of the statement that facts and Conservative ideology cannot inhabit the same space.
    This is behavior is brought to you by the party of family values, and the party that wants to reform the rest of us sinners.

  14. Center of Left and Right says:

    I would have to agree with you citizen, some “conservatives” are hypocrites. Although, at least they have something to aspire to. I look at how many “liberals” behave and it scares me for my children and the future of our country. Almost every nation that has socialized medicine is broke, but apparently we can implement it better, even though they have been doing it for decades. EVERY state is hurting for money, but the ones in worst shape are locks for liberalism and the couple that are not hurting, are the most conservative. So while we will agree that all decisions SHOULD NOT be made based on money, which is what runs our society and world. So what is the answer? Do you just keep throwing out barbs at the other party so people accept a lower standard in your own party? Or do you work within your party to make it better and to better vet the candidates your party is putting forward? I left the Democrats years ago because their lack of morals scared the hell out of me. I left the Republicans because they are a bunch of self absorbed hypocrites, so now I am an independent and hoping that we can start to change a broken two party system. What are you doing besides throwing factual insults at the Republicans?

    1. Citizen says:

      @Center. What I am doing is supporting a progressive grassroots movement. You can read about this at the Progressive Populist newsletter online or in Jim Hightower’s Lowdown newsletter. Hightower offers a very sane alternative to our corporate culture–coops. Cooperatives which already exist all over the place–some of the biggest being food growing cooperatives and agriculture cooperatives. The Union Cab Co. of Milwaukee is an excellent example of a former bankrupt corporate enterprise now being run successfully as a cooperative. In order to fix the U.S. we need to move away from the corporate model and back to a people-first model. Cooperatives do that. Read some progressive populist literature and you will see that each one of us moving in that direction can solve a lot of the U.S. problems. Most of our economic problems are because corporations have been sending jobs overseas for over 30 years and creating a serf culture for U.S. workers who are faced with an ever spiraling downward economic existence which equals no money, no demand, no jobs. Tried to be a succinct as possible for the ‘CCO censors.

  15. Rachel Maddow says:

    As a typical smug pseudo-intellectual liberal who has no memory of my own party’s mistakes, I believe she should be drawn and quartered, and then burned at the stake.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Rachel. Nice derogation of a another poster. Do you eat with that mouth? Someone who is liberal is probably not a Democrat but a progressive populist. Your comment right back at you!

      1. Rachel Maddow says:

        What poster would that be? Derogation is a legal term that means partial revocation of a law. So what does the meaningless label of “progressive populist” imply? A liberal who worships William Jennings Bryan and is too ashamed to vote Democrat? You are the definition of the liberal my post describes.

        1. Citizen says:

          If you really knew anything about the progressive populist movement, you would know that we are forced to vote Democrat by default. We also vote GOP (rarely) if the candidates has earned that vote.

        2. Citizen says:

          And the word derogation is the noun for the transitive verb to derogate, which means to disparage. Synonyms would be to bad mouth, deprecate, denigrate. Your dictionary lesson for today. Never take the first Google search that comes up….

  16. Citizen says:

    To address the frequent comments about a lack of morals in either party, I will say this. Historically, people have had little in the way of what most of us think of as “Christian” morality and God’s Ten Commandments. Just read history about all the wars in the name of religion and “morality.” Look at the fact that around the world historically and today of genocide and starvation or torture and human rights violations. Look at the causes–religion and politics–extreme cases of both religion and politics. And the extreme greed of power. Then look a comments by posters on this website advocating violence and harm to others because they can do so (they think) anonymously.

    1. Rachel Maddow says:

      Ah, so that’s what you mean by “progressive populist.” You’re a part of Jim Hightower’s movement. The ghosts of Tocqueville and Bryan stand arm in arm with grins on their faces. Whether one agrees with Jim or not, his movement is refreshing evidence that true democracy is still possible in The United States.

      1. Citizen says:

        Democracy and free speech owe nothing to the likes of you and your kind.

  17. @Rachel Maddow & @Citizen says:

    Ok. you two, you are obviously smarter than I am, so lets just give each other a big hug & call it a draw.

  18. desert eagle .50 says:

    That’s a “derogatory” remark.

    Re: Koch: Doesn’t it say in the Bible that thall shall not insert thy rod in thy staff to comfort thee?

    I am being specific.

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