ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The unemployment rate in Minnesota continued to fall last month in what is being referred to as the state’s biggest four-month decrease on record.

The Department of Employment and Economic Development reported the unemployment rate fell 0.2 percent in December to 5.7 percent overall.

In all, 7,900 jobs were added last month. There were 25,300 jobs added throughout 2011, according to DEED. Of those, the most were in education and health services.

The fields that saw the greatest job losses last year were in government, information, and logging and mining.

“The Minnesota unemployment rate continues to move in the right direction, reaching its lowest level since September 2008,” said DEED commissioner Mark Phillips.

DEED reported the metro areas that saw the greatest increases in employment were Mankato (which was up 2.3 percent), Rochester (1.4 percent) and Minneapolis-St. Paul (1.2 percent).

Duluth and St. Cloud saw overall job losses.

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  1. r says:

    Does this include the people that quit looking for work and the ones that ran out of unemployment?before I am attacked by the haters I am just asking a question so calm dont people

  2. Jake says:

    We all know there is a time lag between policy and its effect on the economy, and we should give credit for this turnaround where it is due: Governor Al Quie.

  3. Bubba says:

    The same people who will give credit to Gov. Walker for bringing down unemployment would never give credit to Dayton for doing the same. Such a joke.

    1. Carl says:

      The probelm is that 60 days after the landslide victory for Republicans all the wannbe’s like Citizen were on here asking where are the jobs. Wlaker has actually done somthing in WI, what has Dayton done? Shut sown the govt only to re-open 21 days and millions of dollars later? Talk about job growth and deliver nothing. Running around the State having summits w/ Unions trying to figure out why they are not working?

  4. Kevin says:

    Really? This is the time of year when NO ONE hires…there are stores closing everywhere….this is such bs…..gotta be an election year!

  5. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    BS! Show us who has hired all of these people! We are not sheeple!

  6. Rufus Larkin says:

    These are mostly minimum wage jobs (like maid or Mcdonalds) that going to immigrants which are bringing the rate down. So that on paper may look that way but mainly to attract newcomers to MN.

  7. Goober says:

    Good news for all those that work(ed) at Sears, Bloomingdales, Cargill and EcoLab

  8. GN says:

    Unemployment rates are psychological and political numbers and has nothing to do with the true unemployment rate. It doesn’t matter if they are printed at the State or Federal level. The true unemployment rate is somewhere between 25 and 30%. This is taught in basic economics 101. Arguing on this point doesn’t change the outcome. Commenting to “r” your question is appropriate since those that stopped looking, those that dropped off the unemployment benefits, those that went to homelessness or moved in with a relative, and those that are looking but find nothing out there but never drew benefits such young folks are not counted. A better indicator is ADP since they have a better handle on who lost their jobs and who received jobs.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Finally another voice of reason heard from.

      If one is out of work; has dropped off the unemployment benefits program; and is dropping off the “find-work” search wagon then where are the living wage jobs? The lower unemployment rate numbers will disqualify many long term job seekers from programs or further extended benefits. Besides we just went through a holiday season with temporary jobs. Can’t wait to see the newer stats when they come out.

      How come we don’t hear the ADP numbers? How they are not as depressing to hear/read as the BS coming out of DC.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Swamp Rat and GN. The unemployment rates also do not reflect all the baby boomers who are retiring early because they HAVE to after losing a job and perhaps exhausting unemployment benefits. Older workers are taking a real hit in this economy.

        1. Swamp Rat says:

          No argument there, Citizen. Besides being over 65 in this economy is a pain when you what want to work even part time and can’t find employment. Fast food jobs and even the Wal-Mart greeters’ job have waiting lists or a “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” policies!

          Retirement is a pain when you company’s pension plan went broke and Social Security and Medicare benefits are a heartbeat away from putting one in the street. What happened to this country’s economy and visions for a better quality of life? Let me know if you find out.

          1. Beth says:

            I am happy to hear that there are people out there like me(50 plus). I am living with aging parents and enemployed mostly(once in a while I get a short term contract) I lost everything, home, 401K. savings, and I had to file bankruptcy on top of it. THE WHOLE THING SUCKS.

  9. Best3800 says:

    They report unemployment statistics the same for republicans in office as they do for Dems. If unemployment goes down it’s good for seems like people are just keeping score for political reasons,so does that mean repubs. want the economy to stay stagnant? Dayton and Obama are getting us out of the pawlenty and bush mess,sorry for the disappointment!

    1. OMG says:

      The only positive thing that Obama had did to temporarily effect the economy is to extend the Bush tax cuts. THE ONLY THING! His crony capitalist spending makes him a the largest thief in the world.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        What’s that coffee you have been drinking? You don’t make any sense. You must have a gravy job and love tormenting the folks who don’t………

  10. Best3800 says:

    OMG that’s the funniest statement I’ve heard all year,anything to do with Bush is why were in this whole mess in the first place and keep the FOX news lies coming,the bottom of the barrel 20%ers are the only ones who believe that crud.

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