Sviggum Insists New Job Vetted By U Of Minn. Brass

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — University of Minnesota Regent Steve Sviggum says he consulted with the board chairwoman and a school lawyer to go over conflict of interest rules before he accepted a high-paid position for Republicans in the Minnesota Senate.

Sviggum’s account Thursday conflicts with one from Board Chairwoman Linda Cohen and university general counsel Mark Rotenberg. The school is reviewing Sviggum’s status on the university governing board now that he is employed by the Senate, which allocates state money to public colleges.

Sviggum is a former Minnesota House speaker and state agency commissioner. He will be paid more than $102,000 to be communications director for the Senate.

Sviggum says he won’t step down as a university regent. He said he spoke with Cohen and Rotenberg last week before officially applying for the job.

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  • j speedbag 64

    swiggy’s up to something here…

  • Heidi

    Well one of these folks is not telling the truth. Sviggum says he asked them beforehand; the chair and the counsel said he did not. Is it impossible to verify? What a great way to start out your Board of Regent career, Sviggum.

  • Balanced Beam

    My guess is that he “mentioned” it to them and is describing it as approval. They are denying that they “approved” it even though he spoke with them about it.

  • Goober

    Those high up in “Big Education” hate having a republican around. Ask Sviggum and Emmer

  • Kevin Dd

    $102,000 to help Republicans create lies and spread lies. Talk about a waste of our money.

  • Joe

    These Republicans are all about padding their own back pockets. They will stick it to the little guy by freezing pay and taking awway benefits just so they have more money for themselves. I hope every republican is voted out of office this fall. You have to be an idiot to vote for these clowns.

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