Board Wants At Least 60 Days For Recall Review

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin board that oversees elections is asking for at least 60 days to review petitions filed earlier this week to recall Gov. Scott Walker and five other Republicans from office.

The Government Accountability Board asked for the extension Friday. Current law requires the review to be done in 31 days.

The board is seeking more time because of the large number of petitions filed. Circulators say they turned in a total of about 1.9 million signatures.

Board spokesman Reid Magney says a hearing in Dane County circuit court on the request is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Republican Party spokesman Ben Sparks says the board should take as long as it needs to verify the signatures. Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski says recall elections should be as soon as possible.

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  • Dr. Seuss

    Just think of all the children who could be provided health care and good nutrition with the money being wasted on this. Why do Democrats hate children so much?

    • Scott Walker #1

      If they recall him with all of those bogus names, its a huge loss for Wisconsin, It’s obvious that the left can’t think for themselves and that’s why they need the dfl and the unions to hold their hands.

      • Michael L Farrey

        Enough with the bogus names BS! Quit sucking up the lies that the Walker staff tell. Get a brain and start using it! Don’t be another idiot Walker mouthpiece. He is betraying you too! I didn’t need any help from any union to see what Walker was all about. Get a clue.

  • Recommend a different new sources

    How desperate is WCCO that they put fake close buttons on their popup adds (the red X in the upper right corner, that actually takes you to an advertiser.) Shameless, pathetic and ridiculous. Knock it off ‘cco!!!

    • ICU

      How desperate are you that you have to write that on EVERY comment?

  • wendy

    Democrats do like children, it is the Republicans in office that want to cut Badger Care and that would take health insurance away from many children including mine.

    • GH

      My insurance is costing me enough! I don’t want to pay for your children so maybe you should pay for the kids you produced.

  • by the numbers

    31,667 votes reviewed a day at the rate they want or 61,290 at the rate the law requires. Considering they need to contact a fair sampling of those and of course remove all the Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Daffy Duck ones. They have quite the task ahead of them.

    • Michael L Farrey

      Universal healthcare for all! Then everyone will be better off. It should be paid for by a progressive tax system. The more you make the Higher your tax.

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