Missing Nativity Goat Found After 25 Days

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (WCCO) — A goat that went on the lam from a Minnesota nativity scene on Christmas Eve has been found safe.

The 3-year-old Angora goat, named Curly, ran away from the live nativity scene at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

He was missing for 25 days before a farmer southwest of Fergus Falls noticed an extra goat among his count. The goat was reportedly hungry, cold and had lost weight, but alive.

The owner, Jim Aakre, went to the farm to make sure the found goat was indeed Curly, who was then taken home after its month-long status as a fugitive goat.

Earlier in the week, a $250 reward was offered for the safe return of Curly, who had been spotted last week in Fergus Falls, but people were unable to chase him down.

  • Terrace

    I hope Curly got to sow some wild oats on his vacation.

  • do do

    was it a goat that went lam or a lam that went goat?????

  • A-dub

    and this is news because….?

    • wherewasi

      ….because not a lot happens in Fergus Falls.

  • wherewasi

    Curly was a baahaaaaaaaad boy!

  • Briana Neagle

    better than hearing about decapitated bodies and missing children… Ppl scorn good news of any kind … not saying things dont need to be reported but im sick of all the sad news. Im glad this goat gets to go home!

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