STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — Joe Paterno, who racked up more wins than anyone else in major college football but was fired from Penn State amid a child sex abuse scandal has died. He was 85.

His family released a statement Sunday morning to announce his death.

Paterno’s son Scott announced Nov. 18 that his father was being treated for lung cancer, which was diagnosed in mid-November during a follow-up visit for a bronchial illness.

WCCO’s Sid Hartman Interviews Gophers Coach Jerry Kill On Death Of Joe Paterno

The storied career of “JoePa” included 409 wins in 46 seasons and two national championships.

But his reputation for success with honor was shattered when a former assistant was charged with molesting 10 boys during a 15-year span, including some in the Penn State athletic complex.

Critics said Paterno should have done more to stop it. He was fired Nov. 9.

In all, Paterno guided five teams to unbeaten, untied seasons.

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Comments (10)
  1. A sad end... says:

    Sad to see his life and legacy coming crashing down in two short months. 😦 Don’t get me wrong, more should have been done about the reported sexual assaults….but that’s what’s wrong with the majority of Div. 1 programs….winning is everything and most coaches/programs will do anything to win…and hope they don’t get caught.
    A very sad testimony to the reality of the role money plays in major college athletics. 😦
    God Bless the Paterno families.
    God Bless the sexual assault victim(s) families.
    God Bless America.

    1. Guy says:

      He reported it up the chain of command … what else was he supposed to do ? (The molestation wasn’t actually OCCURING when he heard about it.) The guy who SHOULD have done more is the one who SAW it HAPPENING … I belive HE is still on the Penn State payroll …

      1. Ash says:

        Wrong!!!!!! He should have done MORE!

      2. mom says:

        just because you report something to the people or person you are supposed to doesn’t mean there isn’t more that could have been done. Once he was notified what he was told and he told who he was supposed to and he noticed nothing was being done he could have gone back to that chail of command and call them on it. Or he could have been like any nurse, dr, social worker, teacher or other people who are mandatory reporters, and notify the police that there a sexual assult may have taken place. And you are right the person who saw it happen should have done more as well. Sometimes doing the moral thing is more important than following a chain of commands

  2. Frazie says:

    Lets honor a man who knew about a person committing sex acts on a child. I realize he turned them in but didnt followup on it. You people make me sick!

  3. I-wonder says:

    I can’t even imagine the secrets that will be buried with this man. I honestly believe he may have saved some of his legacy by taking those truths to the ground!

  4. j speedbag 64 says:

    great coach of our time….whipped our the goph’s every year… joe pa…..

  5. angus says:

    He did what was required and, if he follows up too much he can damage the alleged perpetrator’s rights or be accused of harassment. Also remember it is easier to be a historian than a prophet.

    The ones who dropped the ball were the ones Joe reported the allegation. The school president was fired for not forcefully having procedures for these incidents. However, both the president and Joe were fired to protect the school and the board that fired them. The board should also be thrown out for not setting a standard for these allegations but they are too busy protecting themselves.

  6. PJO says:

    R.I.P. JOE PA !!!!! i read else where on the net that the westboro baptist church plans to protest his funeral, i hope they find some decency and leave his family and friends to grieve in peace

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