ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is telling the owners of the Minnesota Vikings the team’s new stadium will have to be at the Metrodome site if a stadium bill is to pass the Legislature this year.

Dayton spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci says the governor gave that message Monday to team owner Zygi Wilf.

Tinucci says she can’t say if the Metrodome is Dayton’s favorite site for a new Vikings stadium. But she says for practical reasons, Dayton believes the Metrodome is the site if a stadium bill is to pass this year.

The Vikings have said they prefer a Ramsey County proposal to build a $1.1 billion stadium in Arden Hills.

Vikings vice president Lester Bagley did not immediately return a phone message.

The Vikings’ lease at the Metrodome has expired.

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Comments (60)
  1. Andy says:

    Nice knowing you vikes

  2. Theodore says:


  3. Ferris Lind says:

    a dome .. LOL .. Vikings are not a reall NFC NORTH TEAM .. EITHER ARE THE LIONS

    1. Mayhem says:

      spoken like a truly moronic and alcoholic fudge-packer fan.

      how’d that super bowl one and done….I mean run go for ya?

      Green Bay Chokers….new name

      1. jackactionhero says:

        He’s right. A dome? Really?

        1. Mayhem says:

          Really…..where in the article does it say its going to be or it has to be a dome???

          1. jackactionhero says:

            It doesn’t. And that wasn’t why I made that comment. It might be too late for you to try and follow along…

      2. Really?? That's your best??? says:

        @Mayhem, so how has those 4 Super Bowl appearances worked out for you? You seem to forget about those chokes and the one when the Vikings went 15-1 with Cunningham. Why the Vike fans even bring up Greenbay choking is beyond me. You have no Super Bowls trophies so until you get one then you really have no place to comment about them being chokers. Come on Man

        1. Mayhem, Really? What else is there??? says:

          I get the feeling if you lived in the South, you’d still be angry at how the Civil War went down….

          But I digress….I dont care what happened or didnt happen in the ’70’s, or “the knee” in ’98, or the 12th man in the huddle and subsequent Favre interception in ’09, or even the lack of SB MN has been in and hasnt won. Our time will come. But None of this happened just a couple weeks ago.

          Because JUST couple weeks ago, in 2012…the fudge-packers became the first team….THE FIRST TEAM….in NFL history to go 15-1….and then get trounced in the FIRST ROUND of the playoffs….and after a BYE!

          That makes your fudge-packers the new joke, as well as the new chokers, of the NFC. Welcome to the club! So ya, c’mon man!!!!!!!!


          you goofy fudge-packer fans are too funny!!!

          1. jackactionhero says:

            Grow up. Seriously. You aren’t winning any arguments talking like a jealous 13 year old…

          2. Really????C'MON MANNNN says:

            That’s the best you got, really??? That is your argument? That was in the past? Ok let’s talk 2011-2012 season, what was the Vikes record? 3-13? Your time will come? Well let see this is the 47th Super Bowl and they haven’t won it yet. You must mean the next 50 years is their time. Ahh now I get it. What does the Civil War have to do with football talk? So c’mon mannnnnn…. You Vike fans are just jealous so then you have to resort to name calling….Geeeshhhh

            1. Mayhem says:

              geeeeesh…another angry fudge packer fan….

              and its Super Bowl 46, clown, you know, the one your favorite team isnt in ….47 is next season, when once again, your favorite team will probably not be in….see, numerically 47 follows 46…since 47 hasnt happened yet it stands to reason this year would be 46 since last year was Super Bowl 45. I know packer fans have issues with counting past 16 ounces, which is the standard amount in a bottle of beer so your excused.

              you are correct, the Vikes record was 3-13 – good to see you can at least read certain numbers apparently. Yes, we sucked. Yes, we have never won a Super Bowl, probably will be right along with you on the side lines come next years playoffs as well. Shoot maybe we’ll never win one….who really cares?

              All this doesnt change the fact that your team blew chunks in the playoffs after setting such high standards throughout the season. So therefore, we laugh mightily at them and mock them…..because its….the Packers.

              Oh ya, and we’re jealous too….cant forget that, yep jealous we are.

              And they civil war reference if I have to explain, forget it and just concentrate on your numbers for now, em-k?

  4. Sonjay says:

    I liked having football in MN but this seals the deal. They are now GUARANTEED to go to L.A. because there is no way to pay for it. It’s proven we have to make all our professional franchises leave before we go begging to the respective organization for an expansion. Then we will suddenly have the money at 10 times the cost and have a shabby collection of no talent to deal with for a decade. I’m not saying that it’s worth it now but will it be worth it later at 10X the price?

  5. Yeah says:

    Way to go Dayton. Finally a correct decision. Now, No public money.

  6. We had a nice run... says:

    Peace Vikes! The Wilf train is leavin’ town.

  7. Bill says:

    When they move to L.A. could they please, please take Mark Dayton with them?

  8. toad says:

    Mpls is a toilet if the vikes cave in to Dayton they are stupid
    Arden hills is the only site for a new stadium
    hate to say but the queens are LA bound

  9. Chuck says:

    Hold on a few minutes here all of you naysayers. First, Governor Dayton did not say that the Metrodome site is his choice, he just said if the bill is to get past the Rep. Legislature, it will need to be at the dome. Second, can he be blamed for them leaving if he is just giving the reality of the situation as he sees it.
    I do not want the Vikes to leave and maybe the dome is not the best site, but in his estimation, it is the only site that will pass this legislature.
    Let’s all learn how to read, please!!!

  10. Terrace says:

    The Republican controlled senate will have final say in this and Republicans are famous for the “Borrow and spend approach” to most everything.

    1. Matt says:

      aye look at social security.

  11. S_Weaver says:

    What a sham and a shame…. Everyone including those that answered a poll here on the strib site wanted it in Arden Hills. The paper has been slanting this all along. Why? because they own the property that the Metrodome is on. Without a stadium there, the land is worth alot less. And Dayton and the owners of the strib go back generations… In the mean time, while the dome is torn down the vikings lose out on how many thousand seats at the gopher’s stadium? I hope the vikings say “forget you” and build in Arden Hills and recoup their cost through parking there instead.. There’s dirty politics at work here….

  12. Goldy G says:

    Better buy your Gopher football tickets now!

  13. dontwory22 says:

    Like i been saying along Mr Wiff well sale the team you watch

    1. @worried for you says:

      Wow the sentence of a 5th grade education.

      1. mgs4k says:

        That insults 5th graders………

        1. amos says:

          But it’s an accurate representation of the tailgating Vikings fans.

  14. zee the reporter says:

    Gov. Mark Dayton is on the GOP side!

    1. The new normal says:

      How could that be? he is rubbing the balz of a Demo Grande (Rybeck) and fearfull of ruffling the feathers of the Catholics.

  15. Problem solved !!! No tax money! says:

    Yes !! Use the dome !! As is …. No tax money !! New roof new turf !! Ok we can repaint it for Zippy !! Loooooooooooooosers !!! Lower property taxes now!!!

    1. randy says:

      Dream on, You’re chances of seeing lower property taxes in your lifetime are about the same as the Vikings chances of winning a SUper Bowl next year.

  16. Ray says:

    Dear Lord, please forgive me for what I did by voting for Mark Dayton. I have witnessed the error of my ways and the pending loss of the Vikings.

  17. StraycatStrut says:

    Vote for Me….. “For a Better Minnesota”……… Mark Dayton, idiot.

  18. Duprene says:

    “The Vikings’ lease at the Metrodome has expired.”

    And so has Zygi’s welcome in Minnesota. He’s been trying to get in the taxpayers’ pockets for ten years. Anything except to avoid spending his own nickel.

    Zygi and the Vikings can pay their own way or get out of the state!

    It’s about time somebody went toe to toe with Zygi and said “NO taxpayer money for YOU!”

    Finally, Dayton gets an “atta boy.”

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Actually he’s offering up more of his own money for the stadium than you will make in your lifetime…

  19. Ben says:

    Doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Losing the vikings will hurt MN’s economy. Not to mention anger millions of sports fans. Sports fans with $. Income tax, sales tax, overall balance of a well rounded community will change if the vikings leave.

    1. Bill says:

      Sigh, why do you people keep repeating the same obvious lie over and over?

      There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


      1. Mayhem says:

        Sigh….because you keep copy/pasting websites that address the stadium just by itself and thats not what the argument is about.

        A new stadium creates short-term jobs for those in construction and the like. We get it.

        Any stadium as its being used creates jobs in concessions, security, maintenance, parking, etc etc. The players themselves visiting pay MN taxes as long as they are here. Hotels, restaurants, tourism industry from fans, players, merchandising, etc etc….and this is all taxed that goes back into the MN economy. Im sure there are other things Im missing. Oh, and it used for more than just football by the way.

        So ya, theres a benefit…tell me, whats the benefit of paying many more millions into the welfare system to those, ( a majority of those) that shouldnt be on welfare to begin with THAT WE PAY FOR??? Thay you’re apparently OK with since youre not *itching about that.

        Please show me a website addressing those benefits, huh?

      2. randy says:

        How about the social benefits to a dome…………
        high school football championships
        high school and college baseball games over the winter
        a concourse that is used for running, rollerblading year round
        the golf show
        concerts, monster trucks, other events

        The dome is used something like 300 days a year so it’s OBVIOUSLY NOT just
        for the Vikings …….

      3. Nate says:

        Again with the same sites. I understand what your saying, but it’s always the same sites that you copy and paste. It gets old. I disagree with the Cato site you post.

        First it’s published in Washington. You know how many stadiums are in the same radius as MPLS to Green Bay as it is to Washington? 5 Stadiums. There are 11 NFL teams on the East Coast. So his numbers of 5-10% of people travel to games is not in touch with our location. I know many people who live 100+ miles away and travel to every home game for their season tickets.

        Second, the East Coast has many more entertainment venues compared to Minnesota. Say the Vikings Leave, I calculate $300 million of taxable revenue that leaves with them. Everyone claims the money will be spent on other entertainment venues. What, where, and how? I want to know where we will get $300 million in other forms of entertainment. I don’t see it. Like Randy said, it’s not just the Vikes, it would be used all the time like he said.

        Third, everyone wants to run Zygi out of town because he’s rich and from out of town. Well lets think about this, wasn’t the Mall of America Built with State Funds? A lot of businesses benefit from that and a lot of owners are from out of the area. Maybe you should boycott all the businesses in this state that some rich person from out of state owns. But that would hurt the workers working there only. It doesn’t make sense. The haters don’t make sense. Let me ask you something. How many of you have been employed by a poor person? Think about it, the rich own things and create jobs, it’s just the way it is.

  20. get real says:

    Vikings, Lakers, Northstars…bye bye! This isn’t a real sports town anyway. A bunch of drunks who are afraid to move away from mommt.

  21. Up North says,"bye bye now." says:

    I totally agree with ‘get real.’ Also glad to see Dayton tell them to take it or leave it!
    They fixed up the dome, now use it!
    If the Vikings leave, it’s sad, but my whole world won’t collapse if they leave.
    They have the money, let them build it!

    1. randy says:

      They didn’t fix up the dome,, they replaced broken parts and made it tolerable for the players to play in. It’s still a DUMP for the fans and needs to be replaced !!!

    2. randy says:

      They didn’t fix up the dome,, they replaced broken parts and made it tolerable for the players to play in. It’s still a DUMP for the fans and needs to be replaced !!!

  22. Broseph says:

    The economic consequences longterm are worse for MN than the irritation of using public money to get the deal done. The average % of public investment in any new NFL stadium opened since 1997 is 56, and the most current Mpls proposal I saw does fall quite a bit below that mark. If it’s a pay or lose proposition, I’d rather pay.

  23. Mayhem says:

    Geez, will you quit whining about the taxes already, it isnt doing any good….its going to be built. We will pay for it, like it or not. The Vikes arent going anywhere. The NFL wont allow it as long as MN is working with the team to keep them here. And MN is. We’re a large market for them and the fan base is too strong.

    Why dont you folks *itch and whine this much about where and how much your tax dollars are going in the welfare system? Come up with a new subject matter to cry about….see how far you get there.

    1. Rudy says:

      Mayhem, you are the only one with any sense, facts, and argument on this entire freaken (and I mean MN freaks) board.

  24. News Filthy McNasty says:

    Why do we need welfare for millionaires?

    1. randy says:

      Why do we need to spend BILLIONS on an education system that obviously doesn’t work?

    2. Mayhem says:

      generally speaking, they do more to create jobs is the answer to that argument.

  25. Rockfish says:

    Do it better than the politicians did when they built the dome on the cheap. Worst venue for sports in the history of the world.

  26. Paula says:

    I have been saying all along, give the Dome a face lift!! They play 8 home games a season!!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Not a feasible option.

  27. M T Pockets says:

    I can’t believe the Wilf’s can’t get any private investers for the Arden Hills proposed site. They would make their money back in no time! All that land around it would be prime for developement! Hotels, resturants, shopping, and bars! Lots of jobs would be created and maintained around this whole project. It would be a good boost to MN’s economy!

    1. joe says:

      Because the investors are smart enough to know its a really crummy deal…
      The only ones who think this is a GOOD idea are football fans who flunked addition & subtraction.

  28. DJP says:

    Is having a new stadium really going to help play football? I don’t understand what is wrong with the Metrodome? So what if it is old? Come on all you spoiled, overpaid players and “IGGY”…get it together, stop whining and play the game you are getting paid so very well for…drama kings…sheesh

    1. jackactionhero says:

      You said it perfectly.

      You don’t understand.

  29. rentacop says:

    Glad to hear Dayton agrees with the Metrodome site. They already have light rail/ northstar train and lots of amenities close by. They can buy out the Star Trib bldg and they will have all kinds of room for tailgating. Now I hope they have the brains to build a retractable roof this time..

  30. Markie says:

    It is alot of money $$$ to be build in Arden HIlls changing freeways in that area and clean up that area that is too much $$$ but Shakopee is the best site so Shakopee mayor & their council show up last minute at the capitol . Metrodome? good luck.

  31. Dave says:

    Wilf should just man up to it. If he wants a stadium where he wants it then he should pay for it himself. He can charge what he wants for tickets and parking and hope the fans can afford it. See how many of us 1%ers are then willing to pay to watch millionaires play what’s become a millionaires game. When the 1%ers have to pay for a stadium for millionaires the end of society as we know it can’t be far behind and a time for revolt.

  32. das14 says:

    Ahh Minnesota. It really says it all.

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