Good Question: Do We Forget How To Drive In the Snow?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you’re like most of us, you probably were late to work Monday.

Snow fell all throughout the morning rush and all the roads were a slippery, slushy mess. It got many of you asking: Do we forget how to drive in the snow?

Good Question.

The prevailing sentiment on Facebook and the street is that Minnesotans either (1) forget how to drive in the snow or (2) never quite learned how.

For example, Lisa Kenow wrote: “People drive like fools!!! Everyone is in a hurry.”

Lt. Eric Roeske of the State Patrol said that a crash numbers spike when winter weather arrives after a considerable absence. The last two morning snowfalls followed this general pattern.

Friday morning saw 177 crashes and 300 spinouts. On Monday, there were 96 crashes and 140 spinouts – about half as many incidents as on Friday.

Roeske said when there is consistent snowfall, Minnesotans seems to adapt to driving in the snow.

“Last winter, with the constant snowfall, we did see some spikes from time to time. But it seems we do adapt to those winter driving conditions as time goes by,” he said.

So What Makes The Worst Winter Driver?

Those who drive too fast, Roeske said.

Did We Drive Better In The Good Ol’ Days?

There is no evidence to support this. If anything, statics say we drive better now.

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