MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO Radio afternoon drive host Michele Tafoya announced that she’s ending her show. Tafoya, who also works for NBC Sports, says she wants to spend more time with her family.

“It’s just become more and more evident to me over the last two and a half years as I’ve been doing this show, that I don’t get enough time with my kids,” Tafoya said in announcing her decision on her show Monday. “(They don’t get) time that they deserve and the time that I want.”

During the NFL season, Tafoya had been doing her 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. show at WCCO Radio Monday through Thursday, and then she’d fly to her NBC job Friday to cover the NFL Sunday Night Game as sideline reporter. The seven-day work weeks meant little time with her husband and two children.

Tafoya said she needed a change.

“I’m going to work as a mom, which so many of you know is more than a full-time job,” she told listeners Monday. “I don’t think I can do it well if I’m spending my weekdays (at WCCO Radio) and my weekends on the road.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Michele Tafoya Announces She’s Leaving

CBS Radio Market Manager for Minneapolis Mick Anselmo said her decision comes as no surprise, considering her schedule. Tafoya will be covering the upcoming Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and the Olympics in London this summer.

“She’s an immense talent, driven and focused,” Anselmo said. “But her new role at NBC includes an Olympic assignment as well as the Super Bowl, and is even more demanding of her schedule.”

It was announced that John Williams, who currently hosts from 9 a.m. to noon on WCCO Radio, will now take the helm from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun and a great challenge to move into that afternoon slot,” Williams said. “Michele is one of the great names in Minnesota broadcasting, and the bar in the afternoon is really high.”

WCCO Radio’s John Hines will be temporarily filling the hole Williams leaves in the morning until a permanent replacement is found.

The changes go into effect Monday, January 30. Tafoya’s last show will be Friday.

Anselmo says Tafoya will continue to do work from time to time for WCCO, as a fill-in host and commentator.

Tafoya says the decision was not an easy one.

“This has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Tafoya said. “This is WCCO Radio.”

Comments (61)
  1. sabrina says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! This MADE my day!! Please, get someone worthy back in that time slot!!!!!

    1. Clyde Anderson says:

      Tafoya was the only reason I ever listened to wcco. Now she is replaced with a far left wing socialist john williams????? I won’t be listening again!!!!!! CLICK.

  2. betty says:

    John Williams? Perfect! Getting some intelligence back in the seat will be nice!

  3. Journeyone says:

    Maybe it was her comment that the Vikings were Minnesota’s number one team.

    1. Wayno says:

      Michele fell well short of adding a fresh dimension to the CCO airwave…similar to her lackluster dribble delivered from the sidelines on NBC Sundays. Maybe she should stay home and coach her family full time.

  4. Chris says:

    And the rest of us will really miss her!
    She had the backbone to stand her ground with the liberals…
    Her debate with Skid-Mark Dayton was priceless!!!
    Good luck Michele!

  5. Curtis says:

    After Don left the show and took his witty humor and light outlook at issues I stopped listening in the evening. I just didn’t want to hear Michele get uptight and rant and rave trying to spit the words out about why its her political party.

    I think Jason DeRusha would have a good show with his light humor and pleasant disposition, imho….

  6. Balanced Beam says:

    Which is a left-wing way of saying “One less sensible moderate on the radio.” I grew up listening to WCCO on the radio because it was the only station that made it to our place after sundown. I used to see it as a fairly balanced medium. Perhaps life experience has lead me to become a bit more conservative, but it sure appears that WCCO has shifted quite a bit to the left. I still enjoy the Sid and Dave sports coverage, but the other personalities (including those who aren’t invested enough to live here) seem to be becoming more and more shills to liberalism if not directly to the Democratic Party. I though Michele was interesting and provided a bit of balance. Her exit is classy, but I suspect it wasn’t as voluntary as it has been made to appear.

    I don’t enjoy KTLK because it’s that overwhelming right-winger stuff. Sadly, WCCO is becoming the Yin to that Yang.

    1. rockford says:

      Your comment makes no sense as anyone who spent their youth and decades of adult years knows this is not true.

      1. Balanced Beam says:

        But they might know what is a subjective opinion and possibly how to use punctuation. Circle gets the square.

  7. Bob2 says:

    Now if only cco figures out that Hartman needs to go it could possibly get
    back to a station of sustance instead of inane blather

    1. Jeff the ref says:

      How true. He is so bad with his constant slurping. No get rid of forehead Murphy too

      1. Curtis says:

        I like Hartman and his views. He speaks clearly and like the way he repeats to emphasize the point.

  8. Steve T. says:

    Thank goodness the sanctimonious shrieking will stop. John Williams will be a pleasant change. At least he listens and converses instead of preaching…

  9. Bob3 says:

    While I wish Michelle well with her family, and all of her future private life, it will be refreshing to tune into WCCO on the afternoon drive, and not hear a continuous anti-government hatred. It seems that every other day she devoted her show to characterizing anything the government does as confiscation of your tax money, and resdistribution to the lazy elements of the society. I cant imagine how she can be proud of stirring up the hatred towards our government. She has stated that she understand people who want to commit violence against government officials (yet, of course, she says that she did not encourage it. Now, she can sit home, watch FoxNews, listen to Rush and become even more angry. Good for her

    1. Journeyone says:

      Excellent comment, I wish this blogging had LIKES you would get a TON of LIKES. EXCELLENT!!!

    2. Sarkomos says:

      Get your head out of the sand Bob. Our government (elected officials and leaders, not the common worker) has earned every ounce of hatred they get. Lies and self-advancement seems to be the norm now in politics. American politics has lost all semblance of character…

  10. jimmy says:

    The GOP is broke they can’t pay to have her on the radio anymore.

  11. gregg says:

    What a bunch of losers! Obviously, Michelle was good enough to have them tuned in to her instead of the other ‘choices’.
    Michelle, I applaud you for a great run and your obvious ability to mange real priorities of life.
    While John Williams is very good, I wished he’d leave his ‘left’ at home and just entertain us.

  12. angus says:

    Keep John Hines on in the mornings. He is bright, upbeat, listens with courtesy to all callers, and has interesting items for discussion.

    I quit listening to Tea Party Michelle when a caller tried to ask her why she was rude and cut off anyone who disagreed with her. She did not answer but immediately broke the connection. Obviously right wing. “There is only one viewpoint and it is our viewpoint”.

    First bright thing CCO has done lately

  13. Susan says:

    YEA, She is going! Now maybe I can listen to the show again!

  14. Bella says:

    I enjoyed her show, sorry to see her leave.

  15. Marty says:

    Excellent news! Couldn’t listen to her for more than 10 minutes. Love John Williams…now if we could just get rid of John Hines….ugh! As soon as I hear his voice, the channel gets changed.

  16. Molly says:

    You left-liberal commenters posting on here…you don’t even recognize a decent intelligent pro-american like Michelle. She was refreshing compared to the democrate/liberal views and bias of a Chad Hartman for example. I applaud Michelle for puttin her family first over her career but her voice of truth and willing to state the truth on ‘CCO will be missed.

    1. chris C says:

      One afternoon, Michelle called our president by the name President Osama three times in thirty minutes. I actually called to complain. Is this what you mean by the truth: that Obama is actually a terrorist operative? Tell me more about this “truth” you speak of..

  17. Lori says:

    I love John Williams, but I will miss him in the morning. How about Esme Murphy as his replacement?

  18. Colleen says:

    Best news I’ve heard all week! After enjoying Don Shelby and Jeff McKinney for so many years, trying to listen to Michele Tafoya with her ranting and childish humor, was like listening to fingernails on a blackboard. Glad she gone so I can listen again. PLEASE put John Hines in that spot!!

  19. Kevin says:

    This will be a welcome change. It used to be treat to listen to the humor and joy of Steve Cannon, Don Shelby and Jeff McKinney. After the change to Michelle, I could no longer listen to the good neighbor. John Williams will bring many of us back to listening in that afternoon slot. I good example of the difference is that Williams has a segment where listeners call in with the bright spots of their life, where Michelle asked people to call in and rant. We need less ranting.

  20. Lyle says:

    Tafoya consistently played to the fears and anger of the low information crowd. Be afraid of Big Gubment. They are there to confiscate your money, and redistribute it to blacks, and Mexicans, and it is the fault of this Black President. Make people afraid, make them angry. She would criticize Obama for taking a Romney quote out of context, but failed to even mention that Romney admitted to completely fabricating a quote he attributed to Obama. She outright lied to her listeners, all to make them angry and afreid of the government and the black president she so openly loathes. She belongs on some looney, right wing network, not a station with history of intelligent, positive, community education. .

    1. Carl says:

      This appears to be a station decision, not a voluntary one by Tafoya. And if it was, I commend WCCO. I have been a listener for going on 35 years now, and have never heard such a negative, pessimistic, dishonest and borderline racist like her on this station. If she wants to be a dishonest political hack, there are other outlets for her.

      1. barrister says:

        Well said,Carl, Goodriddance to her1,hope the door doesnt hit her in the a**on the way out! They said she would still be doing some ads.Best thing to do is boycott the products she advertises!

  21. snowman says:

    Best move Wcco has made in 4 yrs, What republican shrew!Was about impossible to listen to! Now get rid of those morons Lee and Lynch!

  22. Loved Tafoya says:

    What a sad day..she was awesome and refreshing from the norm we know today which is total liberal media here…. I actually stated listening to WCCO on my way home from work it was great as I just couldn’t listen to that drivel coming from the self absorbed Don S as well as the noon time drival….OMG!!..good luck Tafoya and thanks for giving us something were not used to in this local total liberal media, will be taking cco of my preset !!

  23. sue says:

    I quit listening, called the station, mentioned that I could not believe WCCO was becoming Fox News. WCCO was on all day at my grandparents, my parents, and I listened until 6 months ago. Michele was a polarizing force to say the least. Good Riddance. will try again when the switch happens

    1. John says:

      My exact experience and sentiments! Thanks, Sue.

  24. Ann says:

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving. You were a bright spot on CCO. Glad we will still be able to see you on NBC sports. Good luck to you and your family. Will miss you.

  25. Big Lie says:

    Interesting that WCCO’s drive time ratings had plummeted a steady 11% quarterly since Shelby left. Our little tom-boy got the axe. Sideline reporter, maybe, serious media anchor never.

  26. J says:

    I quit listening when they took off
    “Those Iron Range Dogs”

  27. jackactionhero says:

    People listen to AM radio? You cannot be serious…

  28. kevin says:

    One less shrill, flame fanning MORON that gets her jollies babling about minutae and insignificant drivvle. Good riddance and stay at home .

  29. Nancy says:

    I appreciated Michele’s more conservative view…CCO has become so liberal dem bias. i tire of that. yes we appreciate the conservative voice!!! and a person who tells it like it is with Obama. shes right his big gov. approach/socialist agenda is ruining our country. You will be missed Michele. Too bad Esme, with her far left liberal views doesn’t get the boot.

  30. Don says:

    Good Move Now get rid of C. Hartman and the idiot after 10 p.m. I stop listening when any of this trio is on. Hartmans moron song is an insult to cco listeners. What kind of drugs are Mitzge on, he doesnt even make sense. You have some really good people Heinz, Lee ,Durshia,murphy and more but those three are costing you listeners.

    1. lee? says:

      Dave Lee?
      Wow, holy smokes, ya dog-gone son-of a gun!!
      That’s wacky!!
      Now I’m gonna hit the sack-a-roonni!!
      There’s my Dave Lee impression.

      1. dhillips says:

        Right on! This guys one of the biggest morons on Twin Cities radio! What did you have on your Country Heart bread? The guys nothing but a paid shill! While you’re at get rid of that moronic ,stumbling,bumbling Lynch too!!

  31. Marty says:

    Mischke is the only one I listen to! John Heins is the worst with his “uhhhhs” all the time..very annoying. I would really like to get rid of that stupid vitamin show on Sunday nights..are people really ordering? More “Imagination Theater”!

  32. Hearing will improve up North says:

    Michele T and Michele B have the same annoying voice.
    Will there be a way to get away from Michele B’s voice? Heard her shrieking again the other day. Thank God there is a mute and volume button.

  33. Larry says:

    talk about ‘shrill,high-pitched women voices…many reporters&anchors on CCO are that way…i guess they think the story they’re reporting is alot more sensational with their hyped up voice. it is indeed annoying. but having said that i don’t put Michele T in that catagory…she had a low voice, I liked listening to her.

  34. patty says:

    I have to say, this made my month! She was truly unlistenable with her stuttering and stammering. She based a show on insiped text comments from her low information Fox News fans. And her “rant” days? What kind of radio is that exactly? I will never forget her rude, low class treatment of our elected official, Mark Dayton. She should have been fired on the spot for that. Did her facebook post that brought out such hideous comments from her fans about Muslims have anything to do with this? I hope so ,as it showed what type of person she was and who listened to her shows. Thank you Wcco..finally. We miss the class of Don Shelby.

    1. dhillips says:

      You hit it right on! Good Riddance to Tafoya!

  35. critic says:

    While you’re at it get rid of the moronic Dave Lee and that idiot mike Lynch1
    Lynch can’t get a forecast right for his life! Just a paid shill! All lee can do is talk sports and entertainment,with that Fargo accent of his! Really no useful information! And dont forget all the paid shilling!

    1. Mark E says:

      Okay, we hear you Sid. Now go to bed and save it for 6:40 and 7:40, LOL…

  36. barrister says:

    Wheni’m annoyed by an on air personality ,I email their sponsors and notify them,I am boycotting their products, The sponsors hate to hear that,as they pay big dollars for air time

  37. Darkman says:

    I will miss Michele. She was a middle of the road common sense host compared to the lefty Williams and Hartman. I will be going back to Joe S.

    1. Connie says:

      Middle of the road was what she wasn’t!!

  38. Now a Happy Camper says:

    Wonderful Change! I really tried to listen to Michelle after Don Shelby left and just didn’t enjoy it…the choppy speech, the one-sided opinions…I had to shift to another station during my drive home….. Now I am back. I really really enjoy John Williams. Thank you! –Michelle was not a good match for a station that taught us what true journalism and interesting commendary are about with Steve Cannon and Don Shelby setting the stage for a professional, classy format/station. Yea!

  39. Jana says:

    Wow! As I listened to Michelle Tafoya in the afternoon I often wondered how she put up with the insanity. The majority of these comments show how ridiculous our society is. Why does a radio host, television anchor or anyone else need to agree with all of (your) views? A good radio announcer with an afternoon discussion type program like that should be good at creating discussion be gracious to others and keep the show interesting. If you don’t like the show you can just push a button and change the channel!! Is it necessary to try to tear down a human being for doing her job. Thank you Michelle for the interesting afternoons and bless you and your family.

    1. Gregg says:

      Could not have said it better myself, even though I tried to! AMEN!

  40. Mark E says:

    After Don Shelby, I could not take Michelle ANNoya’s ranting and raving. It’s nice to get back to listening to “CCO on the drive home again. I agree w. Happy Camper, above, that John Williams is a much better fit for the slot and the station.

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