MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Everyone knows how long it takes to get through security at the airport. Now, however, it can take considerably less time for some people.

Starting Tuesday, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is one of a few cities offering what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) calls “Pre-Check.”

What the program means to passengers is keeping shoes, belts and jackets on — and leaving laptops in their cases. It means a shorter security line or no line at all.

You have to be a frequent flyer with Delta Airlines and pass a background check.

“We’re a 10-year-old organization now, so we have a lot more technology, a lot more intel reports, a lot more information than we’ve had in the past,” said Joe Taney of the TSA.” … We want to get to know the people who are frequent flyers and travel often, so we can use our resources to focus on people we don’t know.”

The passengers we talked to say they like the idea of spending less time in security lines, but they also have some reservations about the new program.

“The key is how many domestic airports have this, because you pay $50 but then you find out you can only go to Boston, New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and Minneapolis,” said traveler Sally Lannin.

Minneapolis is the seventh airport to offer Pre-Check, which is still a pilot program. The TSA says more than a quarter of a million passengers have been processed through the Pre-Check vetting process.

“I got the email from Delta, filled it all out and got to the very last step where it said, ‘how’d you like to pay for this?'” said Linda Langer of Madison, Wis. “So, I have it on hold, I may do it, but ultimately I think it’s crazy, for 50 bucks.”

If you are approved for the Pre-Check program, a bar code will appear on your boarding pass each time you fly.

The TSA is planning to expand the program to more airlines and airports.

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Comments (6)
  1. Ruth says:

    So, in order to be part of this program you have to be a Delta frequent flyer member, which means that those of us who don’t fly Delta are out of the loop. Sounds to me like discrimination against other airlines that serve MSP. And, who gets the $50 fee?.

  2. Cat says:

    What if I’m a Delta Frequent Flyer and pay the fee but I dont happen to be flying on Delta for a particular trip?

  3. simple fix says:

    Why don’t we just tell people not to bring bombs and whatnot with them and be done with all this irksome security stuff?

  4. KC says:

    Or just make more security check points. I’ve been through many airports in many different states, and I fly right through them. MSP is one of my least favorite airports because of the design.

  5. MIke says:

    This is nothing more than American classicism.

  6. zee the reporter says:

    dont give your info! why would you!

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