Federal Gov’t Making School Lunches Healthier For Kids

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – School lunches for kids are about to get a lot healthier.

The government is announcing new nutrition standards for school meals. First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack went to lunch at an Alexandria, Va., school on Wednesday to announce the new guidelines.

They include serving fruits and vegetables every day of the week, more whole grains and less salt and fat. Schools will also have to serve low fat milk, and limit calories by controlling portion size.

“When we send our kids to school we have a right to expect that they won’t be eating the kinds of fatty, salty, sugary foods that we’re trying to keep from them when they are at home,” Obama said.

These new rules are the first major changes to school nutrition in 15 years. They aren’t as aggressive as the Obama administration wanted. Congress blocked some changes that would have limited french fries and pizzas.

  • rex

    Gee whiz…………..it took this long for such a no brainer? Gov’t at work, is right.

  • Rick Williams

    While thibe viewede as a good thing, it is in fact another example of our government telling us what we can or cant do. what happened to freedom?Uncle Sam telling you you’re not smart enough to make such decisions.

  • Tom

    Obviously, there are enough parents out there who can’t or won’t teach their kids proper eating habits, so Uncle Sam is stepping in to be the “parent” of all. Its a good thing. Quit complaining, and say thank you for helping parents do the right thing.

    • mn123456

      It still won’t help at home where the obesity comes from… Waste of tax dollars if parents don’t do it at home too.

  • Kevin

    Well its about time the Federal Govt shows us….what…..to……eat…….and……smoke…..and ………drink………

  • mn123456

    KIds that are heavy aren’t heavy from the one meal a day they get at school. In fact the school lunches they eat are probably better than most home cooked meals. Do you seriously think a dinner out, which is what most busy Americans do todya is healthier? Or how about a big piece of lasagna and a fat piece of french bread for supper… loaded with fat.

    Almost every child I know won’t eat most vegetables or at least only eat one or two kinds. What does that tell you?

    My parents made us at least try foods and we had to eat our vegetables. Today I eat most vegetables, even spinach and I don’t mean spinach dip either (cooked and raw). My kids had to eat at least a serving spoon of them and today they eat many vegetables, including peas, and they like raw spinach.

    Obesity has “nothing” to do with school lunches… Oh, and even low income people can afford at least canned veggies or even a head of lettuce. Most veggies are cheaper than a candy bar today.

    • M

      Exactly. To say eating healthy is expensive is crazy. Fresh veggies are relatively inexpensive and there is no tax on groceries. Eat out fast food or restaurant and add that tax onto it.

      • M

        Nevermind. I’m sure most people do not even understand the basics of taxes and that you pay less if you buy it and cook it yourself and you will pay more if someone does it for you.

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  • Eric Starson

    Improving the diets of our kids might actually help prevent premature puberty:

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