MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new poll suggests Newt Gingrich has an edge on Mitt Romney among Minnesota’s republican caucus voters.

The poll, which was conducted by Public Policy Polling, says the Republican presidential hopeful has a 2-to-1 lead on the next closest contender, Mitt Romney.

The Public Policy Polling figures, which were collected on Jan. 21 and 22, suggest 36 percent would vote for Gingrich, compared to 18 percent for Romney, 17 percent for Rick Santorum and 13 percent for Ron Paul.

Fifteen percent of voters said they remain undecided, and of the rest, nearly two-thirds say they could change their minds before Minnesota’s caucus, which is set for Feb. 7.

Romney won the Minnesota caucus in 2008. He was eventually beaten out for the nomination by Sen. John McCain.

Comments (46)
  1. anti obama says:

    I would take any GOPer over obama any day I sick of obama bringing this nation down to it knees.

    1. hsub skcus says:

      I’m glad to hear it and get used to it for another 4 years if this is all you’ve got. Newt? Come on. If we can survive 8 years of Bush- I think you’ll be fine with Obama. Keep complaining though. I take pleasure in your whining.

      1. Good Luck says:

        People are dumb enough to vote for obama they will believe anything they are told, you are proof. He is your Messiah!

        1. Matt says:

          and idiots like you will believe anything fox news and gop controlled congress tells you.

            1. ky for you says:

              Go back to your obama shrine play some soft music light some candles have some alone time time with your obama photo you will feel better!

            2. CPT Awesome says:

              Obama Never Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Larry Dentz says:

          Ya all the problems are obama and the republicans are our saviors

  2. eathelbard says:

    Newt? Absolutely perfect. Obama second term is a lock.

  3. don't know? says:

    I don’t get what is so great about Gingrich? Someone please tell me. Make me change my mind….

    1. Revelations says:

      Because he doesn’t bear the mark of the beast…666… on his carcass. Well, maybe he does.

  4. GOPSUX says:

    More proof that republicants are ignorant.

    1. Don'tTread says:

      The most ignorant statement a liberal can make is calling anyone else ignorant.

      1. Larry Dentz says:

        dont read sounds like your a genius

      2. Frankie says:

        Truth is what it is. ignorance is ignorance. The GOP faithful thinking that the GOP is anything other that the rich getting richer is ignorant. If 8 years of Bush didn’t show that to you then ignorance is ignorance.

  5. Bubba says:

    A two time philanderer, gov’t agency bilker, flip flopper on foreign policy. Yep, he’s a great candidate for Pres.

  6. Jon says:

    I am voting for Ron Paul. I don’t care who gets the GOP nomination

    1. Tom says:

      Ron Paul is too old to be Prez !!!

      1. Ron Paul 2012 says:

        Ron is (only) 8 years smarter than Newt.

    2. Best3800 says:

      Jon ,I think you should convince as many people as you can to vote with you!

    3. Ron Paul 2012 says:

      I never “caucus” but I am this year. I’m throwing it all at Ron Paul.

    4. what ever says:

      Go Ron Paul!!!

  7. Veteran says:

    Newt is a crook, Romney is a liar and Santorum is a nut. Ron Paul is uncorruptable, so guess who i’m voting for? Yup, Ron Paul

    1. Larry Dentz says:

      ron pauls a nut

    2. Larry Dentz says:

      ron pauls a nut

    3. josie says:

      Avote for Ron Paul is definitely a vote for Obama. If you want to vote Obama out, you have to vote for the Republican nominee.

      1. Don'tTread says:

        Evils are evils, so detraction hardly matters. People shouldn’t feel compelled to vote for someone they don’t believe in just because they think they have no other choice. I understand the whole vote detraction argument, but if you don’t like them then don’t vote and keep your hands clean and there support minimal. Its a right not a mandate. Nonetheless, a candidate shouldn’t be discredited just because of their potential, or lack-thereof. Even if he is detracting votes, he’s expanding a message, and that’s what’s most important. Here me now, Ron Paul’s message will not stop in the 2012 election. There has been a huge awakening since 2008 and it will keep growing.

  8. G Dog says:

    Vote for Newt!! Vote GOP!!

    Newt is the newest spokesperson for Trojan condoms! A vote for Newt is a vote for infidelity!!!

  9. not a true conservative says:

    Bet we find Newtie and Amy Koch schtooping behind the Capitol steps since both are of such superior morality.

    Both see traditional marriage as a three way, only the spouse isn’t there.

    Yah, let’s vote for “true conservatives”, so they can f*ck the rest of us too.

    1. 2 dirty words for the Dems says:

      John Edwards

      1. Revelations says:

        or “Jesus Christ”

        1. 2 dirty words for the Dems says:

          I don’t think he was a 3 wayin’ politician…but I could be wrong since I don’t believe his parties line of bull either

      2. Frozenrunner says:

        John Edwards is no longer at the forefront of the Democrats. He holds no office, he holds no position within the party, and does not appear to be welcome as a member of the party. That is far different than Newt

        1. 2 dirty words for the Dems says:

          No not at all. In recent history you have Bill and John and Newt and well, Amy. The point is that these are politicians and their sexual drive is the same on both sides of the isle. The only reason I brought up John alone, is that he also had a wife with cancer while he was creating a love child.

          1. Frozenrunner says:

            You still fail to notice that recently when a Dem other than Bill Clinton has an affair they are politically dead, not so with the the GOP.

  10. tom says:

    A few moments ago Gingrich said he have a colony on the moon by 2020 maybe he could be the president there?

  11. professor says:

    Lest people forget, the poor economy is not Obamas fault. The recession began during 8 years of the Bush administration. Obama hag a tall order being left with Bushs 8 yrs to clean up in only four. And then dont forget,house and senate Republicans refused to cooperate.
    I remember the Republicans rallying cry shortly after Obama took office
    “we will do whatever it takes to make Obama a one term president”

    1. PhD says:

      Since you throw out Cliff’s notes here, go back and review the actual structure of the CONgress when he took office and study more about Obama’s NONrecovery plan.

    2. 99% says:

      If tax cuts will create jobs, why didn’t the Bush tax cuts and the extensions since then create jobs? The big job loses started before he left office and no one seemed to have noticed. Obama gets the blame.

      1. PhD says:

        We were at the height of the bubble during Bush and it burst at the end of his term. Bush did us no good and Obama was ill-equipped with his short senate stint and community organizer mentality to rectify the popping of the economic bubbles. The learning curve is steep on such issues and neither president had a clue.

        1. Frozenrunner says:

          Which still leaves the dilemma of what politician out there has a proven record?
          A venture capitalist who made most of his money breaking up companies, a guy who keeps looking for a younger wife, or ideologues.

          1. PhD says:

            Ideologues. The housing bubble rode the back of the tech bubble by the Fed creating an artificially low interest environment which allowed for everyone and their mother to get a home loan (followed by the corruption of the banks that were tryig to counter the low interest environment by buying junk bond mortgage backed securities to clear 5%). The housing bubble popping created artifically low interest rates so now the next bubble to pop….the big kahuna. The national debt bubble.

            1. Frozenrunner says:

              What does that have to do with the fact that Santourun and Paul are running on idealogical platforms and not doing well.

      2. Eagan says:

        Yep, tax cuts have been in place since the early 2000’s, and this was supposed to be the Bush Economic Miracle. What happened? The corporations (job creators!) just squirreled the money away instead of actually putting it to its intended use, creating jobs. Now corporations are even wealthier and the divide between the have’s and have-nots is greater than ever. If tax cuts are the magic bullet for creating jobs, why haven’t they worked?? I say, let them expire. Corporations have had a decade to help employment. Seems like we need to try something else!

        1. frozenrunner says:

          You are correct and notice that the right wingers haven’t had a rebuttal for you.

  12. Murph says:

    Proving once again that P.T.Barnum was a absolute prophet ! The Republican candidates continue to act up and whine about each other and we don’t blame them.After all does anyone really want to vote for any of these THINGS? These puny excuses for human beings that seem to be created by planting snake excrement in a jar and aging it underground for a few months or years!

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