Winter Medallion Fanatic Has Trunk Of Hunting Tools

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The hunt for the Winter Carnival medallion is still on and the serious medallion hunters are scouring the streets of St. Paul.

The Cooler Crew, a group die-hard about tracking down the medallion, has a member that may be more prepared for the hunt than anyone.

One member, Brad, who prefers to go by the name “Clue Master,” has a trunk full of supplies for the search.

“I’ve got all my rakes. I usually go through 4 or 5 rakes during a hunt,” he said.

His medallion preparedness kit also includes extra shirts, long underwear, gloves, knee-pads, lights for digging at night and even a special area in case he finds the coveted treasure.

“If I win, I have my fireworks. I”ll light them off right at the park, and I got my champagne to go along with it. I haven’t opened that in 30 years, so I doubt if I’ll do that anytime soon.”

To see how much of a fanatic the “Clue Master” is, check out the video above.

  • Debby

    Well I hope this year is the year for bubbly and fireworks!!! Good luck!!!

  • carol tegantvoort

    You Go Cluemaster!!! Good Luck and i feel like this is your Year. We are all pulling for u!! Thanks to Wcco for sharing this inside story. This is serious business for this cluemaster!

  • carnivalsux

    What a dork.

  • alan

    If it makes him happy, and doesn’t hurt anyone, more power to him.

  • Caryn

    You go Brad! I really hope you get to open that champagne this year!!!!!!

  • Rufus Larkin

    Try too hard and you’ll never win

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