ACKSON, Minn. (AP) — Prosecutors have charged a southwest Minnesota man for allegedly shooting a cougar last November.

Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Hamman of rural Jackson County was charged by citation Friday with shooting a protected animal, a misdemeanor.

Hamman allegedly shot the cougar after being contacted by a neighbor, who saw the cat run into a culvert. The 125-pound male cougar was shot was it was flushed from the culvert.

There is no open season for cougars in Minnesota. The cougar was estimated to be one to three years old and showed no signs of captivity.

DNR spokesman Chris Niskanen says it’s apparently the first time a citizen has shot a cougar in modern history in Minnesota.

A phone number for Hamman could not be found. It’s unknown if he has an attorney.

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Comments (40)
  1. jean says:

    what a waste of life. ,a selfish act of murder…for creed of lust….justice has had it’s say…and yet… this should have never have happen ..our consonance’s to the family and friends

    1. m says:

      Once again, and in English this time.

  2. Dan Peters says:

    This guy should be given a medal. Or a fruit basket at a bare minimum. This is not an animal that I want to encounter in MN. I hope all hunters shoot these cats on sight, and then have the good sense to keep quiet about it. The mountain lion is not an animal that we need to restore to the MN landscape.

    1. Patrick says:

      Anybody care what Dan thinks about anything.

      1. Dan Peters says:

        I didn’t ask for your approval, Patrick. Nor will I seek it when I am in my dee stand in the fall, so if I happen to see a mountain lion, well…

      2. m says:

        Patrick- Go ahead and read about those unlucky hikers who were unlucky enough to encounter one of these animals while taking an evening stroll. These animals are beautiful creatures, but also dangerous carnivores who do NOT discriminate between deer and a six year old child. I have to agree with Dan on this one. If you disagree, go head-to-head with one of these cats and THEN post your opinion here. Of couse, someone else will have to do your typing for you because you won’t be here anymore. Peace.

    2. The librarian says:

      Really Dan,

      It’s obvious you have very little knowledge about mountain lions. You should head to the library, and read up on mountain lions and other wild animals, it would do you some good. I’m only trying to help, not criticize.

      A friend

    3. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

      I agree with Dan 100%. They will predate your pets, your children, you. It is a mountain lion got it? You see the word LION in there don’t you? LIONs are the apex predator, they kill and eat whatever they encounter. I commend the farmer, he may have in fact saved someones life.

  3. Ed Nunn says:

    mmm…look at dat der lets shoot it!…

  4. Lynn says:

    Probably not the first thing this kid Daniel Hamman has shot illigally because he did not waste anytime grabbing his gun. I am glad that he was caught. SAD THING it must have been to see this young adult kill such a beautifu cougar. I hope they take his guns away till he gets educated in which animals are protected and why we need these types of laws for our dwendling wildlife here in Minnesota. Sick Daniel just killed the cougar while it ran from the culvert. Daniel should move to the big city and stay away from our wildlife if he is so… afraid.

    1. MEH says:

      The SAD THING to see is what these “beautiful” cougars can do to a cow and calf. Sadder yet is when it’s reported to an officer and they shrug it off by saying, “There are no cougars in MN.”.

  5. like it or not! says:

    These large cats are very dangerous!!!!! I would have done the same thing if the cat was on my property!

    1. A friend says:

      Really –

      Can you tell me about how your life was threatened? Please enlighten me…
      Can you at least tell me a tale of someone else that was threatened??

      Try the library…

      A friend

  6. DNR is Dangerous to its self says:

    CCO only gave part of the story what led up to the shooting of the animal!

  7. Boy Toy says:

    Oh… he shot the CAT! Damn…. where is my mind…. 😉

  8. Steve Trenhaile says:

    Although I would never call the death of an animal, Murder or give the guy a medal…really??…..I have to say that cougars are very dangerous and I would have done the same thing….. just would have kept my mouth shut

  9. Julie Ann Kroschel says:

    What I find interesting is that the DNR had rebuked and scoffed at reports of cougars in Minnesota for years. Well now who is laughing?

  10. BABS says:

    The DNR is charging someone for shooting a cougar and just a week ago they ordered the killing of 2 deers with collars? When will the start to make sense?

    1. Awesome Point says:

      The DNR should be eliminated. I sure don’t want to pay for them

  11. DNR SUXS says:

    DNR says we dont have cougars here! Here s your proof!

  12. yep says:

    I would have shot it too! Have you seen a cougar?!?! OMG I wouldn’t want them roaming around where I live, why does the DRN keep saying we don’t have them? And who knows if he was fearing for his safety. I would have been!

  13. Brett says:

    Well, at least there are a few here who have some common sense. Sheesh.

  14. KC says:

    Funny thing is no one seems to pay attention to what the DNR is really doing. the cougar sightings have been been the result of the Minnesota DNR getting paid by western states to take in problem cougars, cougars that dont get along with society where they came from. Now we have a cougar problem. I have heard rumors about the approximate numbers but have been told that the program does exist and has been ongoing for almost 5 years. I challenge somebody, to gather more information about this and make it public for everyone’s safety!

  15. shoot it and bury it says:

    Cougars are not native to the plains, and with the farms and cattle it is only a matter of time before someone is attacked. So far down here the worst they have done is get into a sow pen and kill and main thirteen hogs. The sightings have been constant. This case should be an important lesson. If you shoot one don’t tell anyone, especially the DNR. They won’t do anything unless your cattle, pets, or family have been attacked.

  16. Brett says:

    Cougars aren’t “puddy tats”. They are predators, KILLERS, and they don’t eat grass, hay, or corn. They eat MEAT. True, they are nowhere near the size of a lion or tigger, but they can still be quite deadly. They like to jump their ‘prey’ from behind, bite the spinal cord just below the base of the SKULL, which paralyzes the ‘victim’. They can’t be ‘tamed’ or domesticated, and they pack a lot more punch than most of you can imagine. A wolf, one on one, would NEVER mess with a cougar. I see no need or REASON to have these big cats roaming around in most areas of MN. I’m glad that this shooter is only getting charged with a misdomeanor, not a GD or a felony.

  17. Brett says:

    There’s a reason they call cougars “Mountain Lions”. Are there any “mountains” in MN? NOPE. Not even along the North Shore.

  18. See BS says:

    the Constitution doesn’t give the government any power to punish people for killing animals.

    Our government is out of control

    1. Mother says:

      Your out of your mind………..

    2. Gary says:

      I agree See BS maybe mother would feel different if it ate one of her kids!!

  19. M says:

    “The 125-pound male cougar was shot was it was flushed from the culvert.” Huh?

  20. MIke says:

    I would say that some of the comments about shooting protected animals does not give much hope for ethical management of fishing or hunting resources in this state by licensed enthusiasts. If you willingly break the law against protected game than you undoubtedly are the type of character willingly taking more fish, fowl and other game for personal gain.

  21. blackdirt litter says:

    Top secret DNR records, released under a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal an active den of mature cougars at the Shedd in Lakefield, MN.

  22. really? says:

    cougars are dangerous, he did the right thing.

  23. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    I live in Blaine. I have seen black bears walking around up by the airport. I reported this to the local police and they stated they don’t interfere with the animals unless they are ‘bothering’ someone. The neighborhood I live in is about 1 mile from where I saw the bear, and over a dozen kids under 10 live on my street. If that bear would have wandered onto my street I would not have waited until it ‘bothered’ one of the kids. It would be haging on a wall at my brothers cabin. The settlers cleared wolf, bear and cougar out of the area for a reason. They eat people. I would kill one on sight in my neighborhood because of all of the children.

  24. Steve says:

    OK I give up. Where is Ackson MN?

    1. Ha Ha Ha!! says:

      You made me Google it

  25. T says:

    I am just dumbfounded by the amount of people that are all for killing wild animals. If any of you lived in Montana would you want to wipe bears out of the state? When was the last 6 year old killed by a cat here? Never. You should be much more for killing all pet dogs because the numbers overwellmingly say they are much, much more dangerous. I like wild animals a lot more than pets so I’m going on a pet killing spree. Yipee!

    1. Steve Trenhaile says:

      your insane if you compare pets to a large predator mountain lion, but if you put pit bulls on that list ……go for it

  26. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    What 26 year old man shoots a Cougar? If you’re single, you take her out for a few drinks and then bring over to your place for a ‘Night CAP”! Not a CAP in her ***!

  27. buy guns with ethanol subsidies says:

    He just earned his Jackpine Savage merit badge.

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