Esme’s Blog: Nuclear Newt

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The nickname for Newt Gingrich that has been buzzing on social media and the web may stick now that the New York Times is running a front page story with the headline, “No More Nice Guys: Fans Love ‘Nuclear Newt.'”

Check it out at the New York Times online.

The nickname cuts both ways. Fans love the bombast, take no prisoners approach.

While Gingrich’s barracuda-like style of disemboweling opposing candidates may have fans, it also has some Republicans nervous. Bob Dole is the latest prominent Republican to urge voters to support Mitt Romney.

Does ‘Nuclear Newt’ have the temperament to be President? Does the nation want ‘Nuclear Newt’s’ finger on the proverbial nuclear button? The conventional wisdom, born out in most polls, is that Mitt Romney would fare much better against President Obama in a general election.

How Obama would fare versus Gingrich in a debate is also a question mark. Gingrich’s candidacy has risen not just on rhetoric, but on capturing the anger and frustration of many voters. The anger is headed our way. Minnesota voters can decide whether Gingrich, nuclear or not, is their candidate the night of Feb. 7, caucus night.

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