Mounds View Couple Killed Dog Before Taking Own Lives

MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. (WCCO) — A husband and wife found dead in their Mounds View, Minn. home last Wednesday killed their dog before taking their own lives, according to police.

“We’re awaiting for the final results from the medical examiner’s office,” said Police Chief Tom Kinney. “Early investigation stages show the scene is consistent with an apparent murder-suicide.”

The victims, 47-year-old Mark Schnor and his wife, 39-year-old Christine Schnor were found dead in their home around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Both were found with a single gunshot wound.

Kinney says it looks like Mark had shot Christine before taking his own life. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

The Mounds View Police Department responded to the home, located on the 2900 block of County Road 10, to check on the welfare of the couple, after receiving calls from a concerned relative who hadn’t heard from them for several days.

Kinney also confirmed the couple had shot and killed their dog before taking their own lives.

“Apparently the couple owned a dog and the dog was found deceased as well with an apparent gunshot wound,” said Kinney.

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  • Scott Funk

    Does anyone know WHY this happened?

  • Kevin

    Am I missing something here? Was this a murder suicide? Or just two suicides? The “couple” killed the dog first…then he shoots her?

    • Frank

      From earlier reports it was a murder suicide. Both had health issues, including depression, and that they had been struggling financially. Sad story.

      • Reality Check

        “Both had health issues, including depression,” Many people are depressed, but don’t become suicidal/homicidal until the doctor tries to “fix” their depression. Thanks doc.

  • Terace

    Hey, it’s all part of God’s plan.

    • not totally correct

      Free will is part of God’s plan. You are correct.

  • Fido

    Poor dog.

  • "just do it"

    perhaps they listened to the oldie but goodie Judas Priest Stained Class album?

  • Heidi

    There is a FB page set up for them, for the public to view. I do not know the family at all, I was just reading the posts from you guys, and tried to see if there was anything on their FB page that would answer the ‘why.’ I’ve never heard of a couple killing their dog, but perhaps they knew the dog would get in the wrong hands, had they died? Sad story.

    • Ish

      My mind wonders elsewhere but another reason to show they were not well. How about the Humane Society, just sad, very, overall.

  • Scooby

    How do we know the dog didn’t do it?

  • Druver

    How are they sure that the dog’s would wasn’t self inflicted?

  • Druver

    How are they sure that the dog’s wound wasn’t self inflicted?

  • xxx

    On a different note:
    If the fellow had shot the dog because the dog was misbehaving or biting children, would John Law be after the fellow for illegally shotting the dog?

    Then, if that were the case, why shouldn’t John Law get after the Vets who are used to put the same dog down when a home can’t be found for him due to his behavior?

    Where is common sense in this society?

  • Kate

    Maybe CBS/WCCO, whoever should realize a murder suicide isn’t an appropriate place for comments. Take this down out of respect for those who suffered loss. This couple clearly was overwhelmed, please don’t make this cause to disrespect. Blessed are they that mourn, they shall be comforted. Peace to the family in their sadness.

    • patty ryan

      Amen! Well said Kate.

    • Hoover


    • Mary

      I don’t want WCCO deciding which articles may cause ignorant people to respond… well… ignorantly. Then they become like the StarTrib that allows comments on some murders, but not others; or on some political issues, but not others. They become censors. I do agree that most adults should have the common sense not to add comments on such a tragic situation and that the couple may rest in peace.

  • ritfunny

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