HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A South St. Paul mother is accused of abusing her 10-day-old son after he was brought to the emergency room with two black eyes.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Dakota County, 30-year-old Jennifer Ann Pickar went to a St. Paul emergency room on New Year’s Day seeking treatment for tremors.

While she was waiting, a nurse noticed the child had two black eyes and suggested treatment at Children’s Hospital.

Closer examination revealed bruising, bone fractures and bleeding in the front and back of his brain, according to the complaint.

Doctors intubated the child due to deteriorating condition and surgically inserted a shunt into the child’s brain to reduce swelling.

The complaint says the child is expected to face potential deficits because of the injuries, which doctors said are consistent with multiple impacts to the face.

Pickar told authorities that she had fallen asleep with the child in her bed the night before. She said she did not remember doing anything that would’ve injured her son.

A few days later, she told police she had a history of seizures and believed both she and the child must have struck the metal crib next to her bed that evening. Investigators noted bruises on Pickar’s face and arm that had not been visible during their earlier interrogation.

Pickar, who the criminal complaint says is 6 feet tall and weighs 230 pounds, couldn’t explain why she thought it would be safe to sleep in the same bed with her infant son given her history of seizures. She said she was on a medication she thought would lower her “seizure threshold.”

The criminal complaint also says the defendant told her mother first that she had a seizure and dropped the child, and later said she rolled around in bed during a seizure and hit her son.

Pickar faces to felony counts of child neglect and child endangerment resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Comments (70)
  1. Valerie Knosalla says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Hope this child is given to a family who will love it…the mother sure didnt.

    1. Tom says:

      @ DEEP and Valerie

      Someone was desperate! And this should prove just because you can have a child doesn’t mean you should.

    2. Paula says:

      If the baby survives!

  2. This must be Kevin says:

    Seeing the picture and knowing she’s 6′ and 230lbs is enough for me to punch myself for thinking about it.

    1. Kevin Vongruber says:

      Ist das nicht die Vielfalt grand?

  3. fitswell says:

    they need to fix her so she can’t have anymore,

    1. Tom says:

      @ fitswell

      I agree with that!

      1. Ace says:

        I agree too but the religious right don’t believe in birth control. I wonder what they’d say about this>

        1. notsofast says:

          I’m ‘religious right’ and I have no problem regarding birth control…unless by that you mean aborting a viable child…aren’t you lucky you made it through 9 months….

        2. friedpotstoes says:

          Ace – so misguided by your haate and ignorance. I too and Christian Conservative and I have no problems with birth control. Better they use birth control than do this to their children. Please try to get to know some of us a little bit and stop listening to the lefties tell you what we think and feel.

        3. friedpotstoes says:

          Ace – so misguided by your haate and ignorance. I too am Christian Conservative and I have no problems with birth control. Better they use birth control than do this to their children. I;d even go as far to say she needed to be sterilized. Please try to get to know some of us a little bit and stop listening to the lefties tell you what we think and feel.

        4. WIshSheAbortedYou says:

          So sad that your mother didn’t believe in abortion. You wouldn’t be here to comment. Better thank your Pro-Life mother. Or did she wish you were never born and couldn’t get an abortion because there were no free clinics?

  4. Tom says:

    @ DEEP

    Someone was desperate!

    1. Guns-n-Roses says:

      She’s been dancing with Mr. Brownstone.

    2. Murph says:

      Tom,rumor has it that the father is Brodkorb’s blinder brother!

  5. Smoe says:

    I have to buy a license to fish. Any two morons are permitted to have kids. The state will give the child back and we will pay for it.

    1. mom says:

      you are so right that is what is wrong with dcf and why this will continue to happen. Until our govt figures out just because you can have sex and are lucky enough to get pregnant doesn’t mean you are capable of taking care of one. DCF and the state need to wake up and realize that dna and biology doesn’t make one a parent. Give this child to someone that will take care of it and keep it safe and make her get fixed so she can’t harm another child

      1. Kat says:

        So…you now want the government to tell you that you can have kids?

        1. Crazy Joe says:

          I don’t care who breeds as long as I don’t have to pay for it

        2. Helmut says:

          @kat…no, I want the government to tell you that you can have kids. Big difference.

  6. Bpath says:

    Looks like shes missing a lot of teeth. Meth mouth anyone?

  7. julie says:

    Ummm. You people are jerks. The poor thing obviously was in need of support. Yes, she’s 6′ tall, but gave birth only 10 days earlier. Obviously at her wits-end & most likely didn’t have anyone to help or support her during those early days. Where are all those pro-lifers parading from the Cathedral to the Capitol? Maybe they could lend a hand, ear or emotional support to those who buy into their dogma and have babies when they’re not in the position to do so.

    1. Smoe says:

      You are incredibly naive.

    2. Ruth says:

      No one is going to look beautiful in a police photo, especially when they have been arrested and charged with the crime of child abuse. Seizures are something no one asks to have. Her mistake was taking the child in bed with her and for trusting her medication to keep her seizure free. It makes me very sad to read all these judgmental responses. It is easy to sit there and write all these terrible things while living in a young, healthy, perfect body. All humans are not that fortunate. Be thankful, and ask what you can do to help those who are not a fortunate as you are.

      1. hunnybear18 says:

        Probably more likely she was withdrawing from something, hence the seizures. Probably had it in her blood when she had the baby.

      2. whocares says:

        For me is if they can’t help themselves why should we put a effort in. Anyone with brains who have this condition would not put the baby next to them. The story she has told also has changed so who knows what she is saying now is even true.

      3. em0886 says:

        I think it’s too early for any speculation to be made; I think by the looks of her she is not in the right state of mind to care for herself…let alone a baby. I personally don’t buy her story…given her size though it is a slight possibility that this happened the way she says….oh wait..she changed her story twice..but I am sure she’s not to blame..it is everyone else’s responsbility to help her, support her and make sure the child she chose to have is safe. What happened to being responsible for yourself and the choices you make??

      4. mom, rn says:

        No one is saying she’s a bad mom for having a seizure disorder. She’s a bad mom for having her newborn in bed with her while having a seizure disorder, not getting treatment for her newborn who had obvious injuries (instead seeking treatment for herself only), and then lying about what happened to police and doctors.

    3. jenna says:

      there are plenty of places that she can get help like the hospital, her story keeps changing which means she knows what she was doing therefore she deserves to be judged and called all that she is being called….Stupid is as stupid does

    4. Schae says:

      @julie and @Ruth From another article on the same story: “Pickar’s criminal history includes felony assault in 2011, two counts of misdemeanor assault in 2011, and felony theft and drug possession in 2008, according to state records.” If you read the article, what she said to authorities CHANGED. She obviously did something to that baby for that baby to have that severe of injuries.

    5. friedpotatoes says:

      JULIE- so blinded by hatred and ignorance. You know nothing about what prolife stands for.

    6. Pro-Choice Momma says:

      Damn straight. They’re the ones who are preaching all life is scared, no abortion– and yet, when some people reproduce, and NEED help and support, the pro-lifers are nowhere to be found.

      1. Pro LIFE mamma says:

        Pro choice momma, who runs the crisis pregnancy center in your town? Who provides emergency housing for pregnant moms and newborns at no cost to them? The Pro-lifers. I’ve worked with several such organizations. If you can’t ‘find’ them, you simply aren’t looking very hard.

  8. Jeremy Johnson says:

    Really? With all the poeple who want children and can not have them, this one is allowed to breed?

  9. Rocky says:

    any judge that orders that child returned to that “football linewoman” mon…should be charged with murder, because that baby will be dead meat….

  10. @ruth says:

    Your assuming her story about what happened is fact…..Well it most likely is not… she is a wacko and beat the kid, wise up you dumy…….

  11. Marcus Bachmanns says:

    she’s hot

  12. PinkPony says:

    She deserves two black eyes in jail. I can’t stand it when people bring children into this world and abuse them. Do you know how many people can’t have their own chidlren and are wait lists for adoption agencies? I hope she never sees that little boy again and she rots behind bars thinking about what she did, because we all know she is lying about the seizures…

  13. Shakopee says:

    That baby was shook & hit…that’s all there is to this awful crime. Give the baby up for adoption if you don’t want it. Now that poor child – who didn’t ask to be brought into this world – will have to live life being “jacked-up” by that abusive person. Any normal loving mother would never ever bring harm to their baby. She is lying.

  14. v says:

    this is sooooo of Craigslist’s casual encounters…. it is too show that guys will sleep to whoever and whatever that breaths

  15. Keep Pushin' On says:

    Why are all the pretty ones also the dangerous type……I think I could tame her

  16. Jay says:

    Paper bags work great!! Most guys would rather chew off their arm before touching cyote ugly.

  17. I'm kidding...relax. says:

    I’d hit it…

  18. Ralph McMgoo says:

    You just can’t love everybody, some people just need to be removed from the gene pool or we all die, pretty simple, Darwins law works if you let it. Natural selection has to be left alone to do it’s thing

  19. Huber Vongruber says:

    Diese Frau hat ein Gesicht, das eine Uhr stoppen wird, sollte sie aus dem Genpool schon längst entfernt.

    1. Ace says:

      he winyan nina sida

    2. Stöber ist wieder eingewandert in Deutschland says:

      Ich habe heute Abend etwas gelernt (ich lebe seit 20 Monaten in Berlin) mit deiner Phrase über die Uhr.. Ja, sie ist hässlich. Hast du es bermerkt, dass sie überhaupt keine Zähne mehr hat? Ihr Kinn geht tief in die Oberlippe hinein. Ich würde (und ich meine es) gerne Ihr eine Überräschung geben (du kannst dir wahrscheinlich vorstellen was ich meinte). Tja, sie ist eine Art Krebs der Gesellschaft.

  20. 凯文 says:


    1. Ace says:

      esa mujer debe ir al carajo

  21. Paula says:

    This is just sick, hopefully she doesn’t end up in some liberal judges chamber. How about an eye for an eye!

  22. bob says:

    She sorta looks like Amy Senser????

  23. What ! says:

    Someone needs to give her 2 black eyes and she should never be around kids again and have them taken away from her.

  24. come on says:

    I do not believe her stories at all come on an excuse cuz shes in trouble now. Take the child away from her for good. Hope he makes it how sad for the baby.

  25. chris says:

    you can take the (white) trash out

  26. smart white gal says:

    Good god I thought she was a man. Ok, let me see, some real ugly white man knocked her up. Yes, she should have her tubes tied like the rest of us normal women do after 35. The baby: Please, someone, adopted it now!

  27. Murph says:

    Sounds like a “Jimmy Dugan story” to me! One look at her and I’d have crawled out the window at the earliest chance! Poor kid,hope he looks like his father!

  28. Willow says:

    There should be a multiple choice test when one is in a hospital and pregnant. One of the questions should be “Is sleeping in the same bed with a baby ever ok?”

    Clearly this lady was not educated enough to make the correct choice. And it was not “all of the above.”

  29. Murph says:

    Stupid is not an excuse.She obviously looks like one of those southern poor people who keep electing republicans.How stupid is that? The gals in prison will give her a warm welcome and a couple of black eyes of her own and hopefully more!

  30. danglingjohnson says:

    My eyes would blacken just looking at her ugly mug.

  31. Holly McDaniel says:

    Police need to check alias’. Misty Jean Siek, or Seik. She looks pretty familiar to us here in Idaho!

  32. j speedbag 64 says:

    hillbillies in hastings…..makes sense…

  33. judy says:

    exactlly they need to do something all these innocent babys and children. enough is enough.

  34. Mr.Obvious says:

    Some one was able to get a hard on to do that whale. Yuck!

  35. CommonSenseForSure says:

    yeah, she should be exterminated, but she won’t be. And yeah, her child should be permanently removed from her care, but he won’t be. Social services and family court are such a Hodge podge of politics and red tape. This little boy will probably end up dead, or will continue the pattern of abuse and ignorance. Yes, somene should have helped this woman. She should have. You are a product of your own choices as an adult, and now this child has become collateral damage because she is stupid, selfish, and probably mentally unstable.

    1. Murph says:

      CSFS, and intolerablly ugly! Man,how could anybody get drunk enough to do ANYTHING with her?.It must have been some super powerful new drugs or maybe she paid him a few hundred thousand dollars!

  36. CommonSenseForSure says:

    An immaculate conception is more likely. I cannot imagine any guy considering that thing a viable option. Ish!

  37. wear maternity says:

    Magnificent web site. Plenty of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks on your effort!

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