MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Politics before health: That’s what a growing number of people say of the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to pull grant money from Planned Parenthood.

The foundation announced it’s pulling funding for breast screenings and other health services from 19 of Planned Parenthood’s 79 affiliates. Last year alone, Komen gave nearly $700,000 to the organization.

While Planned Parenthood of Minnesota is not a recipient of the funds, WCCO-TV talked to some who say the recent move is enough to make them stop supporting the prominent breast cancer charity all together.

“I was disgusted,” Minneapolis resident Amanda Oleson said.

Oleson has participated in several of the Susan G. Komen Foundation events in support of several women in her life.  She said she was appalled to hear of the charity’s decision, especially given its slogan.

“One of the things that they say is ‘Because everyone deserves a lifetime,’ and I was disgusted because they clearly don’t mean that pulling this kind of funding from such a large organization providing preventative care for women,” Oleson said.

Planned Parenthood of Minneapolis said it believes the charity is giving into the voice of a vocal minority, and doing it at the expense of those who need healthcare the most.

“[Planned Parenthood] succumbed to the pressure that they were receiving from politically motivated groups, groups who are opposed to abortion, to end their partnership with Planned Parenthood because we provide abortion care,” Jennifer Auwles with Planned Parenthood of Minneapolis said.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation disputes that claim, saying the decision was made because of a congressional investigation into whether or not Planned Parenthood uses federal funds for abortions.

Pro-life advocate Ann Marie Cosgrove said she fully supports Susan G. Komen’s decision, and she will now participate in their walk again because of it. Cosgrove has abstained from those walks for the last decade.

“We play politics with everything that matters to us, and so if it has to be that way, it is that way, and if we can bring attention to the issue that way, then that’s what happens,” Cosgrove said.

Others disagree, and say when the opportunity comes, they won’t be afraid to show it.

“This makes me angry enough that I would not do their walks in the future. I’m willing to just give my money to Planned Parenthood, honestly,” Oleson said.

Officials with the Susan G. Komen Foundation told WCCO-TV they are concerned about the fallout from this. In a statement, a spokesman said if people choose not to give, it’ll only diminish breast-health programs for more women. They added that the women they serve are their highest priority in all they do.

Comments (80)
  1. Josh says:

    Hey Amanda Oleson they ARE living their slogan “Because everyone deserves a lifetime” not hopefully more unborn babies can live a lifetime!

    1. Josh says:

      and YOU might not walk, but countless of pro-life supporters like myself will now take your place!

  2. Sue says:

    How disappointing! I have generously contributed to the Komen Foundation in the past but no more! They obviously care more about political power than preventative healthcare for economically-challenged women.

    1. Riddle Me This says:

      Why were you contributing? Was it to fund the fight against breast cancer (which they continue to do) or because they were advancing your political agenda (which you appear to insist that they keep doing)? It appears your first sentence is reflecting on your second one.

      1. Ted says:

        I think there are people out there who give to a specific cause….because of the specific cause….and dont really pay too much attention to the politics. Youre reading too much into her statement.

        But when that cause takes support away from an organization that supoorts and does its due diligence to prevent breast cancer, supposedly working side by side with the Komen foundation….because of something else having NOTHING to do with the disease….

        Thats a crime in my opinion, and a political one at that.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Sue

      That is true! But when you are dealing with a group of people from the Right who do not base their argument on REAL facts, but rather what they believe is truth in their delusional minds. But for a group of people who preach about gov’t staying out peoples personal lives that 100% of the time they do the exact opposite.

      And the Komen Foundation might face some blowback!

      1. Phiid says:

        @Tom – I know of no one on the right who believes that the government should stand by and do nothing when one citizen is killing another citizen. So the claim about the “gov’t staying out peoples personal lives” is missing the point entirely. Should police refrain from trying to prevent murder as well?

        1. Tom says:

          @ Phiid

          Trying to compare this issue with this issue is a stretch. The people on the right always preach about govt’ staying out of our private lives. But they do the exact opposite of what they preach. Now either they believe in what they are saying when that make that comment or they don’t.

          Abortion is a personal choice between the woman and her Dr and nobody else. And yes we all know that the people on the Right are bothered by that and they feel they have every right to stick their nose into someone else’s medical decisions. Now if they want to protest abortion clinics they have every right to.

          But it does surprise me that even a conservative woman believes that if she wants to get birth control that a total stranger has the right to object to her PERSONAL decision.

          As far as the Police go they can not read a persons mind when they think they may pull the trigger, stab someone, strangle someone, etc.

          1. Cindy says:

            Nobody ever seems to wonder what the baby thinks of being killed by its own mother. Doesn’t that life get an opinion?

            Or is it just a decision for the murderer and her hired hit man like you say Tom?

            1. Mayhem says:

              Fetuses cant talk, silly.

              And its just a decision between mother and God in which you should probably mind your own bid’niz about. Remember now, it was God who influenced a woman INTO pregnancy…God can probably influence a woman OUT of pregnancy.

              You dont wanna go against God now, do we???

            2. Tom says:

              @ Cindy

              The thing is none of know the reasons why each woman chooses to have an abortion. For the Right to think that every woman just goes and has an abortion just for the heck of it is a stretch. Some probably do. But there probably are medical reasons why a woman chooses to do that. I know it is easy for the right to put everybody under the same tent.

              Like I said in another posting the people on the Right don’t seem to get what the pro-choice movement is saying. They are not saying they agree with procedure, what they are saying is ” its my body, my decision, and nobody elses”. Now how would you like it if lets say for example you wanted to obtain birth control pill and a stranger did not agree with you obtaining birth control would you be happy about it? I doubt it.

          2. Phiiiiid says:

            Tom, you’re missing the point about what conservatives think. They do preach that the government has the right and duty to protect innocent human life. The idea that conservatives are against any and all government intervention is just plain wrong. Abortion is no more of a “personal choice” than is the decision for a sl@ve owner to own a sl@ve.

      2. Ace says:

        I wish the anti choice nuts would crawl back under the rock they came out of. Keep your superstitions to yourselves and quit trying to foist them off on others

  3. Who needs Logic? says:

    What is everyone so upset about? I mean, Planned Parenthood does many great things and only spends about 3% of its budget on abortion, so even if you believe unborn babies are entitled are human beings (as they are in murder trials if a pregnant woman is killed and civil cases of wrongful death), you should just ignore that part and focus on the good stuff.

    Then again, Saddam Hussein spent a lot of money on building schools and improving water and electricity supplies, and educating women, etc. I mean, he only spent about 3% of his budget gassing the Kurds and invading Kuwait. If only we could focus on the good stuff . . . .

    1. Phid says:

      I am really curious as to where that “3%” figure comes from.

      1. Brett says:

        Me too. Since women can go to SO MANY OTHER places to get help with reproductive services that aren’t as controversial as abortion, why would they go to Planned Parenthood for anything OTHER THAN getting an abortion? I wouldn’t go to PP to have a hangnail treated, let alone trust them with a future baby’s health.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Brett

          You must be one of those people who live in bubble and would rather take someone else’s word about a place like this rather than finding out for yourself what the place REALLY does. But this how the Right does things.

          1. Brett says:

            NOPE. No bubble, bubblehead. So……. OTHER THAN KILLING UNBORN CHILDREN, for what other reasons do people line up outside the doors of PP day after day in this part of the world, for things that they can’t get ANYWHERE else?

      2. Who needs Logic? says:

        You missed the sarcasm, Phid. It doesn’t matter what the percentage is.

  4. Balanced Beam says:

    @Sue. So how should someone who opposes abortion on a good faith belief that there is a human life interest to protect react when they find out that their efforts are going to indirectly subsidize abortion services? Are we not mature enough to decide that we should all join together in the fight against breast cancer? Are you so petulant that you must stick a needle in the eye of people who agree with you on that by forcing the group’s funding toward something with which others don’t agree? What next, you take your ball and go home if Komen doesn’t start funding ads opposing the marriage amendment?

    In their highly-charged self-righteousness (ironic, I know), the people expressing outrage at the Foundation’s decision are the ones who are choosing politics over the cause. It is right and fair for the Foundation to try to avoid issues that will divide its supporters. Sadly, Sue and her ilk will not let that happen, and women may die as a result of their inability to understand.

  5. See BS says:

    So Planned Parenthood is a political landlord for breast cancer charity?

    1. Brett says:

      Darn GOOD question.

  6. Betty says:

    If Planned parenthood only spends 3% of their funds on Abortions, I would suggest you divid the charity into to parts. One for education and cancer prevention and the other for abortions. That way Koman and many other fine donors can give to the division they feel reflects their beliefs and supports women.

    1. Balanced Beam says:

      Stop it, Betty. You’re being reasonable. There’s no room for that when there’s an agenda to be pushed.

  7. RR Guy says:

    It amazes me how the hard-left within media (national, regional and local) will use the word “controversial” in describing an event or a story that has a negative effect on liberal causes or groups.

    Obamacare – controversial? Nope. Forcing the Catholic Church to submit to the federal government and deny fundamental religious liberty to the Catholic Church – controversial? Nope.

    Hypocrites that have prostituted a once credible profession – journalism is dead.

    1. Phiid says:

      You are correct, and it just goes to show how much more conservatives have to fight than liberals in the culture war. It’s not an even playing field when the media, which is supposed to be balanced, is sitting on the left side of the aisle.

      1. Tom says:

        @ R R Guy and Phiid

        If you don’t like what you are hearing from REAL news outlets you can swtich to FOX NEWS and listen to non-sense and untruths that comes from them.

  8. Mel says:

    Komen Foundation is a private foundation, not public or government. They don’t have to explain to people who they support and why. They probably foresaw the implications in making their decision. Also, I don’t think PP, being as they have gotten billions of government dollars over the years, is really hard up for funding. Anyone who tells you different is a liar.

  9. Eyeroll says:

    Its reading the ignorant comments from the redneck tea party hicks that reminds me why I continue to support Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign and OutFront Minnesota. Go back to Stearns county. I’m sure there’s a cousin you’ve had your eye on that could use a date to Applebee’s.

    1. Mel says:

      Right, because anyone who doesn’t AGREE with YOU, MUST be ignorant and inbread. Sorry, when all you can do is throw insults, YOU are the one who is ignorant. Keep supporting your organizations, cause guess what, that is your RIGHT, just like it’s Komen’s right to support who they want.

      1. Molly says:

        Thats right!!! If Komen no longer wants to support an organization that kills unborn babies than good for them.! I appauled them..they are standing for Life rather than Death. even if, pp has only spent 3% of their budget on killing babies…its still 3% human beings that pp has killed.

    2. Phiid says:

      Do you always use racist, personal attacks when addressing the opposition?

      1. Tom says:

        @ Molly and Phiid

        So apparently you two believe that you have right sticking your nose into someone elses medical decision. So I guess you would no problem if the samething was done to you.

    3. mel says:

      Eyeroll is an elitist. They practice discrimination in its worse form because most elitists are educated, so they should know better. But other than taking their intelligence to solve the worlds problems, they use their intelligence as an excuse to ridicule, insult and demean others they deam lower than themselves. You know the type, the ones who hire people to clean their houses but won’t look those same workers in the eye, or remember their names. To any who find my mispelled words offensive, get over it. I’m not writing a college essay or project analysis.

  10. Ace says:

    The anti choice people should crawl back under the rock from whence they came. They should stop trying to push their superstitions on others.

    1. Brett says:

      Superstitions? For real? Hint: death is death. Doesn’t matter if you are sucking the brains out of an almost born baby or dying of cancer, they are equal. The problem is, is that an almost born baby has NO VOICE in the decision to end their life. I truly wonder what you would say if faced with such a similar situation…

      1. Tom says:

        @ Brett

        Why do you think it is any your business what a woman is doing at PP? You personally don’t believe in abortion that is fine. But there is differnce between objecting to it and trying to outlaw something all together.

        1. Brett says:

          I **NEVER** , EVER said that. Where did you dig that up?

        2. Fact says:

          Murder is already against the law it just needs to be enforced.

          Abortionists are murderers and their “patients” are willing accomplices.

  11. mike says:

    Now we are cutting ties to komen, no more donations.

    1. Right of left and left of right says:

      I am sure they will miss your $10.00 Mike, why not just to give it to planned parenthood and tell them to use it to kill babies. Baed on this decision, I am going to personally give $100.00 to the next walker that asks for money from me. i support saving lives, all lives not just the ones you deem acceptible to save.

      1. Brett says:

        Good answer. mike seems to be far more concerned about a woman’s right to kill an unborn child than he does about saving women from cancer. Apparently, he supports death on both ends.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Brett

          Do you believe in war?

          1. Brett says:

            Sometimes, unfortunately, it is inevitable. Why do you ask?

            1. Tom says:

              @ Brett

              Well doesn’t war involve killing? Or are you going to say that some killing is justified? The left doesn’t believe in war but the right seems to cheer for it.

              Do you believe in the Death penalty? If so that is killing someone! If the case fits the crime I agree with it. But what if they find out later they executed the wrong man or woman.

              1. Brett says:

                I believe in the death penalty, becuase it involves a concious, heinous crime against another human being, especially if dope or children are involved, regardless of race. Some wars are justified, some are not. Do you regret our involvement in WW I or WW II? With current video evidence and DNA testing, the chances NOW of wrongly sentancing someone to death for a heinous crime are extremely low.

                1. Ordinary Person says:

                  I don’t believe in abortion and I oppose the death penalty. It’s always preferable to err on the side of protecting life and expanding the definition of humanity. This is especially relevant when you are a fetus that can feel pain or if you are wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.

  12. matthew says:

    I’ve never supported any type of cancer research. I will donate now that the bats##t crazy leftists will surely pull their funding from komen.

    Any money given to planned parenthood helps them provide abortions, even if they say the money doesn’t directly support abortions.

    Imagine you know someone who spends all their free money on drugs and alcohol. That person comes to you and asks you not to give them money for drugs or alcohol, but they want you to give them money for their car payment, or even just pay their car payment. If the only funding you provide to them is their car payment, or even their insurance, you’ve added a few hundred dollars to their budget. You are enabling them to drink more and do more drugs because you have payed for an expense that they would have covered with money that will now certainly go towords drugs or alcohol.

    Maybe komen saw it the way it really is, that she was helping abort babies.

  13. June says:

    WCCO Staff: You have a significant typo in the eighth graf of this piece. Within the set of brackets, you should have Susan G. Komen Foundation, not Planned Parenthood. Did anyone edit this story?

  14. Kelly S says:

    Dolts! SMK is biting the hand that feeds them. MANY of us gave to SBK because they donated to PP for free breast cancer exams for those that could not afford it.

    Many of us are now donating directly to PP. This may be one of the worst PR moves that SBK has made.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Kelly S

      That is what happens when people who support this decision who live in small bubble and not in reality like the rest of us. They choose to listen to other people about what is going on at PP rather than actually looking it up them selves and find out what really goes on at PP. Sure PP offers abortions. But just like everything else these people choose to focus on the small pecentage of abortions rather than looking at the whole pic.

      1. Libby says:

        Sure the Nazis killed people but it was just a small part of what they did. Why can’t people just focus on how efficient they were and forget about all of the killings.

        See how stupid your analogy is Tom?

        I bet you don’t get it

        1. Tom says:

          @ Libby

          The Right always get a bug up their ass about a small minority of people when it comes to social issues.

  15. Atheist might be the only way says:

    Politics and religion has made us stumble again. Backwards we go. Back, back, back……..

    1. You are a genius says:

      Right because a society is sure to grow by killing its children.

    2. Adolf H. says:

      It would be awesome if we could get politics and religion out of the way and declare fat people to have lost their human rights. Then “Atheist” could go about eliminating them without all that politics and religion slowing down his forward momentum. Then we’ll start with people with physical handicaps.

  16. RML says:

    It’s sad that SGK caved in to politics. And, as for the abortion issue that always pops up…. it is everyone’s right to choose. We don’t need to go back to the Dark Ages when women had no rights.

    1. Brett says:

      That’s not what this is about. This is about certain groups funneling donation dollars that were never intended to kill unborn babies, that were supposed to be helping to cure people with cancer, doing what they were not supposed to do. There are a lot of evil people taking dollars that they have no business touching, and trying to make a political statement with them. It’s called FRAUD.

    2. Tom says:

      @ RML

      If these people who oppose abortion would actually listen to what the pro-choice side is saying . The pro-choice isn’t saying that they agree with abortion, what they are really saying is “its my body, my decision, and nobody else’s”. And the Right just doesn’t agree with that. But you know what is surprising thing is that conservative woman actually agree with some of this stuff. A conservative woman actually believes that at some point they want to get birth control that some stranger has every right to try and stop her from obtaining birth control.

      Thank Goodness the Right believes in FREEDOM !

      1. Brett says:

        I’ve heard this propagandized NONSENSE for DECADES, and I still don’t buy it. We aren’t talking about “birth control”, we are talking about killing a viable, ready to be born BABY, in most instances. There are so many choices out there to PREVENT a pregancy, or to abort it in the early stages, I fail to understand why there are so many “late term abortions” going on. I thought we were in the 21st Century, but after reading many of the comments here, you would think that we are still back in the 1930’s, for cryin’ out loud. Ever heard of the PILL? Condums?? Norplant?? The morming after pill? IUDs?

        1. Cindy says:

          Brett – to the morally corrupt pro-abortion crowd, killing a baby is considered birth control.

          They won’t ever understand the issue until they are able to appreciate and value life. The pro-abortion crowd is made up of very self centered individuals that value their own conveniences and desires over the life of anyone else, even their own potential children.

          It is a very sad bunch

      2. Brett says:

        How about just keeping your PANTS ZIPPED UP, unless you are truly prepared to create a new life and be able to emotionally and financially raise the child in a resoponsible manner, without ANY government assistance??

        1. Open-minded says:

          Brett- I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. People who obtain services at PP are doing things like getting birth control to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, getting screened for things like cervical or breast cancer, or testing and education for STI’s. Seems like prevention is a theme with many of the services provided by PP. That all sounds pretty responsible to me,

        2. Just_Me says:

          Male AND female.

          Because nobody’s making babies alone.

      3. Open-minded says:

        I wonder if any of these people who oppose PP have any idea that there are people out there that cannot go to other places for preventive care because they are uninsured and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for those services? Of course not, they’ve never experienced the hardships of living in the real world. Maybe if they had they wouldn’t be making decisions that effect other people’s lives…

  17. Martha Doe says:

    God is truly sooo good and I bet he is smiling!! Such good news!! Joy to the World!! Always respect life!

  18. beenthere says:

    I just made a donation to SGK!

  19. Brian says:

    Will you now report that Komen has seen a sharp increase in donations over the past two days, up 100%. Good job Komen for recognizing that Planned Parenthood does nothing to help screening for breast cancer that woman already are encouraged to do on their own at home.

  20. Mayhem says:

    Leave it to a bunch of politically challenged morons to equate breast cancer awareness to…….abortion, of all things. I am catholic….hear me ROAR!!!

    So much for the legitmacy of the Susan B. Anthony foundation…………..


  21. Mayhem says:

    The people have spoken….CONGRATULATIONS to the Komen foundation for reversing its ill-advised decision to cut its ties with planned parenthood and not fully caving in to the Republicans and Catholic politics that is hell bent on destroying this country what has taken almost 4 yrs to repair from the previous Republican administration!!!


  22. DougT says:

    Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, despite its president, Cecile Richards, testifying to the contrary before Congress last year. Rather, Planned Parenthood provides abortions; it’s the biggest abortion provider in the United States….”

    But, if you’re that eager to run over poor women on the way to the bank, I’d recommend a gig with Planned Parenthood: The average salary of the top eight executives is $270,000, which makes them officially part of what the Obama administration calls “the 1 percent.” In America today, few activities are as profitable as a “non-profit.” Planned Parenthood receives almost half a billion dollars — or about 50 percent of its revenues — in taxpayer funding.

    1. Just_Me says:

      And the board of Komen does it all for free, right.

  23. DougT says:

    A billion dollars seems a lot, even for 322,000 abortions a year. But it enables Planned Parenthood to function as a political heavyweight. Ms. Richards’s business is an upscale progressives’ ideological protection racket, for whom the “poor women”’s abortion mill is a mere pretext. The Komen Foundation will not be the last to learn that you can “race for the cure,” but you can’t hide. Celebrate conformity — or else.

  24. DougT says:

    Perhaps some investigative journalism by Aristea Brady into the business model of PP would be too much to expect – but it would be very enlightening for the public

    But of course that would go against the “progressive orthodoxies”……

  25. Just_Me says:

    Komen made a decision based, apparently, on the ideology of members of its board. Then it backed down when it transpired that decision would hit them in the pocketbooks.

    Politics as usual.

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