MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A national gay rights group is calling for an investigation of disclosure reports filed by groups promoting an amendment to the Minnesota constitution to ban gay marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign accuses the National Organization for Marriage of illegally trying to avoid disclosing the names of donors to the November ballot campaign. The disclosure filed by the National Organization for Marriage’s fund for Minnesota names no individual contributors.

Similarly, the Minnesota Family Council’s Marriage Protection Fund names no individual donors.

But Jeff Sigurdson, assistant executive director for the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, says he saw nothing at first glance on the forms indicating any violations of the board’s rules.

Leaders of the National Organization for Marriage and Minnesota Family Council say they fully complied with the disclosure requirements.

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Comments (8)
  1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    I just looked at the MN Family Council Marriage Protection Fund’s filing online. What an illegible pile of chicken-scratch. If you are not going to have the decency to type the form than at least PRINT using legible block letters. Also, when the form instructs you to “Print or type name,” than that is what you are supposed to do. If I were the Board I would return the filing and instruct them to submit a more legible copy.

  2. Susan says:

    They do not want this to come to a vote.

    Even California voted against gay marriage.

    1. Kilgore says:

      That’s right…just like Black people didn’t want their civil rights to come to a vote in southern states. Go figure.

      1. Susan says:

        Most black people despise gays.

        Did you know that?

        And they hate it when gays try to horn in on their issues.

        1. Kilgore says:

          I don’t think GLBT people are fighting for Black civil rights, Susan, unless perhaps they are Black GLBT people. GLBT people are fighting for their own civil rights. So I’m not sure how GLBT folks are horning in. Still I doubt that Black people would have been too happy to let southern Whites have a say in whether or not they were given civil rights. We don’t vote on civil rights which is why the US Supreme Court will most likely overturn state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.

        2. Stoopid Susan says:

          Not the same issues idiot

  3. Black man says:

    Thank god I have Susan to speak for me and all black men, I bet Susan is really a gay black man.

  4. The new normal says:

    “Civil Unions” are recogized by most states and where I work which is a major company, Domestic Partners are recognized for benefits and insurance.
    That leaves me to believe this is nothing more than an “In Your Face” issue for the gays and has little if anything to do with rights.
    I will vote for the amendment just for those reasons.

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