ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Fresh off a bloody Senate vote rejecting Gov. Mark Dayton’s trusted energy advisor Ellen Anderson, the Republican Party says they’ve got a “watch list” of other Dayton commissioners in the cross hairs, as well.

Republicans are still smarting over Dayton’s harsh comments this week that they are “unfit to govern,” saying they voted Dayton’s appointee down “with grace and style” and calling Dayton “over the top.”

“I think the governor was grossly unfair in his criticism of us,” said Senator Majority Leader David H. Senjem. “I do think we are fit to lead. I do think we are fit to govern.”

Senate GOP leaders suggest Dayton’s comments are hypocritical, since Dayton, as U.S. Senator, voted against 38 nominees of President George Bush — including Condoleeza Rice, John Ashcroft and John Roberts. But it didn’t end there.

“It may well mean they are just watched,” said Senjem.

Republicans say they have compiled a “watch list” of potentially problem commissioners who could also face rejection.

The list includes Health Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger and Pollution Control Agency director Paul Aasen.

“It doesn’t mean we won’t confirm them. It just means we need to get to know them a little bit better,” said Senjem.

Senate Democrats were startled by revelations of a Republican “watch list,” which they say is similar to the infamous “enemies list” of President Nixon.

“It does sound like we are setting up a situation of enemies and friends,” said Sen. Terry Bonoff, Assistant DFL Caucus Leader. “And so the very notion of a ‘watch’ list is like, ‘OK. We’re in charge, and we’re watching you.'”

By coincidence, a young Dayton was actually on Nixon’s enemies list.

Comments (40)
  1. G Dog says:

    Joe McCarthy would be proud

    1. TruthKills says:

      Joe was right

      1. Andy says:

        Joe was insane, anti-American and paranoid.

        1. ItsOkayWhenWeDoIt says:

          OWS is proof that Joe was right.

        2. Tom says:

          @ Andy

          Besides being very paranoid the GOP is also very Delusional, and Insecure. They are anti-American as far as the middle and lower class goes!

          1. TomTom says:

            I’ve just read all of your posts. All but one of them . . . “very Delusional”. Is that the extent of your vocabulary? If that’s the best you can do, I guess you really don’t have much to back your view point.

            1. Tom says:

              @ TomTom

              How about nutty, insane, mentally ill, weak minded, crazy,loony, batty!

              1. TomTom says:

                You’ve rattle off a bunch of words that I can only assume you’re using to describe yourself. Perhaps you should consider going back to school and learn the English language and how to use it to form an augment. At the moment, your post are weak at best.

            2. TomTom2 says:

              I did what you did. Read Tom’s posts. You’re right. Lots of rants and name calling. Very little meat to his arguements.

  2. Scott says:

    Good Reporting!

    You are shield a partisan, political nut-job (Dayton) and blame the Republicans. I would expect nothing less from the liberal media.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Scott

      You are obviously a delusional conservative. When something usually goes bad it is at the hands of the Republicans. Dont blame us Dems and the Media just because your party can’t do anything right. The GOP does not nominate anybody for anything based on how smart they are, which hardly ever happens because smart people are not welcome in the GOP. They pick people based on how nutty their views are, and they nuttier the better for them.

  3. Bob 2 says:

    Scott please use spell check, not that it would matter with the the obvious
    proof that given a key board ever a monkey will eventually string together a group of words. Please attend your local republican caucus Tuesday and
    cast your vote for Newt.

  4. angus says:

    How about that! A lliberal got censored again. No freedom of speech at CCO. Apparently they dont like satire

    1. Shmangus says:

      No, they don’t like YOU, in fact NOBODY likes you.

  5. Tommy Atom says:

    Was this banned list compiled by Republicans, or the advocates of dirty nuclear, and coal energy?

  6. Travis says:

    Get off your high horses republicans. Or you’ll be back in the mud by the end of the year (the next election).

  7. Nellie Bly says:

    I think the puppy for the Puppy Bowl article in the lower right hand corner could do a better job governing than most politicians.

  8. John says:

    I am not worrying about all this baloney because come November all these Repubs are going to be gone. Now you you can write all these blogs how this isnt going to happen but it is. The people of MN have had it up to here with all the ridiculous ammendments that are coming our way. We need jobs and all the Repubs can think about is voter id, gay marriage and right to work. I cant believe the rebubs think that all these things are going to create jobs in MN. We are just sitting back and laughing. Thank you Repubs.

    1. Citizen says:

      And all Dayton has come up with is to spend money we don’t have to create a handful of temporary union jobs. At least the Republicans are keeping Dayton in check, and keeping the budget balanced. Something the entire country needs more of.

      1. Larry Dentz says:

        You are so wrong. That is the go. Job when the private sector is not.We need to keep the big corporation but sucking to a minimum

        1. Citizen says:

          What? I’m sorry for the insult, but I know 3rd graders who can form better sentences than your post.
          Please try again with something that makes sense.

      2. Larry Dentz says:

        You are so wrong. That is the go. Job when the private sector is not.We need to keep the big corporation but sucking to a minimum.How about keeping the repubs in check.

      3. Tom says:

        @ Citizen

        You are very delusional! What balanced budget are you talking about? During the T-Paws time as Gov he did nothing more than delay payments in certain areas and moved money around and his fellow GOP agreed with him on all those decisions. And i dont know where you were between 2000 -2006 but it was not the Dems who went on spending spree that was your GOP.

        If you still want to believe that the GOP is the party fiscal disicipline then you do live in your own little world.

        1. Citizen says:

          T-Paws (as you call him) had to do what he did because the Democrat controlled legislature always passed budgets that spent more than they had revenue for. Now that he GOP has control of the legislation, we finally have a budget that balances. I applauded T-Paw for doing what was right, only spend what was available. Too bad the legislature back then wasn’t responsible with our budget like the GOP legislature of today is.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Citizen

            If it was a Dem controlled legislature then hardly anything that T-Paw wanted would have been passed. T-Paw did alot with the veto pen. And there were just enough Republicans to help sustain those veto’s except one and that was the veto on 8 cent increase in the gas tax.

            And apparently you applaud a Gov who delays payments to certain areas and moves money around to balance a budget. Do you do that also that you applaud those types of decisions? And I suppose you are going to claim that T-Paw didn’t raise taxes either?

          2. TooMuchSpending says:

            @Citizen – Good point. Back then the Dems didn’t even try to pass a budget that was balanced. They’d pass a budget that spent far too much knowing the governor would be forced to use line-item vetoes to balance the budget. Totally irresponsible by that legislator, and a great job by the governor (T-Paw).

          3. Murph says:

            Citizen,T Paw also has a district court conviction stemming from trying to defund doctor ordered food supplements from Minnesota’s most fragile citizens!He did that in violation of the state Constiution.How he ever thought he could be President of the United States is a mystery. The GOP as a hole [ not a misspelling]. Has no morals whatsoever,yet sing their own praises while the country has waited for them to lend a hand and be helpful instead of Norquist clones! Norquist as you may recall was associated with some shady characters himself. We know what Reublicans stand for and agains’t.For the 1% agains’t the 99%!

            1. Citizen says:

              There is nothing in your post that challenges the fact that the Dem in control of the legislature never pasted a balanced budget. There is also nothing in your post to refute that the governor was obligated to respond the Dem’s failure to pass a balanced budget by using the line-item veto to balance the budget.
              Nice try to change the topic, but you failed. Just like the Dem controlled legislature fail to pass a budget that was balanced.

              1. Murph says:

                T paw never balanced any budgets,he never called a tax a tax,that’s how he got the nickname “FeeFee!”. He attached sever monetary takeaways upon those he deemed less able to protect themselves again’st it! Quite frankly Pawlenty is a predator upon the poor and middle class as is are all the Republican politicians ,of which there is way too many!

        2. Karin says:

          goose2goose2 on February 20, 2011 there is a free one in 30 ft of water in Dutch Harbor broke into a thousands peeics and blew into the ocean..but it’s free it you want it.

          1. Sonu says:

            Bhatnagar provides the woiloflng quote from the Ramayana: “Rama was born on the Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa (9th day of the increasing phase of the moon in the lunar month of Chaitra). At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. Lagna was Cancer and Jupiter & Moon were shining together. — Ramayana 1.18.8,9The conditions can be summarized as follows, according to Bhatnagar:1. Sun in Aries2. Saturn in Libra3. Jupiter in Cancer4. Venus in Pisces5. Mars in Capricorn6. Lunar month of Chaitra7. 9th day after New Moon (Navami Tithi, Shukla Paksh)8. Moon near Punarvasu Nakshatra (Pollux star in Gemini constellation)9. Cancer as Lagna (Cancer constellation rising in the east)10. Jupiter above the horizonAccording to the Planetarium software, it provides the woiloflng date: Sri Rama Navami 10th January 5114 BCE Birth Day of Rama, Observation at 12.30 p.m.Bhatnagar continues: “By using a powerful planetarium software, I found that the planetary positions mentioned in Ramayana for the date of birth of Lord Ram had occurred in the sky at around 12.30 p.m. of 10th January 5114 BC. It was the ninth day of the Shukla Paksh of Chaitra month too. Moving forward, after 25 years of the birth of Lord Ram, the position of planets in the sky tallies with their description in Ramayana. Again, on the amavasya (new moon) of the 10th month of the 13th year of exile the solar eclipse had indeed occurred and the particular arrangement of planets in the sky was visible. ( Date comes to 7th October, 5077 BC). Even the occurrence of subsequent two eclipses also tally with the respective description in Valmiki Ramayana. (Date of Hanuman’s meeting Sita at Lanka was 12th September, 5076 BC). In this manner the entire sequence of the planetary positions gets verified and all the dates can be precisely determined.”

    2. Fafisa says:

      lalbruiz on August 27, 2009 What a ricudilous thing they did. That car would had been better in the hands of a car enthusiast. I surely bet it would be in better condition than this heap of rust and junk. My respect to those who are trying to restore it, but for the looks of it better go and buy any used Belvedere, LOL.

  9. Devon says:

    Dayton voted against confirmation of Condi Rice and John Roberts for pure political reasons and he gets angry because the other party does it to him. Poor baby, sounds a bit lit Obama who voted against everything while senator and now whines when congress won’t confirm his left wing loons.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Devon

      And what is reason why the GOP votes againest the Dems put forward is? We know the GOP does not like people who use common sense. They only like people who are nuts! Like John Roberts, Alito, Thomas, etc.

    2. jimmy says:

      Condi lied to us all and Roberts ruled that corporations are people. I would say that Dayton was right on both counts.

  10. Larry Dentz says:

    It’s congresses job to do that. What are you taking about all congress has done is NOTHING.

  11. hunnybear18 says:

    Interesting they used the term “in the crosshairs”. If a conservative station had done that, it would have been labelled inflammatory rhetoric and blamed for every gun death in the past ten years.

    Guess it’s only inflammatory rhetoric if you disagree with the message.

    1. Just Wondering says:

      If you don’t see a difference between using a term, versus putting crosshairs on candidates you disagree with…..oh wait….forget it.

  12. james2 says:

    This is as good as a girl-fight on you tube. Bicker, bicker, bicker. This two party paradigm has to change. Enough with the insanity of party thought police.

    How we can conclude that being as far right or as far left as one can get, i.e. off the horizon, can help anybody or anything. Intolerance is permeating the general population now as our “leaders” take us down that path. What a shame!

    “Moderation is the key”, so says my mom. Let’s get over ourselves already.

  13. Exp says:

    Both parties have lost their minds. Both are so mired in pay-offs from their constituent cash cows that neither really work for the People anymore.

    It’s time to take the money out of politics. It’s time to make lobbying illegal (possibly even a treason offense- after all, you are selling out your country). It is a remnant of a by-gone era when it took days or weeks to talk to their representatives. With phones and e-mail and the net it is no longer necessary. People can get together and organize without lobbying.

    That’s the first step to taking our country back from the ultra rich.

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