5 Worst Rated Super Bowl Ads

WEB EXTRA: All 2012 Super Bowl Ads

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Here are the 5 lowest-ranked Super Bowl ads, as measured on USA Today’s Ad Meter.

Worst Ranked: Go Daddy: ‘The Cloud’


#2: Bud Light Platinum: ‘Work’


#3: Lexus GS: ‘Super Bowl 2012’


#4: Bud Light Platinum: ‘Factory’


#5: GoDaddy: ‘Body Paint’

  • Maxwinn

    Go away Daddy: would not use there service for any reason…

    • helpermonkey

      What about over there?

  • AdMan Albert

    The genius in the GoDaddy ads is that when they first showed them at a super bowl many years ago – they became a household name whereas prior to that they were only known by a few people.

    Now, they create controversial, bad ads and guess what? We are talking about it.

    Stickiness and Eyeballs people – its the marketing genius of it – how often that ad is in the forefront and how many people see it. Does a bad ad translate to a bad product? NO – but a bad ad does translate to us seeing it over and over again and talking about it and remembering the company’s name.

    Ahhh…. genius…. I say

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